The best is yet to come – Barcelona

Ahoi Oldschoolers – it is Summer! Finally we can enjoy the nice weather and sling some cards outside together with friends, foes and maybe Erwin. It’s great to have so many nice opportunities to play our favorite game.

At N00bcon in Gothenburg, my friends Juan and Jordi gave me the invite for the amazing Deep Catalunya Sol Ring Soldiers convention. A supersecret tournament at a supersecret place in Spain. As i love to spend time with the famous Dutch gang and i knew that the fellas will be there also, i convinced my wife that a two-weekend-full-of-Magic (more to the second weekend after Barcelona next week) is a pretty good idea and also veeery good for my health (coughcough haha), i booked my flight.

With great ambition and some Reinvitational Promo-Packs in my bag, i travelled at 4.45 from my house to the airport to catch the earliest flight. I arrived at 9.15 in Barcelona and Juan, Vicente and Luiz picked me up and we drove to Conill, a veeery small village in the catalunyan mountain region, 1 hour away from Barna. It was amazing to see the Villa, which the guys rented out exclusively for us 🙂

We found ourselves in a place with 14 Rooms, a playing area inside, a whole playing area outside, a pool (more to this later haha) and a freakin Jacuzzi. And the whole thing in Spain but not with 40 or 45 degrees but very pleasant 26 degrees as Conill lies deep in the mountains. Supersweet spot to drink beer and have fun. And we got forced by Juan and Jordi to play Magic – otherwise we would just do the gathering for two days 🙂

During the course of the day, the Gang arrived. The company of heroes was 14 men strong – Juan, Jordi, Evert, Nick, Henk, Demmer, Schnitzeltank, Dy, Edo, Peter Monthuisen, Lluis, Vincente, Enrich and me, the Reindeer. Possibly the best beer-mob you can imagine. We had an amazing time! I will for sure not bother you with some tournament stats of the games. I will give you a photo impression of friday and say some words about the “around the tournament”.

So it was friday afternoon and we startet lunch at 3pm – which is completely natural for spaniards but completely unexpected for dutchies, belgiums and Swiss… Anyway we got something to eat and decided, to start at about 8ish with a four-round Friday tournament (which i won by the way hihi).

So to loosen up the whole beer-tanking exercise, i brought 5 Reinvitational Decks with me. What is a Reinvitational Deck you ask? Its Alpha to Alliances repacks for decent Oldschoolers which want to trip into the shores of mad-imagination 🙂 Here is a Video-Sample.

Rulez of the Reinvitational Cardsling

  1. Each match is played with Ante! No excuses!
  2. Your cardpool is limited to what you own – nothing to add outside of Reinvitational Boosters and gift-cards
  3. Blank cards may be anything but restricted cards, X-spells and Lands which do not have a mana symbol printed on them.
  4. You always have to identify your mage-color with sleeves
  5. You may not have less than 8 cards of your mage color in your deck
  6. You may prepare your deck in advance to your opponent’s mage color
  7. Any rule unclear? Roll a dice!
  8. Special Reinvitational cards with a Legion Urborg back may be played in every match. Every player may add 8 non-legendary Urborg Cards and two Legends. You can always play “yourself” on top of that limit.
  9. If Reindeer is nearby, you can ask him for tasks to win special cards
  10. You may trade – but you are not allowed to trade by money value but only for “schoolyard-value
  11. Be honest and awesome – only nice guys are allowed to play in the Reinvitational-League
  12. Only Reindeer may change cards – this is binding!
  13. The player who lost more games today may start
  14.  All Orbs have to be flipped. THE Chaos Orb follows the OS-Errata.
  15. Alpha Ruleset rules


Put X cards on the bottom of your library. Draw X cards. Repeat if needed with “put X cards on the bottom of your library. Draw X-1/2/3 Cards”

Restricted List:

  • OS Restrictions
  • Control Magic
  • Binding Grasp
  • Icy Manipulator
  • Tome


  • Factory may not pump itself

So we made 4 Groups of two Players which share a Deck and need to build the best possible Deck by trading with other Reinvitational players.

Some Special Urborg Cards

So the teams did their best to play for Ante and win. It was amazing and we had a great time. At 8ish, the tournament started and we finished at 2ish in the morning with my victory – hell yeah!

We drank more beer and the called it a day or better a night.

Saturday morning i sleeped until 10.30 and missed the complete breakfast. But it was worth it so we can start into a new day of Reinvitational and play some good old Sol Ring Magic. The whole day was all about sun, fun, beer, swimming pooling and Jacuzzi’ing in the night. We battled again for 4 Rounds with Top 4 – and we played Magic in the pool. Magic Demmer gifted me a hair tie from his wonderful partner Marieke. Demmer and myself shall meet in the finals. We decided after everyone had a Library-Mind-Twist Game that the final Game shall be played late night or early morning. As we had so much fun in the Jacuzzi and both were not able to do the final game, we splitted the win.

So the Sol Ring Champions are Demmer and Reindeer for 2022!

I guess its more important to mention that we (over)used the pool and the jacuzzi. It was perfect! Also the fact that we were able to play “who am I”? in the jacuzzi. Here are some “grammar pearls” hahaha

Henk was Psionic Blast:
“am i an instand with converted mana cost 3 or more” – Yes
“am i blue”? – Yes
“am i Mana Short”? – NO / “i am screewed – i don’t know any more blue instants with CMC 3+”…

Dy was Blood Moon – I was Strip Mine
Me (second question): “Dy, am i Blood Moon”? – No
Dy: “Am I blood moon”? – Yeeees!

Dy: “am i a 7/4 creature which taps for blue mana”? – NO
“am i a 5/7 creature whicht taps for blue mana”? – NO (and so on…)

We continued to be awesome in the jacuzzi until 2-3ish in the morning. It was amazing!

So i will give you more photos now – but again thank you Jordi and Juan for that amazing Tournament!

Thank you Dutch Crew, Peter and the Spaniards to be so awesome!

Thank you Erwin for being a static battle-partner in those tournaments!

Hope to see you all soon my friends.

Reindeer from Legion Urborg

It’s real life Magic Baby! Rocking Düsseldorf and supporting

Dear Oldschoolers

Its not about the win – its all about the Gathering!”

A great achievment was made this summer – there are real life Magic events possible. 3 Years ago, nobody thought that we would be so excited about this fact. But the world turned and we had to wait for sooooo long to meet again and gather together at the tables. The Urborg Lions Forest Frenzy was planned in January 2021 – then June and it finally took place in September. Mitja and myself decided, to move the whole tournament to a place which is very accessable for a lot of interested players. So Düsseldorf was the choice.

Unfortunately, exactly at this weekend the Deutsche Bahn went into a “Generalstreik” and the trains were not travelling in the normal travelling plan. But this did not disturb us so much as the main trains still were active.

At Friday, 16 fellow Mages arrived to the Brauhaus am Dreieck in Düsseldorf. We wanted to start the ABU Block Party tournament at 5pm but as you can imagine with all the train delays and lots and lots of Beers in the Beergarden, it was 7.15pm when it started. No issues at all because everbody tanked already a well amount of Beers and other drinks 🙂

We decided to open up the full reprints for this ABU Block Party – therefore it was also allowed to play CE/IE and any reprint old framed card which was present in ABU. This is how we roll in general – we allow CE/IE at our tournaments to open them up for decent mages with a good spike to drink level 😉

I built my pile at 7.10pm (start at 7.15pm) and only had one win – the BYE hahaha. But i had great matches against Demmer, Marten, and Martin Purrio 🙂 After four Rounds the Top 4 were ready to battle.

The Spanish Force of Nature “Juan sesese sese sesese Lopez” went 4-0 with his glorious unpowered Red Green White Deck. He even managed to take the whole tournament down and therefore is the ultimate ABU Sorcerer 2021!

The Gathering (PARTY) went on and we had lots and lots of fun and great times! It was amazing to meet everybody in person and it was only Friday so we have the whole Saturday to party even harder 😉 Like last year, the “crazy dutchies DemmerHenkTimmySchnitzeltank” went to hit the city hard – Henk got back at 4 or 5 or 6? We don’t know exactly and we will not ask more details 😉

So at Saturday 12am all the mages gathered again at Brauhaus am Dreieck. We did welcome 42 fellow players for this great tournament. I decided to play and Mitja did all the organizing stuff – Thanks for that bro 🙂 I showed up with my usual colors – Red Blue and Black. But this time not with trolls but with Robots! With 42 Players we play 6 Rounds followed by Top 8. Spoiler Alert: I showed a “full Svante” and went in as 9th haha. But it was amazing to see so many great Decks and Players gathered in Düsseldorf. I will not bother you with detailled Match analysis – the gathering photos etc. are much more valuable in my point of view 🙂 But a small overview about my 6 Rounds:

I battled Francois with his BWRU Burn-the-Deck in Round one. I won with luck as one untap phase later i would be dead. This is part of the game. Second Match was against Mr. Spice from Hell – Edo and his Reanimator transformational Stasis.dec. I had no chance and he crushed me 2-0. Look at this beauty which made it to semi-finals!

Round 3 was against Jorgo and his Geddon-Tog. It was very close and his burn spells gave me some headache. But i managed to win both games. In Round 4 i met good friend Wilfred van der Schnitzeltanken. We met outside at the sun and had quite a fun time with Magic and Beer. Due to bad luck i ripped him apart 2-0. There was also a Mind Twist involved… arrrrgh… Round 5 was against my fellow Swiss Companion Gabriele “hangover” da Pozzo. We had a hard fight and in the end he beated me with his Hyponotic Specter to death. Amazing how he hitted always the one card which could save me hahah. But my Greedy play was immediately punished (i can Psi Blast his Hypontic but choose to Slam a SU-Chi instead. He grabs my Psi Blast in his attack and Shatters the Japanese Dinner… Rookie Mistake…)

Final Match was against Peter Monten and his Green Swarm. Game one was fast – to many beaters on my side paired with Time Walk and Card Draw. Game two was intense – both on low life and i had a Psi Blast to finish it off… But i was on 4 Life and thank god not in Bolt range 😉

Before we went to Top 8 there was the mandatory Urborg/Lions Raffle. We had quite a lot of contributions for this amazing sub-event. An invite to Mari(a)’s Knight of Thorne Tournament, a sealed Kartefakt with mint cards included, a Magic Enzyclopedia, lots of beer from the Hamburg-Crew, a Playmobil Kebab man and so on. The main Trophy was a Magic the Gathering Chalice!

All in all we gathered EUR 550.00 for (children cancer research switzerland)! You are amazing Guys – thanks so much!

So the Top 8 started. Honestly, i never ever was in the room when the Top8 went on for suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a freakin long time haha. We had Psi-Blast Draws, Deck Swaps (Mari(a) and Henk), food for thought (Edo and Nicci) and very well thought play moves (Evert). But finally the Tournament Winner is and was Evert! Congratulations my friend! Evert did beat Nick Cramer in an epic final and took the trophy for the second time in a row. He already took it last year. Well done my friend!

As it was quite late and Mari had to drive home to the Netherlands, we had not the Chance to play for Ante this time. Nevertheless he is most welcome in our community of Madmen and also grabbed his welcome to Hell package from me 🙂 The Kraken Rum is part of the deal to seal this pact of neverending torment. The Raccoon i received from the Scooter-Enthusiasts from the north was eyewhitness for this pact.

We had a great time! It was wonderful to see such a lot of real life Magic in one weekend.

See you all around – stay healthy and may the Moxen be with you.


Sweet Real Life Magic

Dear Oldschoolers

I hope you are doing well and you can enjoy the summer. In the past 18 months we have really not been spoiled with “real life gatherings” and in person matches. But there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Beginning of July, our fellow Wallis-Community named “Team Geissgrind” invited brave mages for a dance on the mountains. Concealed deep within the Fieschertal, on top of the highest mountains of Switzerland lies the hidden Magic-Arena for the ancient summoning rites. Legend has it that only the strongest and most powerful mages can gather there to struggle their powers for the domination of the mountain goat tribe.

Mitja and myself decided to be part of this happening and we prepared accordingly. Mitja brought his the Deck – err sorry – his Lands.dec with him where i brought my beloved trolls to the battlefield. All in an new shape – already tested and succeeded in JUNE ODOL online play 🙂

We arrived at friday afternoon and the tournament started at saturday. So not much to do there 😉 Thankfully, we stayed at the marvelous Hotel Eggishorn with great hospitality and much beer and drinks 🙂 We were 5 fellow Magic Players and decided to try a new thing called “Modern Horizons”. It looked like our cards but it seemed way more powerful than what we have in our pool. Can you imagine there is a red 2/1 Ape which lets you cast cards from your opponents library? Crazy isn’t it? And it seems that we finally can find all the recipes from great Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar haha. (And Shivan Dragon seems to fit into the “2 Mana Cycle” 😉 )

After a decent evening/night we managed to find some sleep and met the next day for breakfast. The sun was shining and we took our cheese, ham and bread outside. We also received a crumbled egg – great service.

10 brave mages gathered to fight for glory and the blessing of the mountain goat. As travelling is still cumbersome, the only forgeigner there was Mitja. All the others are fellow swiss guys from Geneva (Francois), Wallis (Ruuudi and Nicci), Bern (Dani, Dave, Chrigel, Thomas, Phy) and Obwalden (me). We played five rounds of Swiss with no Top’s. Of course we had lots of breaks at the sun and ordered various drinks 🙂

First Round was against Francois and his Lands Edge Burn (the) Deck. It was an incredible tight match which i won 2-1. But both games i was at 2 respectively 1 Life…

Second Game i faced Phy and his Mirrorball. I can easily say that first turn Blood Moon is an incredible start against Mirrorball and with a Black Lotus in starting hand this is an easy-play… Sadly for Phy he had good starts but no white source for his disenchants. Therefore after two short games i was 2-0. At least he got my “Reindeer Coupon” as he really got Reindee’rd 😉

Third Match was against Dave and his creatureless Black-Vise-Burn. First game he started with 2 Vises first turn… Luckily for me i had a fast start and emptied my hand down to 5 Cards. But with no further playables and the continous burn i lost the first game. Games 2 + 3 were really tight – his burn VS my burn and my Trolls. Howling Mines fuelled both hands and we slung fireballs, bolts, blasts et al to each other until i came out on the top and won both games for a stunning 3-0.

After more beer i faced my tournament Nemesis and good friend Mitja. I cannot remember any gathering where i was victorious. Even in our testing sessions he is grilling me on a regular basis haha. But not this time. We battled hard but the blood moon paired with disrupting sceptre respectively a first turn Hypontic sealed the deal for a 2-0 victory. Second game his only thougt was “i have a good hand if he does not start with Turn 1 Hypnotic”… But i did with my Lotus… Sorry Mitja.

So 4-0 and the final Boss – organizer Ruuudi! He is playing a reeeeeally greedy “Anything goes” (GURBw) with Counterspells, Ehrnams, Japanese Fingerfood, Balance, whatever. First game goes to me thanks to my Blood Moon and no basics on his side. Second game i lost due to pure brutality of the greedy pile 🙂 Third game was very close – i stick on 2 life, all he needs is a bolt or a Psi Blast. He draws neither in 4 turns and my troll eats his Brain.

So after five rounds i won this glorious price haha. One half bottle of Abricot – a Walliser special Schnaps. Delicious 😉

Thank you Ruudi, Nicci and the Gang for organizing and thank you Mitja for the fun ride into Wallis 🙂

So here we are – sitting in the sun, drinking Beer, having fun, talk about various trash and enjoying a real life gathering. I cannot wait until beginning of September when we meet together with the Crazy Dutchcakes in Dusseldorf for slinging spells over the table and getting drunk all together. And Scooter. And Schnaps. And Schnitzel.

See you around – may the Moxen be with you

Reindeer of Legion Urborg

Monocler’s Charity Battle and retrospective

Dear Oldschool Friends

I hope you are all well and you and your families startet very successful into 2021. It was a special year which we all experienced. We did not travel a lot to meet friends and gather – but we played the game at least online. To maybe brighten up your 2021 a little, i will bring you back my Magic moments of 2020 – without any “worst ofs” or feelbads.

I like to start with the most recent event which we held online – the Year End Charity Battle 2020. Mitja and myself decided to organize a year end charity tournament out of which we will support the childrens cancer research Switzerland ( . Best news first: We raised CHF 1’250.00 for this cause and i am very happy to donate this amount in the next days. Thank you all which made a contribution for this amazing number.

The Charity Battle was organized under the new created “Gentlemen’s Monocler’s Ruleset” – a subset of the Gentlemen’s rules. After some input and discussion i added Ancestral Recall to the banlist of this tournament and therefore Mind Twist, Library of Alexandria and Ancestral Recall were absent in all Decks. If you want to be part of this creed, this is the way: Oldschool Gentlemen on Facebook. It is of course quite an incision to remove the “best card in Oldschool” from the whole tournament. But without the “pressure” to add blue in each and every Deck, new opportunities to build different Decks opened and we saw a wonderful variation of pretty spicy decks – even in the finals. By the way: Nicolas Imwinkelried, member of Team Geissgrind Switzerland on Mono Green took down the whole tournament. All the Decks can be found here: Wak-Wak

The Charity Battle attracted 34 Mages – including Grandmaster MG himself which played a decent Craw Wurm/Cockatrice Deck 🙂 Those 34 Mages battled over 5 Rounds + Top8 for the glory of the Charity Cup – an icecold “Snow Mercy”.

It was a great opportunity to end the year with a very positive spirit – the charity, the friendship, the good vibes and the aftershow. Everything was just awesome. Thanks to everybody which played, contributed donations or just watched our stream – and special thanks of course to Gordon for his amazing stream setup and Mitja, Seb, Timmy and MG for commentating/supported commentating the whole event!

With this “last event of the year” i jump directly into my retrospective 2020. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Mountain Madness – playing Magic on 2’300 metres height

The year started well with a real life tournament in Switzerland. Legion Urborg invited onto the Rigi for two days of amazing Magic action. 24 Players gathered from various countries for this happening. We rented out a cottage and had an amazing time. With at least some Snow outside and a warm and cozy lounge the mages joined together at Friday evening. At friday, we did some “free for all” games including a cube draft and other fun games. Saturday was dedicated to the main tournament, which Mitja took down and the REAL Main tournament in which Jason and mysefl battled in some Ante40 matches. It was amazing and also here we gathered CHF 750.00 as donations for The year started out pretty well.

Viennageddon – the Lions of Austria invite for the gathering

In March, the second real life tournament for 2020 was on the list – strange to write “real life tournament” in a report but you all know why… We gathered in Vienna for a two-day event of Magic, fun and beer. Mitja and the Lions of Austria invited to battle for the Crown and the honor to be the “Emperoor of Vienna”. It was an amazing day with 28 players and a Troll Disco Mirror Match final – which Mikael “Aland” Johansson took down. And with this victory he is also the rightful crownbearer.

At Sunday an Atlantic tournament was on the list – 18 players gathered and it was also a pretty fun and entertaing day 🙂

After this tournament we had to switch to online gaming for quite a while. But this community would not be so amazing if there would not be many amazing opportuities to meet each other online. It took not much time until various members of the community started online leagues, tournaments and even the N00bcon was turned into a N00bcom. But more to this here:

Corona Cup (or Online Dutch Oldschool League)

My good friend, Henk from the Dutch Guild, started in March a great tournament series for interested players. I had the honor to be part of it as a few of the “non dutch players” in the beginning and i took this opportunity to play more Magic with friends. Main reason is to sling spells and have a good time with friends rather than play the best what you have. But as you know me, i am more the Spike player than the Spicer so i choose quite strong Decks to compete. I even managed to take down one League with Leo Bruders variant of Robots.

Lockdown Adventures

Thanks to various Tournament Organizers there were daily gatherings on a regular basis. I take the opportunity here to thank all the organizers for their work to make this happen. Even if we did not meet in real life, we had a blast playing and meet up in various rooms together to talk and drink together. It was really amazing what you all did for this community in 2020!

Special Thanks to

Dave Firth Bard – organizer of Havenwood Battle, Pestilence Cup, LobstercoM and Lightning Bolt, Summer and Winter Derby

Bryan Manolakos – organizer of MobstercoM and regular content creator

Florian von Bredow – organizer of N00bcoM, Summer Lockdown tournament, Christmas Lockdown tournament

Jared Doucette – organizer of NEOS monthly

Richard Veenmann – organizer of Raging Bull online Version

Lord Voldermort – organizer

Gordon Andersson and Timmy the Sorcerer – Streamers of Power!

Mattias “Slanfan” Berggren – for bringing to life

Scott Latham – organizer of the Brass Man Cup

Everybody i missed here for bringing Magic joy into the Lockdown

I participated in most of those amazing tournaments and it was always a true blast! Every match was great, fun and entertaining and all players are amazing. For most tournament there is a report available from writers which have quite the better authorative skills than i have so i leave you with some uncommented deck impressions i played.

Scryings NEOS – Win

Pestillence Cup – 3-3

UK Pestillence Cup, ODOL – Semi Finals/quarter Finals


N00bcoM (Scryings) 4-3

Pacific Voldermort – Semi Finals

Brass Man Cup UK – 4-2

Atlantic Voldermort/ ODOL (-3 Shops, +1 Fellwar, +1 Mana Vault +1 Island)- Win (both)

ODOL – Finals

Quarter 4 – Real life Magic again

Unfortunately, the Fishliveroilcup in Italy got cancelled. We had some discussions with Dutch tournament organizers and agreed, that most of the participants already blocked this weekend for the amazing Cup. So we organized “on the fly” a tournament in Dusseldorf, Germany. Thanks to those exact 3 weeks of “no lockdown period” in Europe we were really lucky to gather in real life. An amazing two days meet-up together with German, Swiss and Dutch Friends took place in Düsseldorf. We all had great fun and tanked some energy in this real life gathering.

Torin00b 3.0 – online italian meet up

At 28.12. the obligatory Torin00b tournament took place. This year it was an online gathering. But also with this restriction, we had a great time. Legion Urborg is “special guest” in this italian gathering. Last year we travelled of course in real life to Torino and we wanted to give our friends also this time a proper matchup. Mitja managed to take down the Torin00b 3.0 and now i am really unsure if Ratavoliera Drinking Team is inviting us again in 2021 as 2 out of 3 victories went to the Legion… Thank you very much our italian friends and always remember: Palla di xyxyxyxyx!!!!

Wrap up

It was for me a very interesting year of Magic. Real life gatherings paired with online meet ups and lots of duels and fun. I even decided to start a very special project for 2021 – build a complete Beta Cutsheet on my wall! I hope i can achieve this before 40 🙂 Finally some great news as retrospective:

  • we gathered more than EUR 2’500.00 in 2020 in Charity for
  • >200 Matches played
  • moved into a House with my own “Magic Cave”
  • met lots and lots of cool people online and in real life
  • got the incredible Triskelion Playmat for me
  • had great times with a lot of you – thank you very much for this!

So this was 2020 – i wish you all a great and prosper 2021 and may the moxen be with you

Reindeer from Legion Urborg

From Düsseldorf with Love

Hello fellow Oldschoolers

Long time not written – the Lockdown, the Quarantine and all those fancy online tournaments gave not a lot of nice pictures and good stories which Real Life tournaments offer. But fear not – there was a great meetup in Düsseldorf Germany with a lot of stories, photos and cool Decks 🙂

But first some flashback of the last months. I was not very active in writing and blogging recently. Mostly because, as explained in the intro, there are not many “supercool moments” to grab and talk about (despite of course the nice and always excellent online chats with various people). Since March, i play on a regular basis various online Tournaments. There ist the NEOS monthly with Atlantic rules, the Netherlands ODOL (google it – haha) no seriously, it means “Online Dutch Oldschool League), the DFB-challengess (Lobstercom, Havenwood, Summer Derby, others), the UK Leagues and various others. Its always a pleausure to be part of those happenings – but it can never beat Real Life experience of drinking, trashtalking, partying and playin some Magic.

With all this shitty Virus thingy around – there are also good things happening 🙂 We (my wife, my son and I) decided, to buy a house in the countryside of Switzerland. We got the chance of buying out the house where my wife grew up and we took it. We have so much room that i can even have my own “Mancave” and a Lego Room in the screed of the house :-). Here you find some impressions.

So after a heartbreaking summer without any RL-tournaments for me, we (Mitja and myself) tried to gather as many Mages as possible in Düsseldorf. We organized the “Urborg Lions Plains Pillage 2020”. As the Virus is still a thing and Germany closed various borders (i.e. Belgium 😦 ) we had 20 absences shortly before the tournament. But we still gathered 22 Players for the main Event at Saturday 🙂

But – as you can imagine – we met already at Friday to engage in an Atlantic-Battle and for drinks. The Dutchies arrived also Friday and we were 12 players to rumble for the Beta Black Knight – altered from me, Reindeer 🙂 Erwin the slaughterer from Dutchiestan took the tournament down with his unleashed Trolls 🙂 I love to see that Trolls – i really did haha.

But as usual, playing Magic is only the side event as we have fun, drink beer and chitchat as main event. And everythin in Real Life baby! Party Hard with the Dutch Gang, listening to Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo, Scooter and other great songs from the 90ties – thats how it shall be! The madest of the Gang (Henk the Tank and Sorcerer Timmy) even battled the party truck until 6am in the morning – nooooice!!

So at Saturday we gathered at 11am again in the Brauhaus am Dreieck to enjoy life and the 3 B’s – Beer, Booze and Bro’s! We gathered 22 Wizards for this tournament. Its still an amazing number regarding the fact that Germany exactly for this weekend did put lots of countries and regions onto the “red list” for travelling… We started at 12 with the tournament, 5 Rounds followed by Top 8. You find some tournament report(S) here and here. Also mighty Tim the Sorcerer did capture the whole madness here – i was busy to organize, drink, enjoy and have fun so i cannot recap very well what happened haha. So those two Gentlemen below fought the finals which was won by Evert – a fellow Dutchman of the Crew:

So overall it was an amazing Event with lots of fun and good vibes. We did also a raffle in which we gathered EUR 350.00 which goes to Children Cancer Research in Switzerland! Great Stuff guys 🙂

Here you find some more impressions of the tournamen. I thank all the participants for this great event and also a special Thanks to Mitja and Alban for helping organizing, to Wolfgang “Wulfi” Jancar for this amazing Urborg-Lions Art he created and to everybody which brought some light into those dark days of Corona at this event. It was brilliant meeting you all and have lots of drinks (by the way – see this Beercoasters from friday. One Beer is one Tag. The top one belongs to Erwin, the bottom one is mine – muahahahaha 😉 )

So I hope to see you all at the forest frenzy and may the Moxen be with you.

Reindeer from Legion Urborg

Guestreport from a dear friend

Hey fellow Oldschoolers

Long time not written 🙂 but fear not – i am still alive. But i love more to write articles about live events (with appropriate photos) than for online tournaments. But soon i will provide my unsuccessful runs within the various derbies, ODOL-leagues and other tournaments. Stay strong, wash your hands and enjoy some nice Alpha 40 bibedibabedibubedi from my dear Friend Valerio 🙂

(against which i won the finals at Torin00b 2019 by the way haha)

M(a)y Alpha 40 League adventure with UW Control

By Valerio Gregori

1 - Kopie - Kopie


My first experience with Alpha 40 was at the last year’s Wizards Tournament 2 in Gothenburg. It was great; for me, it has been like go out from home first time, exploring new shores in Sweden, together with my friends and partners in games Simo and Yuri; I felt really like a wandering, and a little bit inexpert, magician, maybe an apprentice, going to play my very first A40 match on the flight towards Sweden!

With me, indeed, a quite powerful UW Alpha deck, which I built during the months before in order to participate to this historical gathering. I have started acquiring several powerful uncommons, like Sol Rings and Swords to Plowshares, and soon ended up in a dramatic escalation as normally happens when I fall in love, upgrading my Mox Sapphire to Alpha, buying a couple of Ancestral Recalls… as there was  no limit, at least at that time, in Alpha 40! At the end, my first brew went not so badly; I finished something like 4-2, with the sharp feeling about the need for more power, as without any limitation, you can face very super powerful mages out there!

A thirst that is hard to appease, and that I have anyway continued to feed since the very day after, adding a Timetwister to my arsenal…


The Alpha 40 League

Moving fast forward more or less one year and a half, also thanks to the pandemic… a couple of months ago, I discovered the Alpha 40 League, through a Facebook recommendation that drove me to an incredibly well made booklet about banned and restricted spells. WOW, I was wondering in my head, somebody has found some limitation to let the game be playable! Have been not able to resist joining… I entered the format from the May League, thinking of myself as a solid and fair White/Blue Wizard, with a limited library full derivative from the original brew and so still able to avoid (or maybe, just postpone) family bankruptcy!

It is worth considering, anyway, that UW collects many of the best common and uncommon spells among the Alpha set. So, in my understanding, can be ranked very high in a hypothetical chart ordered by power/€ ratio.

2 - Kopie - Kopie

My UW Control build, according to the League rules

League rules are incredibly interesting. Simply, they divide the most powerful spells among several clusters, and normally you can pick just one spell from each cluster. The complete deck-building rules can be found here, and are so beautiful and well made that they are for sure worth a visit

Let’s see what came out in our UW. The first group is the one about Fast Mana.


Sol Ring is the easy choice for me here, as I do not own an Alpha Black Lotus! Joking apart, Sol Ring should be the correct answer anyway! It is simply too strong, providing an incredible boost on your casting curve. Even stronger in my two-color shell packed of Juggernauts, Serra Angels, X-mana spell… Sol Ring is super, and can really shift the equilibrium of the match, if left unanswered from the very beginning (see the video of my match with Scott, for reference, where I played Sol Ring on the first turn both games…).


Second group is about Power spells: I consider the blue options as the strongest, obviously even more when you are on UW. The card advantage you can get from Ancestral Recall is someway a good weapon in such slow format: every single card you draw more can make really the difference. From the other hand, also Timetwister, when coupled with White, can be very useful, allow you to go almost “infinite”, allowing you to re-use all the Swords to Plowshares, for instance, but not the opponent’s creature already removed from the game… Anyway, not using Black Vise, Timetwister option is not really pushed to the top. Time walk can be also a good choice, especially when you are able to stick fast menaces as Juggernaut for instance. However, the brutal power to draw three cards from Ancestral is, for me, simply too strong.


The Draw group includes one of the strongest spells in the overall Alpha pool. In addition, it is blue. Braingeyser here is the correct answer; it represents also a definitive weapon, able to end the game when all the other wincons have been resulted ineffective, decking your opponent when he does not expect such a defeat! On my personal ranking, not considering Mind Twist as banned, Braingeyser can compete with Balance for the no.1 spot in terms of most powerful spell of the format.


Destruction group is one the most interesting: all very powerful options here. My choice falls on Balance. It is, in my understanding, one of the top dominant card of the format, if not the top one. Balance is indeed an “unbalanced” card, as it can completely overturn the board state. It is not so unusual to remain stuck on 1 land in Alpha 40 (you can have a mulligan only in the event of full lands starting hand, or no land at all…), and in the meanwhile your opponent starts to grow a solid board. In such cases, there is anyway a last hope you can rely on, that represents your insurance vs. screw, and it is Balance; thanks to Balance, at the eventual cost of your cards in hands, eventually the entire hand can worth the effect, you can clean up both his roster on board and his lands line up… huge!



Restricted & Moderated Lists work a little bit different from the groups: you do not have to pick just one card from these pools, but you can include a limited number of copies of the listed cards (Restricted list limiting to 1 copy, Moderated list limiting to 3 copies max).  The impact of such restrictions in our UW Control shell is mainly over Swords to Plowshares that is limited to max three copies. To be considered also limitations on Juggernauts and Psionic Blasts.

What is missing from my build: I had no dual lands at that time; for sure, Tundra will be the next acquisition and consequently an easy upgrade for the deck. Instead, speaking about choices: it could be very interesting to consider the eventual addition of Mana Short (also known as the cheap Time Walk), Wrath of God and Counterspells in order to increase the control potential of the deck.


Strategy Tear Down

The strategy is straightforward. The deck works around three simple steps:

  1. Take control of the stack and the board;
  2. Acquire card advantage, while controlling the board evolution;
  3. Stick a threat and let it go to the end.

Normally I start with a defensive approach, trying to understand the opponent’s deck, and remaining with mana open, to proceed eventually with counters. Target is to bring the opponent to a top-deck mode, fighting card per card. At a certain point, protected on the next turn by Swords to Plowshares & Disenchant, you can decide to tap out in order to put a threat on the battlefield, then defend him (or support adding another, or replace in case of death) till victory.

To do so, the deck is divided into four packages.


First one, it is about stack control – it is based on cheap, but to be honest very efficient, counters. Sure, they cannot be considered “hard” counters, but normally they work like that. Power sink is very important to stop the highest CCs threats (big creatures, but also fast Hippies coming after your second turn; Fireballs; Icy Manipulators; opponent’s Braingeyser!). From the other hand, Spell Blast is quite strong in the attempt to defend your own threats (protecting them by opponent’s Swords to Plowshares, or Lighting Bolts, or Paralyze). I like to consider this part of the deck quite smart & efficient. In support of that, to consider also the single blue in the casting cost, that helps a lot supporting the double color strategy.

Is there room for improvement? I guess that several “real” Counterspells can dramatically improve the overall strength of the deck, maybe moving the cursor towards a heavier blue shell, so at the cost to adapt a little bit the mana-base. It can be a development path for the future.


Once you failed in your attempt to control the stack, or in any case, when it results more convenient to you, you can rely on your second package, dedicated to the control of the board. Here lives the engine of the deck; there are many elements of control, and White is superb doing this. Swords to Plowshares and Disenchants can stop almost everything on the board (I guess, just Black Knight can pass here…); they are supported by Balance, one of the best cards available on Alpha pool. It fixes very well swarms from your opponent. Again, Wrath of God can be a very good replacement or support; in most of the situations can be even better, but not providing the same support of Balance in case of screw.

Anyway, just three copies of Swords to Plowshares (as it is restricted) cannot be enough trying to control a battlefield full of menaces; Blue comes in support here, with Psionic Blast and Control Magic, together with a single copy of Icy Manipulator.

For sure, there can be room for improvement here. My feeling during my first league has been, anyway, of a very balanced build. I never felt the need for an additional Icy. Making a step backward to the Disenchants. Question could be, why four copies, as they can seem too many. The answer coming from my first experience is more or less the same of above: never felt the need of one less; it helped me controlling opponent’s Control Magic, Icy Manipulators, Disrupting Scepters, Juggernauts and Jayemdae Tomes; all cards that are able to lead your opponent to victory, if unanswered. In UW, I think, I will hardly go below four copies.


It is time to move to the third package, about card advantage! Two cards from Blue pool can support our strategy here: Ancestral Recall and Braingeyser. The first one is the best card in Magic since the game was born; I think I do not have a lot to add here. I use two copies in my unrestricted Alpha deck! So strong, that I have been able to lose my June Alpha League final vs. Joel forgetting to put the single copy inside of my library, but this is another story! Braingeyser is the definitive weapon; it ends games; I remember at least three games ended by decking my opponent, in late game phase.


Now that you have control of the board, and hopefully more options than your opponent does, you have to start thinking how to end the game (in your favor, if possible). Here it comes the threats package, which consists of six creatures (as Scott commented, “among the most Classic in the game”): three copies of Juggernaut (that is restricted), two copies of Serra Angel and single captain, the Mahamoti Djinn, my favorite cards when I was young. I like my wincons configuration a lot, it is “curvy” at the correct level, it is flexible, and it fits perfectly in the shell. Sometime I have the luck to play a fast Sol Ring, and Juggernaut really shines in this case, becoming a true nightmare for your opponent.


May League

Going now to the matches, as I would like, at least, to list them, just to let you see how open the Meta is, full of different decks with incredibly original strategies.

Starting from Nicholas Aiello, a pillar of the Alpha 40 community, a mage like me, on my same colors! His UW deck-list is spicy, as you can see below. I would like to say quite different from mine, despite several elements are commons. He is trying to make abuse of Sleight of Mind, comboing with Cop: Red and Northern Paladins, which perfectly fit into this control shell.


I won 2-0 against Nicholas; this is exactly one of the matches where Disenchants, Ancestral and Braingeyser provide real difference.

My second match was against John Molseed, again UW, this time I can say a very different strategy; John’s is an impressive aggro deck, full of Benalish Hero and buffing enchantments; hiding a very special secret weapon, a single Time Vault he can activate consecutively several times thanks to his Twiddle package.


It was a nightmare trying to control this swarm, with Juggernaut suffering the defensive bands. Anyway, this is the typical match up where it is Balance to shine, as it has been. Swords to Plowshares here is also able to provide 2×1; I won 2-1 here, not able to manage multiple consecutive turns of attack from John’s swarm in the second game.

My third opponent was Robert Bialkin. I met Robert first time in Sweden, last year; he has been my sparring partner (or better, I have been his sparring…) in the playtesting session in the hall of Panorama hotel, where we both were trying to understand, for the first time, how our decks were working… What a pleasure to meet Robert again!

He was on Mono Red Dragons, with a lot of Fireballs and Shivan Dragons! I won 2-0, controlling the board well during the first game, and then proceeding into a spectacular second game, where he burned all my creatures, but his own Shivan under my control thanks to Control Magic, that gave me the win with just three cards left in the deck.

Fourth match, it has been my first defeat in the League. I played against Jason Shaw, on a super aggressive Red Green. I lost first game from a swarm of orcs, low on lands, and not able to find the correct answer to his horde. Second game, he started again fast, but this time I wait for a little board commitment from his side, to play Balance and shift the cursor on my side; on third game, I suffered the most classic of the kills, through an unexpected Channel Fireball combination, coming when I was taking the control of the game. What a game!

Fifth match, it has been vs. Jeremy Smelski, on a huge Black White control shell. I went down one game, losing the first game from his Wrath of Good that cleared my over committed board; it has been a very long first game, where I had the chance to see all the good stuff he want to serve to me! Good to know, it has been a helpful lesson for the following matches. Jeremy’s deck is superb, with incredibly powerful elements of control, from the Wrath of God to the Jayemdae tome (top when you are not playing blue!), from Disrupting Scepter to Icy Manipulator; typical match-up where it would be needed more than a set of Disenchants! Anyway, I started playing around Wrath of God, preserving the Disenchants, waiting for his most problematic artifacts. I have been able to win both the following matches, ending 2-1, and now at four wins out of five matches.

Sixth and last match has been Vs. Karl Akbari, on a low (and super smart) budget UW, with efficient creatures (Phantom Monster above all), efficient counters (Power Sink) and efficient removal (Swords, Disenchant if I remember well). I lost the first game as I was not able to answer to his flying menaces, and flooding a little bit.

In the second game, I controlled indeed better and finished through Serra. Third game was a tricky one. In the very late game, with me tapped out, he forced me to draw something like 10 cards through Braingeyser, leaving me with just two cards left in the deck. Anyway, I was already carefully preserving my Braingeyser in hand, waiting for the correct timing to cast. Once he passed the turn, I played my own land for the turn, then a Sol Ring, and then I forced him drawing 12 thanks to Braingeyser, too many cards for his library! Another incredible match!

Therefore, I ended my pod confrontations 5-1, just one point above John at 4-2. Good enough to win the pod and access to Quarterfinals.

In the Quarterfinals, I met Jeff Watkins, on UW Control. A build very similar to mine, I would say the closest one, just exchanging Juggernaut with Air Elementals – full board control through a White portion 100% aligned with me, and no counters, replaced by additional board control elements, in terms of Steal Artifacts and Icy Manipulators.


I won 2-0, taking advantage of Ancestral Recall and Braingeyser, with Jeff flooding both the games as far I remember.

The Semifinals were not played; nobody came out from the related bracket of Quarterfinals, after more or less one month and despite several solicitations. So at the start of July it was decided to move directly to the Finals, where Scott Latham was waiting for me.

Scott was on UR Counterburn, playing an incredible efficient lethal machine full of spells extremely high on power/€ ratio. He played the May league with just one rare, the Braingeyser.

15 - Kopie

Finals are visible on YouTube through the Alpha 40 Group on Facebook, thanks to Scott recording the games; very briefly, I controlled the first game since the beginning, thanks to a fast Sol Ring from my side that allows me to accelerate dramatically my plan, opening almost all my options very quickly. A fast Mahamoti from my side starts making coast-to-coast, assaulting Scott’s LPs; he first steals my Sol Ring through Steal Artifact (later on, it will be decisive my eventual Disenchant on the enchantment, letting me to take back the control of these two mana…). Then he tries to find an answer through a huge Braingeyser, for six cards, to which I respond with Ancestral Recall, compensating a little bit. He takes down than the Mahamoti, at the cost of several cards anyway. A Serra Angel from my side tries to replace the Mahamoti on the following turn, just but get Fireball on Scott’s turn. Now is time for Scott to try to win the match, and he has several weapons. He sticks a Phantom Monster for a couple of turns to which I respond with Psionic Blast. Then I take a first slap in the face, from a Fireball for 7 or 8 LPs, to which I cannot respond as low on mana. A turn later, Scott tries his third Fireball, attempting to my life, I guess for 9 damages. This time I have mana open and, thanks to the Sol Ring, I am able to Spell Blast it. My fortress resists, time to counter attack, first with a Juggernaut, to which Scott responds, and then with a Serra, that together with a Psionic Blast provides the final, lethal damage. What a game!

Unfortunately, second game has been not at the same level of the first one, as Scott remains with just an Island for the first three turns, having to discard spells in the End of Turn, while I play both Braingeyser and Ancestral Recall. He played very well, tried to defend himself with tooth and nails, anyway my advantage in the board was simply too deep, giving me the opportunity to win the May League 2-0.

What a sensation! Winning was great, I had confirmation that I am still able to build something interesting! My satisfaction was amplified by the fact that I never played with the League rules before May, so no knowledge at all about dynamics.  Indeed, I found my build very solid, super flexible as rich of answers: I was expecting a field full of Juggernaut, Angels, Hippies and Icy Manipulators… and my prediction was quite close!

I learned a lot playing the League: for instance, to save Disenchants for critical artifacts (better to start destroying a Sol Ring than a Juggernaut, and better to save Disenchant for the next Icy Manipulator, instead of wasting it on one of the annoying artifacts that give life points). I started saving my Braingeyser for the final hit, instead of drawing 4-5 cards, at least when you can still manage your hand. Also Swords to Plowshares, to save it for late game, when fatties come down, unless you have to answer to a fast Hypnotic Specter… as the games in the League are really slow, and long, for sure longer than the games in unrestricted Alpha! The perimeter defined by the League’s deckbuilding rules is, in my opinion, very well balanced. It allows incredible matches; a hand-to-hand battle where every single card is important, and where the advantage is built card by card… very hardly the game will end in a rush!

Therefore, the final recommendation coming from my first experience, which it is to be patient!

Seven consecutive wins later with the very same UW Control, I am back again into the Alpha League Finals, for June… but this is another story!

That is all for now! I want to thank the Alpha 40 League creators; they have provided to the players an incredibly interesting new environment to battle on. I would like to thanks all my opponents for the precious chats we have had during and after our matches, always rich of interesting points. In addition, a special thanks to Scott for the good suggestions he has provided to me writing this article!

Thanks for the reading, hope you have found it interesting – in case of questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate contacting me on Facebook!






Trolling Vienna – Guestreport

Hey Oldschoolers

I am pleased to give you a Guestreport from mighty Aland – Emperor of Vienna, Slayer of the Trollmaster, Owner of the Shark, Fellow friend and foe of the Legion 🙂


How i got to be the Emperor

If you are interested in learning more about me and want a history of my old school career (probably not) read this blog post at the official old school blog.

This is not going to be an ordinary tournament report, I never take notes and I seldom take pictures. So here it goes. I’ve known Mitja of the Austrian lions for some time and heard great stuff about the old school community in Vienna, so I decided to book Viennageddon as soon as possible. Little did I know that it was going to be the last live tournament for a long time due to the corona virus.

As I am quite the spikey player, I have considered Disco Troll a “bad” deck. The reason for this being two-fold, a lot of the decks I’ve seen have been subpar builds or the players haven’t been the spikiest players. The deck has put up some impressive results in Denmark and in the hands of Reindeer. I surfed Urborg Buffet and some Facebook groups and ended up with this deck list.


With the Giant Shark and Ivory Tower, I basically ended up with a 12-card sideboard (I have no idea why I took those towers from someone’s deck list). I never boarded in the Energy Fluxes, so I ended up with only using nine cards in the sideboard the whole day. Apart from that the deck felt very solid.

I flew to Vienna from Gothenburg via Frankfurt myself on Friday morning as no other Gothenburgians could or wanted to join. The usually busy Frankfurt airport felt really lonely in the beginning of corona times. Interesting also to watch an Italian guy on the plane coughing and licking his fingers. Well in Vienna I took the super easy public transportation to find my hotel. Some guys on were playing on Friday evening but I just bought some weird hipster pizza sitting and went to bed at 22.00. On Saturday I woke up at 05.30 and prepared for some breakfast and “sightseeing”.


The picture above is the only sightseeing picture I managed to take. I found a store, noticed that Corona was 47% off and bought a couple of Radler. The site of todays battle was the Centimeter VII pub. According to legend this was the location that the Vienna players used to play at back in the 90’s. I quickly found myself being first at the site (only 45 minutes to official starting time). The pub is nothing you would call fancy, but it’s my favorite kind of pub. Decent amount of beer, pub food, nice staff and a awesome atmosphere. Soon a lot of famililar (and unfamiliar) faces showed up: Reindeer, Jason, Mitja and Alban. Reindeer ordered in a communion 1 meter of sausages.

We had our own dedicated play area in the cellar for both Saturday and Sunday. Sadly, some people couldn’t make it due to coronavirus and other commitments. We ended up being 25 players in total. As I said in the beginning, I don’t have any notes or don’t even particularly remember the games I played. In the end I finished the swiss with a 4-1 record and Reindeer finished 5-0 with his trolls (I didn’t play him in the swiss). I remember facing among others a UR Control deck with main deck Blood Moons and Aladdin’s Ring (!), and a land destruction deck with Nether Void. Reindeer also gave me a good hint during a smoke break: “Aland, life is a resource in the troll deck”. This was the first time I played this deck and I hadn’t even gold fished it before the tournament.


Above a view of the play area in the cellar and below a picture of my plate of buffet food which was included in the tournament fee.


In the quarter final the guy playing land destruction and Nether Void lost to me again. In the semi finals I played a guy with an Ehrnamgeddon deck. Troll disco is super smooth to play, especially if you are used to playing The Deck to handle the long patient control games. During the tournament I had to switch gears to aggro beatdown facing down a Karma (Mishra’s Factories and Lightning Bolts is a fast clock!). And the best part I have never heard opponents sighing when I play the trolls compared to when I used to play The Deck. The deck can handle pretty much everything permanent-wise (Nevinyrral’s Disk) and it is the best deck I have ever played the card not favored in Gothenburg Maze of Ith.

The final was against the troll master Reindeer. Before the match I knew my game plan was to deck him (or a big Fireball called BIG SPRÄNG in Sweden), I don’t want to play a aggro game against him. His game plan was to burn me out as you can read about in his article for Viennageddon. Game 1 ended with me Braingeysering him to death at 1 life (“Aland, life is a resource”). Game 2 I boarded in all the blasts and did the same as in game one but managed to Recall back two Counterspells. The game ended and I was the new emperor of Vienna!


Above me with the crown, the (misspelled) trophy and an awesome playmat made by Wolfgang. Below the troll king and the troll master hugging it out after the finals.


After the tournament everyone celebrated the good times, Jason and Reindeer had some awesome ante games with more audience than the finals. Also, we had an interesting discussion about the Moustache man (not Santa Claus). Back at the hotel I had a Facebook chat with Svante discussing the Troll Disco deck and I modified it to my liking with great input from Svante. This version is more suitable for my playstyle with the Flash Counters and no “bad” cards like Energy Flux and Ivory Tower. I played the new version to a win in the Norwegian-UK online tournament Worms of the Earth (20 people).


Sunday was set for an Atlantic ruleset tournament (was announced before Scryings was released). I had no imagination for this, I sent a message to Will Magrann on Facebook and he hooked me up with a deck list. I started the day with a Radler and was quick into the local beer after that.


I have never played Atlantic before and I didn’t like the deck at all. I should have made an Atog build (or Reindeers deck) instead. I enjoyed playing the Sages of Lat-Nam. The most fun was local player Rolf enabling his dream turn 1 start.


Somehow, I managed to finish top 8 in the tournament and won my quarter final against a unlucky Rolf. In the semi final Reindeer took revenge from last day and kicked me out of the tournament (well deserved, it was in deed a sweet deck).

Addendum from the Admin(Reindeer): Yeah! Ich kicked your Arsch wif may Schweetpäil haha 🤣


Below a picture of the top 4 + Rolf.


Mitja went on to win the tournament with a deck with one of the worst mana bases in a Magic deck ever. After the tournament Jason and Reindeer did some ante games and we had a long discussion about the German term “fickenschnitzel”, half a fickenschnitzel is pictured below. I also got to talk a German guy into playing Fantasy Zoo which is always nice!


On Monday I flew home trying my best to avoid Corona and get home safely. This trip will forever be remembered for all the nice local Vienna players and people from abroad joining. It was also the last real live tournament before the corona plague and winning that feels special. Stay safe and hope to meet you all again soon.

Åland, over and out.


  • Lions of Austria for arranging a super nice tournament at an awesome location
  • Euro techno music supplied by Roman to get through the hangover Sunday
  • To the ones I have stolen pictures from
  • To all the great old school teams around the world
  • Jason and Reindeer, you are the best!
  • The man in the ice-cream van, respect!


  • Me for missing Mountain Madness 2020
  • Me for not writing down any game notes

Online Adventures Part II

Dear Oldschoolers

Viennageddon was most likely the last “real world” tournament for the next couple of Weeks and maybe months. The Corona pandemic holds the world in tight grab – wash your hands! As (mostly) introverts with a great equippment at home, we can still gather for our beloved game and format. We play online Magic at its best.

Since 2019, the NEOS-League startet over the big pond with Jared Doucette. Jared is a fellow OS-friend of mine and we talk from time to time over Facebook about brewing style and Deck choices, Sideboarding for Troll Disco and other stuff. His NEOS-League is a well attended happenig each month. Various warriors meet there to cross the blades – sometimes there even forms a “group of death” in which the “creme-de-la-creme” of spiking foes meet each other for the Top8 reward. Those groups are always a real pleasure to be in 🙂

I wrote a litte something about Season 1 last year – Season two was – measured at tournament-spike-success – a Season to forget for me haha. But in Season 3 i had a good start followed by a Victorious March – i managed to win the NEOS-Scryings-League with this Pile:


It was an amazing run against great opponents and very cool brews. I saw RG Beats (Tinder Wall/Force of Nature at its  best). I crossed path with very aggressive Scrying-Goblins, fought against Angry Sea Sprites and so on. It was a real pleasure to play within this league and to win this first Scryings-online-tournament also with regards to famous N00bcon (which the was renamed to N00bcoM due the shift to an online Tournament. But more of this later).

It is always a pleasure to be part of this monthly NEOS-happening – so therefore a big thank you to Jared and the NEOS-Gang which supports you in doing what your are doing 🙂

As the Lockdown started mid of March for most countries, also the Online-Tournaments started to grow in Europe. I am taking currently part within the Dutch “Corona Cup”, the UK “Pestillence Cup” and also the one-day Pestilence Cup organized by DFB. They are really great initiatives and i also enjoy to play against various friends and foes online. As we cannot fight our rivlaries in person (i.e. teasing Erwin and Wilfred about “being lame Dutchs” or beat the hell out of Markus or Jason in a proper Ante-Ante-Tournament etc.) we have to take it online. For the US-Pestilence Day tournament i did choose the same pile i used in Vienna and got to the Finals there:


But for the Pestilence-day i finished a more or less solid 3-3. I played a lot of good friends, had nice Chats and drank a lot of beer at home at the Desk 🙂 exactly the same as within a “normal” tournament but i did not have to fly away and book a more or less expensive hotel 😉 of course, it was not exactly the same experience as “the gathering”-part of our game is (at least for me) much more important than the playing part – but we will get there if we stick to the policy and stay at home for some more weeks.

For the Corona Cup and the UK-Pestilence Cup i decided to play something different and built a White-Green-Blue Aggro.dec which brought me to the semi-finals in both Cups. The UK-Pestilence Cup is still ongoing and i hope to reach the finals – maybe against my Nemesis Aland haha. As i understand he is also 4-0 in the current tournament. Lets see…


The Dutchies are really nice hosts and i received very warm welcomes which i of course gave back to the Team 😉

Next Stop was famous N00bcon-Weekend. Normally, we would all gather in Gothenburg at Thursday for a nice pre-N00bcom meet and greed including a lot of beer and fun. But this year, we had to move everything online. Famous Elias Gröndal from Stockholm in a Bottle teamed up with me from Legion Urborg to organize a full swedish pre-tournament. We also took the opportunity to bring this pre-event online and gathered 28 fellow fighters for this full swedish adventure. Most of those brave warriors played also the whole friday online at the N00bcoM and risked their family-happiness for the beloved game haha (including me haha). Some excellent american fellas even had to order some great UL-Rares to make their Deck Swedish legal 😉


At Thursday, i brought my Troll Disco to the Pit. I ended up 3-2 and finished as 9th place…  I had really good games and also the 2 matches i lost were tight ones which could easily be turned with a little more luck in drawing my cards hahah. But this is Magic and its really a good thing that one has to rely also on a little bit of luck in drawing cards in this game. Jordan Boyle took the Crown for this tournament and Edo Hoksberger takes home the Spicy Award for his wonderful Hazezon Tamar Deck 🙂

Overall it was a really great and fun experience – especially to play one whole day of online Magic. I had the experience already in the one-day event from DFB, but this time, Elias and myself where also here to organize all the stuff. Thanks to amazing Slanfan, a microsite dedicated for our tournament has been generated where we can find all results and enter pairings straight linked to an appropriate Whereby-Room. Great Work Slan!

After our “dry run” with 28 Peopole, Flo von Bredow initiated the real thing at good friday. The N00bcoM with 70 Participants in an online Showdown – accompanied by the Wak Wak Crew (Gordon and Ceb) and supported by famous Community pillars Markus, Bonnie and Slanfan. Also MG was part of the Show of course. A big Thank you to all which made this incredible event happen! It was a blast guys!!

I brought this untested and unteched brew to the tables. I was sure, that River Boa will Kick Ass. I included also Deflection (yes, not good…) and Autumn Willow (also not as good as expected…) to the team. Two choices which i would for sure change if the tournament would be today. Also the Sideboard is not very well balanced for Scryings. it lacks Tormod’s Crypts… But for no testing at all and brewing station open, i finished with a respectable 4-3. Which is the best and worst result of all my ever played N00bcoM’s so far haha.

So the tournament started and after a repairing i played famous Svante on his Arabian Aggro Scryings.dec. I was quite afraid of this match because as we know, Svante is a quite often seen Top 8 attendant and knows how to use his tools properly. In Game one it was quite tight and thanks to my Deflection (which was the only time i used it properly) i did Kill his Snake as he did not expect a deflected Bolt End of Turn. So i won game one and we moved to game two. Still in Game two i did not Deploy succesfully a Disk but we fought us down with River Boas, Kird Apes, Bolts and other Skyfire Material. I deployed the Final Blow with a Shivan Dragon and took away the Win 2-0.

Second Match was against fellow Scott Bradley which was on Kjeldoran Outpost Control. Due to very unlucky starting hands, he had to mulligan to 6 resp. 5 in both games… With my Nev Disks paired with the Counter-protected River Boas i managed to take him down 2-0. Its always nice to battle Scott and we had some talk about the format, NEOS etc. Thanks for the Match dude!

The third Match was a Swiss-Derby. I faced Nicolas Imwinkelried, fellow Swiss Player from the Geissgrind-Community Valais. He was on Mask-Nought and slammed the Dreadnought in game one with his full power in my face… Not before he drew the Strip Mine to get rid of my Maze of course 🙂 Game two was a Nailbiter. I had 3 Mazes Active in Play VS a Dreadnought and Lord of Thresserhorn and an always waiting Time Walk which i expected in his hand. So i had to take several Damage from a pumped Mishra (i had River Boa to block the Lord and always held 2 Maze of Ith open). I managed to get the Disk active and we bolted each other down until i gave the final blow with my Boa… Game 3 was kind of the same story. It was really tough, both were on 3 live when he casted Timetwister. I got my bolt, he didn’t. Nice Match my Friend.

As fourth opponent, Tim Moran, also a well known friend and part time foe of mine entered the Thunderdome what we call Magic the Gathering. Game one he casted Serendibs, Lions and Disenchants which gave me the impression of a Lauter.dec. But he was on Mask-Nought too which i painfully got in game two haha. No Shatters nor more Mazes for my Deck and no active Disk against his Dreadnought. Haha. Well played. Third game was a real Nailbiter. We fought each other, including a Shatter of myself, targetting an unrevealed Dreadnought which was then suffled away by Timetwister… bad play. But the Twister gave me enough Ammo to Seal the Deal… 4-0 after really intense matches.

Mark Evaldi was the next opponent at Table 1 – his undead horde completely ripped me of. Without Tormod‘s Crypt in SB, my only semi-effective weapons were Counterspell, Disk and City in a Bottle. Game one i lost due to 4 reanimated Trikes – so not even two Disk‘s did stop that massacre. Game two was hard for Mark. I deployed a turn one CiaB and he ha only Cities and Bazaaren on his hand. So no Mana for Mark… Game 3 was a Nailbiter (until he reanimated the big bad Mr. Crabs…). Also my maze got Chaos orbed to Valhalla. Therefore my first loss on this tournament against mighty Mark which went 7-0 in Swiss 🙂

Olof Robertsson waited in Round 6 with his Lauter.dec. Unfortunately (god kows why?) i did not even talk about playing Gentlements rules and then he Mind Twisted me in both games, paired with an active Library in both games… Not much more to say here isn‘t it haha. But still it was very nice to play Olof and his Cat 😉


Final match and i still can make Top 8 with a decent win. Jeff is the Opponent on his RU Aggro List. As his List is creature heavy, normally an active Disk could save the day. But in Game one give away a victory to his Time Walk fuelled attack and some playing errors i assume (after half a bottle of Rum and some beers this can happen haha). Game two was intense but with no threads on my side for quite some turns it was just a wait and go for his burn spells to knock me down. Therefore no Top 8 for Reindeer this time 😉

Overall it was an amazing tournament – meeting good friends online, have some decent Chats and Talks, got to drink a lot at my office table and also took the opportunity to enter a game of „Reindeer VS the Chat“ in guessing OS-Cards 🙂 Thank you again Flo and Crew for this amazing opportunity to play the N00bcoM 2020! And congratulations of course to Jeff White for his amazing run!

I look really much forward to personal gatherings but for the time being, it does not look promising for travel arrangements 😦 But i hope there will be lots and lots of more Online Tournaments and i hope to meet all of you again soon 🙂

May the Moxen be with you

Moustach’d Reindeer of Legion Urborg


Gathering in Vienna – all hail the emperor

Dear Oldschoolers

Hard times lie in front of us. The Virus is spreading and we are forced to stay at home and wash our hands – which both is very good advise to stop the Virus from spreading. So please do that for all of your fellow neighbors and society. This pandemic is also affecting our beloved game – we cannot travel and meet our friends nor can we flip Orbs in front of a real life person. Viennageddon was maybe the last “real” tournament for a few months – and i can tell you great stories from this gathering.


In 2019 it was one of my first Oldschool Tournaments ever – and already then it was a great experience. So i met fellow Legionnaire Phy from Legion Urborg at the Airport at Saturday morning to fly out to Vienna. It was an 1 hour flight and we played some Magic as the flight was not even half booked due to the upcoming Virus effect… Also, we tried to get two Beers each but we were told that “its a morning flight so we have very few Beers”… So we took a redwine and a Beer instead haha.


After one hour we landed in Vienna and took an Uber to the Location. Centimeter VII was the place to be. Our driver, an Ukrainian nice guy took us there and wished us good luck in drinking and playing Magic. After all it was a warm welcome with old and new friends. Mighty Aland from Norway (or Sweden??) was already in the Pub, drinking a Beer and was surprised that nobody was there at 10.30 (the tournament should start at 11 but we ar not in Switzerland haha) so we started at 12.30. Unfortunately, all the Italian players (Megu and Co.) were not allowed to leave the Country and had to refuse their attendance. So after all there were 24 fellow Oldschoolers which were hungry to grab the Crown of the Emperor of Vienna.

I brought my beloved Trolls to the battlefield:


I changed the setup slightly and added a third Maze of Ith Mainboard. It’s possibly the best setup for Mazes paired with a Disk – so let’s go for that.

We played five Rounds of Swiss followed by top 8. I cannot remember everything properly after this time and some Beers during the Event. So i will give you a short overview of what i can remember:

First Round was against Martin Hatlak – i had bad memories because last year, Martin decked me in the semifinals – after a 90 Minute battle for victory. Great times 🙂 This time, i turned the tide and won 2-0 in a fantastic tournament opener. Second Match was against Jason “the legend” Schwartz. As always, our games are really fun and we open either with a new Beer or a Schnaps to celebrate the match. This time it was both as he grabbed my beercoaster which was unattended – so two Marillenschnaps and a new beer it was. I managed to develop and untap a Disk which is really devastating for his Machamuti-Serra-Aggro-Geddon Deck. And i managed to win also this battle 2-0 and we drank another Beer for this glorious match. Third match was against, hm, i really don’t remember that one… Sorry… I won but i don’t know against whom… So lets move to match 4 against Thomas Sutherland Borja. We had a really nice talk about his articles and the Earthquake league. He was on Erhnamgeddon and managed to took one game with a well timed Geddon. The second and third game i won with Mazes and Counterspells for the Geddons and i move to final match 4-0. Local Hero Fred was also 4-0 and he tried to give me Underworld Dreams (or Nightmares?) with his Black-Blue-Red Deck. It was a really great match and one game, he destroyed me 5 (or was it 6?) lands in a row – i had a excellent land draw each turn which, in a “normal” game would be terrible, but gave me the win. I finished 5-0 in the Swiss and moved to Top 8 as 1st.

In Top8 i faced Jason again – same ritual – new beer and let’s play. I managed to win through his flying army of Angels and Djinns and moved to semifinals against Local Hero Alexander Klöckler. He was also playing a Troll variant with Will-o-the-Wisp (love that card 🙂 ) and Powersink. We played Troll VS Troll and his Trolls were more reluctant and i  dropped more on the table and finally won. In one game i even managed to slam the whole Playset on the table…

Finals again against Trolls – fearsome Aland and his Swamp-Creatures… It was a great match, we fought until he Decked me both times. My strategy was to burn his Ass to the ground VS his strategy of waiting, stalling and let me draw to death with a cruel Braingeysir. In game one, i kept him at 1 life until his final blow. In game two the counterspell-luck was in his hands paired with a really nice Recall which brought him back two additional Counterspells. Again: Braingeysir for the win. Therefore the new Emperor Aland is crowned! Congratulations my friend!!


As always, the even better part then the main tournament is

a) the REAL main tournament and
b) the fun we have with everybody talking, drinking and chatting about i.e. the “moustache man” (not Santa haha)

So we moved to the Real main tournament with two participants. Jason and Reindeer – friend and foes both alike. Ante for the win. What will happen. Jason brought again his nice Robots brew to the table. Reindeer built a Blue Black Aggro with Serendibs and Counterspells. Who will succeed? After 3 games, the winner of Day 1 was Reindeer with a 2-1 record. But there will be blood again next day…

After all Magic activities were done, we chatted, drank beer and Marillenschnaps and had as always a really great and amazing time. As you know, this is the important part of Oldschool. Meeting friends and always have a good time – nevertheless what your result was at the tournament. And the Crown… Never forget the Crown Aland 🙂

At Sunday, the second tournament (Atlantic) was on the agenda. I woke up at 10am and left the Hotel for the Centimeter VII Pub and a nice and healthy (haha) full british breakfast including a pint. Aland reminded me that this would be impossible in Sweden – 10.30 am and a beer on the table 😉 Breakfast for Champions. I decided to build something cool, fund and unusual. I cutted blue completely from the list:

With 18 Players we were slightly less than the day before with 25 players. But we agreed to have fun anyways (of course) and therefore the tournament started with a 4 Round target. Also here, my brain is not up to speed and i try to recite about as much i still now. First round was against Jason (again)… Will he be able to break the curse and beat me this time? First game he won with an early mechanical beast which killed me quite hard. Second and third game were really on the Edge but my Sengir Vampire(s) were able to break through the line of robots. Paired with an unfortunate Land draw in game 3, i managed to win this tight game. Second Match was against the Architect (Roman Pulker) with his Sharazad Deck… He even installed a Boombox with some 90ty Pop-Trance-something mix to ensure everybody plays fast haha. In game one we went straight into a Subgame (both on 20) which i won – and i burnt down the rest of the 10 lifepoints. Second game was also quick as his white Knights were no Issue for my Trolls and i won 2-0. Third match was against Evil Rolf – the slayer – destroyer of dreams – slaughterer of hell – bringer of eternal Darkness (just kidding – Rolf is a real nice guy 🙂 ) We battled over the whole 50 minutes and Rukh Eggs were sacrifized to Diamond Valley, Shivan Dragons reanimated, Sengir Vampires changed the Tableside. But finally, i managed to walk away as victorious matchwinner. Final game for the Swiss against Local Hero Wolfgang and his DeadGuy Ale on Stereoids. He started with a first turn Hypnotic which i did not answer and a lost a card… OMG. Luckily i drew a Mox to fireball that evil creature in turn two away. phew. Then it was mostly hymnonhymn VS same creatures. I managed to win the first game. Second game was not really amusing as he did not found a second source for to long resp. i even stripped away a swamp during the game. Therefore i took the victory and went 4-0 and straight to Top8.


I shall burn in Magichell but i cannot remember my first opponent in Top 8… Sorry. What i can remember is the Semi Finals as i took revenge for my lost battle the day before. I fought mighty Aland and his Robot Army. Thank to my Nev Disks in the Sideboard i did remove the Robots from the table and ban them to the Graveyard. We played 3 games which i managed to win 2-1 – revenge!

In the finals i met fellow Magic Friend Mitja – he is also on Robots with the Greedy variant 😉 As usual we had really nice games and tried to defeat each other in a friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately for me, the first game started with a Su-Chi and a Hymn against me which robbed me of a Maze and a Land – which i never recovered. Second Game was really interesting and was so tight, that both players had only 3 cards left in the library and i would need to find my last Disenchant to get rid of one flying tetravus. But luck was not on my side and Mitja took away the victory. Congrats my friend 🙂


It was a really nice two-dayer and we exchanged a lot of cards with signatures – i even managed to get the CommuniTour Pendelhaven 🙂


Also on the second day, the REAL tournament started and we need to determine, which player is the winner of the two-day-national-Vienna-Ante-Championship 2020 😉 you can find the result here:

So over all it was an amazing tournament – meeting old and new friends and we had a really fucking decent and fantastic time! Thank you all for being there and thank you for your Oldschool Spirit!


May the Moxen be with you

Reindeer of Legion Urborg





Mountain Madness 2020

Dear Oldschoolers

The Mountain Madness 2020 was the start of the CommuniTour 2020. 24 brave Warriors assembled on the Rigi to fight for Honor, Kraken Rum and some nice Raffle-Goodies. We started at Friday with some preparation work and enjoyed a Swiss Dinner paired with Redwine and some Beer. 16 fellow adventurers arrived one day before the Madness starts. It was amazing to see so many good Magic Friends gathered together – playing some Oldschool Magic. Also, with Mitja as Chef du Cuisine we had a delicious Food package in front of us.

The whole thing started in 2019. We agreed that there should be some Community-Tournaments which will aim to attract community members which will bring other members of the same community to those tournaments (enjoy and bring your Friends). We created a travel voucher which can be won in a Communi-Tournament and has the value of EUR 250.00 for travelling Purpose. We agreed that there should not be a “Spikers first” Price which goes to the Tournament winner but we should aim to give the invite to somebody in a different way. The Lions of Austria Voucher went to the Spiciest Deck in Stockholm (Land Equilibrium won 🙂 ) and the Northern Paladin Voucher at the Mountain Madness went to the luckiest “Rock-Paper-Scissor”-Player. Well done Nicolas Imwinkelried 🙂

The Mountain Madness was held under the “Full Gentlemen Ruleset” – therefore no Library of Alexandria nor Mind Twist were allowed. I know that this ruleset is not everyones choice but it was fun and with this nice atmosphere, it was absolutely fine.  In addition to the Tournament, we did a Charity-Raffle in which everybody can participate with a donation of choice. Legion Urborg donates Fr. 150.00 and the rest of the Players donated together Fr. 600.00 – so we will send Fr. 750.00 to “”. Thank you so much fellow Oldschoolers – its great to see your ambition for donations! The Winners of the Raffle received some nice Pins (Jesters Cap and the Moxen), an altered Urborg which can tap for Black and Red (only valid at Mountain Madness and Viennageddon or with permission of the TO 🙂 ) The main Price of the Raffle, a sealed Ice Age Booster Box, went to Leo Bruder – Congratulations my friend.

As a special Gift, Daniel brought an Urborg-Beer-Coaster for everybody. The rule was simple: Write your Name and if your coaster is unattended, one can grab it and you get it back after you Drink a Schnaps! The Coasters were well protected, but not always haha. Thanks Daniel for that great gift 🤘. So after a great Friday evening we welcomed the new day with a real Breakfast for Champions. Chef du cuisine Mitja and his little helper Alex prepared a Swiss Breakfast. Rösti (grated potatoes), Bacon and Swiss Cheese. Also available was Milk, Yogurt, other meat and Orange Juice. Great to start the day with.

I decided to play something new – but i also decided to play trolls of course 🙂 But i did cut blue out of the deck completely and tried the White Red Black Aggro route. I finished with a solid 3-2 and missed top 8 as 9th… haha

So my first opponent was Peter from Team Geissgrind (a fellow Swiss Magic Friend from Valais). He was on MachmaLauter.dec and tried to beat me down with his Dibs, Lions and Angels. We had three intense Games in which it went back and forth, but finally i did manage to take the victory on my side. It is quite hard for this Deck to fight four Maze of Ith. The game i lost was because of a well timed Psi Blast on his side 🙂 Tight and fun Match. 1-0

Second Match was against finalist Daniel Ernst, also a fellow Swiss Magic Friend from Berne. He plays UR Burn and has Blood Moon Maindeck. Also here we have to go over 3 Games which are incredible tight. His Blood Moon caught me in Game 1 on the Wrong foot and i lost. Game two i can resolve all my red spells into the Blood Moon (lucky me) and i can take the win. In game 3 i made a terrible decision to CoP: Red (Secret Tech!!!) a Bolt with my only Mana just to get 9 Damage in his Main Phase from a Fireball… reeeeally stupid but OK. I lost due to a Psi Blast and moved on to Game 3. 1-1

Jason „the Legend“ is my next opponent. We always have great games and he is a fellow Ante40 e as am i. Its always a pleasure to play against Jason and as usual we open a new Beer and Shuffle up. Also a Cigarette in between the matches is not unusual to celebrate the tournament matches. I think we are quite even with wins/losses in tournament games. But this time, he just destroys me with his Ehrnamgeddon build. I lose horribly in about 25 Minutes and go down 2-0. But i will have my revenge my friend! (More of this you find here :-).

The next opponent is another Legend – Leo Bruder, a fellow Legionaire of Urborg. I am already quite intoxinated with beer and i give to Leo one of the most horrible games in his history… First i completely ignore his live amount with a bolt sitting in my hand (he is at two live, i think he is at 14 something) and the moment i get aware, i tell him to bolt i his end step which was before my actual turn… We reset and he Mana Drains the bolt just to wait until my next bolt which kills him. Second Game i have Scrubland, Scrubland, Swamp, Strip Mine, Hippie, Hippie, Troll. Mulligan to 6 and i put one Hippie on the bottom during talking and drinking (but wanted of course put the Troll down)… Yeah… Stupid isn‘t it? Game starts and i got aware of my mistake, let him know i have zero Red but can pressure up with two hippies. As Leo is the most friendly guy he lets me change the cards (on the mad mountain, things as that are possible :-)). With a really bad draw on his side i manage to take this match 2-0 and my standing is 2-2.

Final Match against Mari „the Destroyer“. We drank about half a bottle of „Kraken Rum“ the night before and this match was awesome. We started with a „Release the Kraken“-Glass and had great fun. First Game he beats my ass off… Zero Chance. Second Game i slam a second Turn Shivan Dragon onto the Table. No Swords on his side. Tick-Tock-here‘s the Clock… And the Shivan sealed the Deal. Third game We battled until the Extra Turn number 4 and i took away the victory. Wow – so tight. But after this round we both were happy that we hadn‘t to play top8 but can concentrate on the really important things: RELEASE THE KRAKEN again. Haha.

We announced the Top 8 and they battled for the King of the Mountain. Finally, Mitja got awarded with this prestige title and he will be remembered forever as the „KING“!


The night was still young as we finished Top8 at eight in the evening. A great Dinner lies before us! Risotto and Swiss Sausage. Gniam Gniam 🙂

The rest of the evening was dedicated to Magic and Fun. Some players gathered for a two-Headed Giant Cube Sealed, some played individual magic, some tried to find a quiet space and some just drank more beer and enjoyed the company of all the amazing community members. Overall it was an excellent and really unique Magic experience for everybody. Thanks again to all helpers at Sunday to cleanup the whole cottage, thanks to Migja for the kitchen work and thanks to Mari for this beautiful Organizer gift – the Mountain of Madness!


I wish you all a nice Winter and see you soon! Next Stop: Vienna for Communitour number two 2020. Chez Lions du Austria

May the Moxen be with you!

Reindeer of Legion Urborg