End of Season and Torin00b 2019

Dear Friends

First of all: Donโ€˜t forget: Communitour 2020 will start in Switzerland at 31.1.2020. Mountain Madness on the Rigi in Switzerland! Join and have fun!

I hope you are well and did enjoy the peaceful and wonderful Christmas time. The Oldschool Year 2019 (together with the regular year 2019) comes to an end soon. Time to write some stories about this excellent Magic Gathering. But first some tournament report of my last tournament in 2019 – the Torin00b II in Rivarolo (Italy). Our nice friends from the Ratavuloira Drinking Team Torino invited us to their legendary Christmas Tournament in Rivarolo. We 4 from Legion Urborg followed this call and travelled 4 hours by car from Lucerne to Italy. It was a really fun ride, we talked about a lot of various shizzle – not everything was Magic related of course ;-). We arrived at Saturday evening (the tournament was at Sunday). The Ratavuloira Team did welcome us in the City and we ate dinner and drunk beer and wine together. Just like old times – this is what Oldschool is about. Meeting Friends, have a good dinner, drink together and have fun.

The tournament was intended to start at Sunday 11.00 in the morning. As we were in Italy, everybody knew that there will be some delay haha ๐Ÿ™‚ and reality kicked in and we startet 11.45ish with the tournament. 18 Players went for the crown of being the Torin00b 2019. Swedish Rules italian style – bring your best brews to the table. I decided to unleash my Troll list i played in Genova in October:


I cutted a Mainboard Mana Vault for an City in a bottle and one Shatter for a Mind Twist (jep, back in the Ruthless Bastards Club for non-Gentlemen ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

I started at the feature match table against local hero Beppe which was playing Lauter on Fire (Lauter + red for Bolts). Beppe startet quite aggressive with a Lotus, Mox, Serendib, Savannah Lion (no Land). My turn was Mox Mox Land CiaB Bolt… Not much more to say about game one but Beppe did not draw enough Lands to withstand my second Turn Troll… Second Game was all about blood moon. Beppe landed a Blood mon and we both had no basic lands to use. Without a Disk on my side it was โ€žDraw Goโ€œ until i roasted him over time with my bolts paired with the Fireballs. No happy end for him…

Second Match was against Mitja on Lands. His list is very interesting and can bring out a very nasty draw engine with Sindbad and Sylvan Library. The games went on for the whole 50 Minutes and we did a draw 1-1 (i won game 1, he won game 2, game three was 3 Minutes left on the clock…).

Next Match was against Mono Black Juzam Aggro. Without Hymns, in Swedish, a Mono Black has a very bad Matchup against Troll Disco. This prophecy went true as i took home the match 2-0. With the Disk and Trolls, the Aggro-Plan is hard to bring to life and with the Bolts/Fireballs i can just wait and block everything out and burn for lethal. Or hit a Shivan Dragon on the Table…

In Match 4 i met my opponent which i will meet again in the finals – Valerio Gregori. A well known player from Italy playing the Deck. The night before we drank together and told each other to meet in the finals ๐Ÿ™‚ Currently our score was 1-1 in our matches from the past. First game he grills me with a really huge Shivan Dragon which hits me (time walk fuelled) for 28 Damage. Autsch. Second and Third game were both in my favour and i can use my fireballs through his counterspells and grill him to zero. I leave the table with a win and move to the final match before top 8.

The final match before top 8 was against Dex on UR Burn. Dex had quite an aggressive start with a Flying Men and a Chain Lightning. I was able to Bolt the flyer and build 5 Mana in Turn two to Mind twist for 4… Ruthless but efficient… This won me game one as he did not recover from this. Game two was quite long and we stalled each other with 2 each two Maze of Ith on the board. I waited until i was able to hit Shivan, 2 Trolls and 2 Mishras to build an effective Army through the Mazes and his blockers. I won 2-0 and moved on to Top 8.

I missed the name of the fellow italian Gentlemen – sorry. It was a Pink Weenie Deck and he started with 3 Tundra Wolves in Turn one and two. Quite some pressure against my slow hand. I had kept a Fireball in my starting seven and took damage until i was on 10 and had enough Mana to Fireball the 3 Wolves away for good. Together with a Maze and no Crusade on his side i did stabilize and over time i won Game 1. Game 2 was a longer one as we stalled each other and i had to wait until i deployed Disk-Troll-Shivan Action for the final blow. I won 2-0 and moved to semi finals against Giovanni Gesiot on Robots!

Giovanni was on 1st place after Swiss with a record of 5-0. So quite a fight will await me and it was a fight! Game one was really tough and on the Edge. We fought brave with our weapons and finally an unresolved Triskelion brought the final 3 Damage to my face. Second game was eeeeepic! We fought for a long time and he did resolve Blood Moon number two (first one got Chaos Orbed, my 3 Disks got Shattered away…). I was sitting on Duals only and had Blue Spells in my hand. He built pressure with 2 japanese Fish Meals and my only winning out was to double bolt him and hope for top-of-the-library Fireball… I tried and you can imagine what happened: Fireball from the Top and win of game 2 for me ๐Ÿ™‚ it was really Epic and the whole room applauded for that incredible lucky draw… Game three was unlucky for Giovanni. He stayed on 3 Lands (of which one was a Workshop) for to long. With 2 Shatters in my hand and Ancestral i fuelled my Hand with enough pressure to close the Game with a massive favour on my side. With this victory i altered and signed a Fireball for Giovanni and handed it over for this amazing Topdeck ๐Ÿ™‚

Lets do the Finals against Valerio Gregori. Archenemy of mine (haha, no just joking, we like each other ๐Ÿ™‚ ) The first match we had in this tournament was in my favor. We started and had a tough game one which he can close with a Time Walk fuelled Serra Angel attack. Game two was really long. We were able to sling Chaos Orbs, cast Trolls which got removed, activate Books and finally he Timetwistered to give both of us a full hand of cards. He Tutored and had to pass the turn with two Blue open. I managed to draw a Fireball and two Counterspells – you know what now happens: Lethal Fireball-Counter-Counter-Red Blast-Counter-Game. Wow… Tough. Third game started and i was on the draw. The card i drew was Library of Alexandria… Short Story: Card Advantage with Troll Disco against the Deck is to much to handle. I won the match and the tournament! Finally my first tournament in which i go out as the winner ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you all from Team Ratavuloira for this amazing event and organization – it was a real blast!


Retrospective 2019

2019 was an amazing year for me – Oldschool wise and also in private life. I started a new Job in February, my son had his first birthday in April and we bought a house in Obwalden ๐Ÿ™‚ Also Oldschoo-wise was a great year:

January – Pirate Party in Hannover

An exemplary Swedish Tournament, held in a cellar which was fully pirate themed, a lot of players which came Pirate Dressed, a lot of meat and beer and amazing people. So cool. And i won the โ€žplayers priceโ€œ ๐Ÿ™‚


February – Viennageddon

After partying-hard at Friday Evening/Night i went home at 3am just to catch the plane at 6.30 am in Zurich. I arrived and Mitja handed me over a โ€žKonterbierโ€œ… Amazing two-day tournament with amazing people, beer and again meat as much we like. And Frรผhschoppen at Sunday morning with the Gang – never forget ๐Ÿ™‚


April – N00bcon Weekend in Gothenburg

Oh beautiful Gothenburg. Together with Elias from Stockholm in a Bottle i managed to organize the parallel Tournament โ€žUrborg Feastโ€œ on top of a Balcony in a Pub. Sunshine, Beer, fun and 58 amazing people gathered together for this happening. It was a blast!

June – Urborg lake Cruise and Stockholm Island Tour

Two amazing water-happenings in June. 30 People gathered for this amazing happening at lake lucerne. 7 hours of boat cruise, fun, beer and sunshine paired with Burgers and other meat – amazing. Legion Urborg even managed to bring home the win against Team Fishliver ๐Ÿ™‚

End of June i travelled to Sweden again for the amazing Island Tour. Without knowing exactly where we are going, we embarked the ferry and played some singleton and drunk some beer. The Island weekend was amazing – summer in Sweden is beautiful! I will be there for sure in 2020!

September – Fishliveroilcup

Fishliver-weekend – every serious Oldschool Player is looking forward to this amazing time. Including the Friday-tournament at the Lighthouse and the Main Tournament at Saturday (which will be WinC0n 2020, the official Worlds). The biggest european players gathering and amazing tournament. Thank you Fishliver Crew for everything!

October – Arvika Shark Tournament

At my birthday, the legendary Arvika Shark tournament took place. I travelled to Sweden (again) and had a ton of fun. I also met mighty Magnus in his flat for Breakfast! Thank you Magnus for everything and its great to have you! And Ante is a real thing guys!

November – Team Worlds in London

Every year the bravest of all players form a team of three and meet up for the Team Worlds. As the Southafrican Team won twice in a row, next year its maybe called the โ€žchallenge of beating ZA-Worldsโ€œ haha. It was (as usual) a tournament of great fun and it involved again beer, meat and wonderful people!

December – Torin00b in Rivarolo

You find details on top of the article ๐Ÿ™‚


So this was 2019 for me – thanks to everybody which supported me or drank together with me beer, Schnaps or whatever. I love to say thank you all – its amazing what this community is doing and i am happy to be part of it.

I wish you all a proper 2020 and may the Moxen be with you!

The Reindeer of Legion Urborg



Spoiler Alert – Scryings II (on behalf of Lions of Austria)

So here we are – lost on top of a plateau but with high hopes to reach the Howling Mine in a few days. The Prodigal Sorcerer did recover well – i was hoping not to use a resurection spell or – Ali behave – animate the dead to have some company… The first sunrise arrived and we decided beat the untamed wild and, driven by wanderlust and move on. We packed our stuff and started walking down the plateau. After some time we reached a huge Quagmire which we had to cross. This time we wished to know the spell of Transformation so we could transform ourself into a Giant Slug and cross this Quagmire…

It seemed that all hope has gone and we wanted to turn. With the glimpse of an eye we reckognized a small creature which was observing us out of a hiding spot. It looked like a Marsh Goblin. The sorcerer found an Amulet which he bought in Kroog and showed it to the creature. It went very catuious out of his hiding spot and towards the shiny Amulet. It seemed that the Goblin wants to trade passage versus the treausure – and we agreed. The Balance was restored as we got a favour for a treasure and finally we can move on.ย 

After another day tramping through the Forest, we passed some kind of Singing Trees. We stopped as there were also some chanting voices and a roaring noise – seems like a Savannah Lion is around? We examined this strange voice and forsooth, we enter into a strange ritual… Some Citanul Druids, some Whirling Derwish-like dancers and Sorceress Queen were standing around a Nova Pentacle with a bleeding Savannah Lion in the middle. It looked like a strange Ritual of Sacrifice. We decided to interrupt this scene as nobody wants to see a Lord of the Pit which transform us into some Lost Souls, always haunting this forest. I took out my Rocket Launcher and fired Exactly five times before it Exploded. But it was enough to unleash Hellfire among those evil human beings! After releasing the Lion from his Chains (which seemed to be in the former possession of a Mister Mephistopheles) he divine Transformed and change his form to an Angel. We saw such Angels before within the Legion of Serra. By all means we are Blessed! We helped a trapped Angel into its true form and stopped a Dark Ritual!

The Angel pointed us into the direction of the Howling Mine and grateful we followed that hidden path. After another day of wandering, we reached finally the entrance and hoped to excavate soon the goods which are hidden deep into the Mountain. A Copper Tablet at the entrance was written in a strange language. I had to use my Glasses of Urza to decipher – it warned of Black Vises, Racks and Bog Imps to everybody which enters without permission… Fearless as we were we entered those Caverns of Despair! We needed all our Artifacts to pass this madness – even Aladdins Lamp… all Alabaster Potions were gone, the Bone Flute broke with a shattering cry, we even had to Recall the Ancients to get more powerful Spells. But finally we found the Basalt Monolith which was standing in the inner Circle of some undefined color. The Sorcerer told me once (or was it twice?), that he knows the color but due to his secret tech-oath, he will not share it with me… pity…

We managed to Disenchat the seals and entered the Monolith. Tranquility was our only companion and our hearts were trapped into a Deathgrip. It was strange – we found ourselves trapped into a Maze which Master ITH could not build in a more precious way. Thanks to a well timed Twiddle-Spell, we escaped the Maze and we found ourself in the inner circle – a giant Cyclopean Tomb! There was also an inscription written onto the Tomb:

– i can turn Kings into Minions

– Break me in pieces and I will get harder

– all things are sometimes part of me

– a Mountain can become a Plains in the blink of an eye

We were to scared opening the Tomb and we decided to pack the whole Tomb into a wooden box and bring it somewhere safe ๐Ÿ˜‰


But if you are brave enough to Open the Tomb and solve the Riddle:

Here you go

Spoiler Alert – Scryings

So it was it – we finally reached the Tropical Island the Old Man was talking about. After years of searching through countless scrolls and ancient books within the legendary Library of Alexandria, we managed to locate the final destination! It seems like countless expeditions tried to find the mighty Guardian Beast, which lives in a haunted forest and watches over countless Jade Monoliths, Jayemdae Tomes and colored Gems…

No one had so far survived the encounter and could tell about the whereabouts of this mighty colossus. We heard rumours about a magical Mirror which brings us nearer into another Universe… We feared countless times, that some Cosmic Horror will haunt us after the various Spells we recited out of the Book of Rass.ย 

We assembled various adventures for this treasure hunt – a Preacher, a Witch Hunter, an Elvish Archer, a Prodigal Sorcerer, a Dwarven Warrior. Headed by me, the wise and strong Lord Magnus, we took the challenge and embark for passage on the Pirate Ship “Tranquility” to set sail in the direction of legendary Island Tolaria. We did not tell Captain Ramirez about our silent disembark 100 miles before we reach Tolaria (we had to follow the Falling Star after the dangerous Mana Vortex at the third day of the second week in fifth month – depending to the Stone Calendar we found on our Expedition to Urborg earlier…) We knew about the Greed of Ramirez as soon as he hears about a Dingus Egg or other valuable goods.ย 

So we disembarked the Ship silently and tried not to awake the Leviathan. We listened to stories, told by a Brine Hag at the Seafarer’s Quay – and those stories had no happy end for adventurers which invade the hunting grounds of DanDan’s or Elder Spawns. But we did not fear and did overcome those dangers. We lost the With Hunter though to a swarm of Electric Eels – but he fought well, he even Unsummoned some of them back to a place called “Hands”.

Even after this thrilling confrontation and the first daylight after a long night, we weren’t sure if we have reached our destination. It was quite obscure if we reached the Tropical Island or the Volcanic Island – all we saw was a flock of Birds of Paradise in front of the Island and we decided, that this shall not be the correct Image of either of both islands… so the search went on for another two weeks.

Thanksย  to a friendly Azure Drake which granted us passage through his lair (thankfully we had some Wild Growth from home to donate) we reached the underground Arena which the Contract from Below pointed us to. But there it happened the first time – overnight, the Elvis Archer was found dead in his straw stock he slept in. No sound or enemy was visible during the night and a strange feeling did overcome the whole party…

We had to cross various water flooded Tunnels and Sinkholes. Also we always felt kind of an evil presence, especially near the beautiful but uncanny Underground Sea we reached at day 3 on the Island. And there it happened again – the Preacher did not survive the night… Again we kept watching our tents but still something managed to sneak in… What evil does this place bear? A frozen Shade? a Bog Wraith? all the Horrors our Grandmothers told us as Children came back…

The Dwarfen Warrior made some jokes about “Black Borders” and talked about Alpha and Beta Legions where some brave Dwarfes meet together with some “special minded lowlanders” at the eight day in the eight month… We did not get anything of that… Nevertheless, the Dwarf did not survive the day. Same story – died during nightfall and did not awake in the morning…

So the only two left where the Prodigal Sorcerer and myself, Lord Magnus. Good thing was that we only had to split the treasure by two now. Bad thing – we did not know about what evil is lurking in the dark… We decided to rest on top of a small Plateau and prepare for the night. As we talked about who is doing the first watch, we managed to Glimpse a Creature in the Dark which attacked out ofย  nothing. This time it was not silent at all but due to fading light we did not had the chance to determine the nature of this beast. We did sling some Spells and wounded the beast! But before we did deal the final blow, it seemed to regrowth some body parts!! By the Wrath of God – what Abomination is haunting us! The Prodigal Sorcerer did collapse and it seemed, he will not make it. I took my last spell out of my Spellbook and did recite the great ritual of Disintegration targeting that evil in the Dark. An earsplitting noise resounded and all i saw next was a lightning Bolt and some Ashes to Ashes in the Air… It seemed that this Creature did finally found its master! One Healing Salve later, the Sorcerer was back on his feet the next morning and we detected at the horizon the Howling Mine which was our destination…

More of this Adventure will follow next time…

Lord Magnus – “Our Adventure Island”


And of course that creature (and the Spoiler Card today) was:

River Boa



Arvika, Ante, Team Worlds

Hey all

Its a long time since i wrote about my adventures in Oldschool. A lot happened since Fishliveroil and i don’t want you to miss anything ๐Ÿ˜‰

But first, as usual, some random chitchat. Don’t forget to reserve your spot and book the flight for the legendary Mountain Madness in Switzerland. We meet on the top of Mountain Rigi in a Lodge. There is a Ski-Resort on this mountain and guests have also the possibility to hike or bobsleigh down the slopes. It will be a weekend full of fun, drinks, Magic and hopefully some Ante40K (more to this Ante later…).

Here you find everything you need to know: 31.1.2020-2.2.2020

  • We play Swedish B&R
  • Ravenna Extended Reprints (incl. CE/IE)
  • Gentlemen’s Mountain – leave your Library of Alexandria and Mind Twist at home
  • CHF 90.00 for one Night, Fr. 140.00 for two Nights (incl. Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast)

And the Mountain Madness is the first tournament of the CommuniTour – where communities meet. This beautiful Playmat is first price – but beware, it will not be unique as we (Legion Urborg) lost a great battle for Ante at the Team Worlds where (semi) unique Items where at stake. Therefore the winner of Mountain Madness and Team AllTeams Considered from Holland (i heard they met at the blue Oyster, isn’t it Mari ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) will have this Trophy. Well done Friends!

So back to the Topic – Oldschool

At October 19. i went to Oslo and then to Arvika to play the famous Arvika Shark Tournament. But not before i visited good friend and inventor of OS – the mighty Magnus himself. It was a real pleasure and honor to visit the sacred halls of his Magic-office where all the various Chaos Orbs are stored – together with some other hot shit bunch of cards ๐Ÿ™‚ As it was my birthday that day, Magnus made breakfast for Champions (including a nice Whisky) and we had a real fun time together. We talked about Magic, Nerdiness and various other topics. I even had the honor to meet his parents – they went over from Sweden for a visit. Thanks Magnus, this was awesome.

After two hours of chitchat and breakfast, i took the rented car and drove to Arvika through Norwegian and Swedish forest. Wow – even for me as a native Swiss forest lover this was impressive. Beautiful landscape, crystal clear lakes and nice small wodden cottages. A place to visit with the family for sure.

After a two hour drive i arrived and went straight to the convention center in Arvika to meet old and new friends. As expected, a lot of Swedish players where there to fight for the Shark. Also the German Shark Owner Alban and his sidekick Mitja (haha) made the appearance. Soon-to-be-a-father Bonnie and other great guys opened a can of beer with me and we drank some before the tournament started.

As usual i brought my lovely Trolls on the Dancefloor – but they will not be so succesful as they where in Genova. Sad story… haha…


I cannot remember a lot of my games but here is the short version of the afternoon/evening: We played six rounds of Swiss of which i won 3 and lost 3. I played agains Red Atog (w), Aggro Trolls (l), ze Deck (l), Underworld Combo (w), RG Artifact Aggro (L), UR Burn (w). i had a very intense second match as i faced Alex Moynagh which ended up second in the whole tournament. It was one of the best matches of Magic i ever had, but i went out as the loser. Sad story. But overall i would go anytime to Arvika – great atmosphere and people.

But as usual, the real main tournament starts after the main tournament – AnteAnte40K! We gathered as for players (Markus, Bonnie, Svante and Myself) to battle for a signed Demonic Attorney. I was quite aggressive in playin and Contracted into an active Underworld Dreams (followed up by a Winds of Change… ouch). And then my Plateau was gone. Ugh… Shit happens ๐Ÿ˜‰ Unfortunate Winds i would say – haha.

After this i was one Armageddon or Lightning Bolt away to win a Library of Alexandria – but the god of Mischief had other plans and i drew 7 Lands in a row and lost a Jeweled Bird. At least against Markus i won a Mishra’s Factory ๐Ÿ™‚

At two we called it a day and went back to the Hotel. I went back to the Airport at 8am in the morning to catch my flight and go home to my family. A great Trip with a great experience, good friends, nice talks and some Ante40 was behind me. Thanks Guys ๐Ÿ™‚

So no Magic Tournaments for at least – hmmm.. 3 Weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ I was so looking forward for the Polar Fish Cup (London Team Worlds) in November. And past weekend it was time to rumble. We gathered an Asskick-Team together with Post Tenebras Lux from Geneva. We called ourselves Post Tenebras URBORG! and we wanted to grab those horns of victory.

We did not prepare much but instead just teched our Decks via a Facebook Group ๐Ÿ™‚ my good friend Alex from London (which only plays Oldschool frequently and only if he can borrow one of my Decks :-)) and ChriAlb from Geneva from Post Tenebras Lux formed a Team of three.

The tournament took place in Walthamstow London, in a nice Old cottage. The Event was fully serviced with Beer, Drinks and food ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, the Brothers of fire gathered a veeery impressing Raffle-Table, to which i brought 20 Swiss Chocolates with some hidden Gems ๐Ÿ™‚ Overall, the Raffle gave >1’000 Pound for Charity – Amazing Community.

We started the Tournament against “the Hive” – 3 Nice Gentlemen from UK with very nice Decks. My opponent with a GreenBlack Aggro won the Spice award – but lost unfortunately due to short Mana and toughness โค Creatures (not good againt Fireball and Falling Star…) Alex lost his match agains UW Control and ChriAlb won with two Aggressive Robots-non-Reanimate Games ๐Ÿ˜‰

We faced the previous World Champions in Round two – Team South Africa. We already had last year the pleasure to fight against those fine Gentlemen – and we wanted revenge ๐Ÿ™‚ They played GUW (as Alex did – Mirror), Mono Black (against me) and UW Boyle (against Chrialb). It was quite an intense match which ended in a Draw (Alex won, i Drew and Chrialb Lost with one Lifepoint left to Jordan). We talked a lot during the match, drank beer and enjoyed this great Match a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

Thir Match was against Chris Cooper and the Gang (sorry i forgot the names… shame…). Chris played Robots! against Alex,ย  i played against Underworld Aggro with Trolls and ChriAlb faced Lauter.dec. It was also an intense match which was in favour of the Opponents. Fun fact was that Chris was on the play and “go”-ed without doing nothing… we all knew what that meant. Second turn draw end step discard Trike. Alex did hold a hand with two Lands (forest and Trop), a Bird and a Disenchant, a Swords and a Divine Offering + psi Blast… Quite useless ey? He did not draw another Land for 5 Turns… Arrrgh…

But no worries, we can still make it to Top 4 if we win the next rounds. But the God of Luck does not mean well to us. Alex faces an Underworld Dreams Combo which he loses (why so ever with heavy white main…). I face Ehrnamgeddon and we have 3 Games of Flood/Screw/Flood and i lose. ChriAlb faces Tax Tower and the Opponent was on 72 Life the time we grabbed a beer… haha. So no Top 4 for us ๐Ÿ˜‰

But at least there where some Guys which did as bad as we did. The dutch Crew “All Teams Considered” with Richard, Mari and Henk aboard. This match was more about bragging, drinking beer and playin’ stupid things (haha) that it was about Magic, but still there where Magic Games involved. I even lost a Unique (to be crafted) Mountain Madness Playmat as the Antestake was a Playmat of Choice… But no worries, we received quite enough Beer in response to our loss ๐Ÿ™‚

The final match at the sixt round was against the Oldschool Suckers – three swedish (drunken? haha) Gentlemen with a real bad sense for fashion… Alex faced Thomas on Robots! (Again haha). I played against lovely Slanfan with Lich Candlestick whatever whatever whatever and ChriAlb faced Markus on Ehrnamgeddon with Mind Twist hihi. We had quite amazing games and we managed to get the final win so we finished 2-3-1… Oh my god, not a very good reslt isn’t it…

But as usual, after the Main tournament, the REAL main tournament started. We gathered 8 Players for the biggest international high stake Ante40K tournament so far ๐Ÿ™‚ But more about this here: AnteAnte40K!

So once again, a great weekend of Oldschool is past and all of the participants enjoyed a great time! This is why we play oldschool, folks!

I even managed to win DECENT at the raffle – and also got a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery Nice signed and painted Playmat ๐Ÿ™‚

And for the best part – i managed to do the 50-Orb-Flip-in-a-row-Lords-of-the-Pit-Chicago thingy ๐Ÿ™‚ i won the Patch for 50ty flips guys ๐Ÿ™‚

So the next big thin will be our Tournament in January. Hope to see you all soon and may the Moxen be with you.








Legendary Fishliveroil

Hey all – i hope you started well into autumn

Last week the legendary Fishliveroilcup took place in Genova, Italy. I will tell you more about that exciting weekend later in this post. But first of all, some Magic advertisement ๐Ÿ™‚

Next year in January, we will start with the fantastic communitour – a year packed with excellent tournaments, delicious beer tasting and meeting amazing persons lies ahead. The Communitour will start in Switzerland, where there will be the Mountain of Madness! Enjoy a great time on top of the Rigi, queen of the Mountains in central Switzerland. We booked a Lodge (space up to 80 Persons) just for us. Delicious Swiss meals, homecrafted beer (gniamgniam ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and exciting company. And we also play Magic of course. Friday afternoon/evening is “free for all” – there will be an Oldschool Cube, an Ice Age Cube and Two Headed Singleton. Or just play whatever you like – maybe some Ante40K?

Don’t miss this great opportunity. As the Rigi is also a Skiing-location, you can even stay longer and take some days off in a beautiful mountain panorama.


For Facebookers: here you find more infos

For non-Facebookers: here you find more Infos

So everybody was really excited about this years Fishliveroil Cup (as every year). We decided to go by train with the Urborg Gang, Team Chaos Horb and bibedibabedibubedi Ratavuloira Drinking Team. We left at friday morning to reach Genova for the great Lanterna tournament.


During the whole travel we played Magic, discussed Sideboards, talked about “the Naked Gun” 1 to 33 1/3 and had a lot of fun and a good time. We even arrived on time in Genova – this is quite impressing for Italian trains haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

We decided to find some restaurant to eat something and to prepare ourself for the biggest EC-tournament outside of the USA. We arrived at the Lanterna and felt instantly at the right place. So many great people, laughter and fun. Everybody welcomed the other and it was like a big familiy reunion ๐Ÿ™‚ great stuff!

After some thinking and going back and forth, i decided to enroll with this pile of cards (yeah i putted it together quite in a hurry finally, so i missed out to include a regrowth haha):

Retrospectively i would maybe change one Fellwar for one regrowth. The Psychic Purges where incredible – i blow away 4 Lions, 4 Orders and 3 Pixies during the tournament and dealt 35 Damage out of Discard effects ๐Ÿ™‚ I think this card deserves more attention in this format (it also triggers with Balance and Wheel of Fortune obviously ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

It was a five-Round tournament followed by Top 16 (which will be played back in Columbus Hotel) I try to rememeber as much as possible of the games as i did not take any notes of them… (Sorry for not knowing the Names of my opponents).

The tournament started on time (haha, no, it didn’t) and we found our seats within the Lanterna. The first match was against an UR Burn variant. We played 3 games, first one went to me, second to him and in third, it was ultra grindy… I was sitting on 9 life with one Erhnam and one Serendib + Silvan Library in play. He sits on 13 life. I move to upkeep and go to 8 due to Serendib. He double Psi-Blasts me in response. I play offering into my Sol Ring to go to one. Draw cards, attack and play a Balance to get rid of my two creatures. Then i hoped that he will not draw any additional burn and i can land a non-Serendib creature on the Battlefield. I found an Erhnam and won… Wow – quite intense. 1-0

Second match was against Workshop Aggro. First game was quite fast – i lost to multiple Su-Chis and Trikes with fully fuelled double Workshop Power ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not a lot to say against massive Robot Attack! The second one was more tight but i lost due to a massive misplay on my side followed by another one… (i played a City of Brass, completely unnecessarily and my opponent found Icy – then i misplayed Psi Blast-Swords to Plowshares-City of Brass Stack which would give me the win => i was on two with one Pixie out. He sits on 3 Life, i am on one.ย  i could Psi Blast, keepย  priority and Sword away the Pixie with the damage of City on the Stack and seal the deal). But i didn’t and lost. 1-1

Third match was against a member of the Ratavuloria Drinking Team and we had a fun Mirror-Match. We played 3 Games in which i went away as the victor. We had quite a flooding-championship as both drew more lands than useful spells… I went to full aggro after Sideboarding and won with one unresponded Derwish ๐Ÿ™‚ 2-1

The fourth Opponent i faced was on Mono Black – beautiful Deck, also Single Sleeved as myself, playing Erg Raiders, Jun’un Efreet, Bad Moon and the Latter ๐Ÿ™‚ First game went to him. We reached one point in the match where he had two Underworld Dreams out VS a Silvan Library on my side. I had a CoP: Black in Play and payed each Draw phase 6 to look at the top 3 Cards of my Library. It was hilarious. Unfortunately for him, i managed in both games i won to slam a Derwish on the table. His Nev Disks where to slow to stop him resp. got Disenchanted before they could unleash their devastating power. So i went away with 3-1

Final Match was against a UWr Midrange Deck. I was never more glad to play the Psychic Purges than i was in this Matchup. In 3 Games i killed 3 Lions on the spot and dealt 5 Damage out of a Wheel-Discard. Overall it was a really grindy game and thanks to Armageddon i brought home this victory in the final match before Top 16. I was 4-1 and ready to enter the Thunderdome of the final rounds.

Standings Lanterna

I got to play against the undefeated Nacho Barrachina of the Famous Fellwar Stones of Valencia on his BW Aggro. Both with a really impressive Beer-Intoxication haha. I managed to win the first match due to 10 Damage out of discarded psychic purges and an unresponded Serra Angel. Second Game he has to mulligan to 5, i have to go down to six. He starts with Land, Ritual, Hypnotic. I cannot respond but have a Psi Blast and a Chaos Orb in my hand. He Hymns me and finds the exact two cards… Good Game… Third one was tough. We played for about 30 Minutes and finally he managed to push-through a CoP: Black, a Derwish, an Icy and a Maze of ith (push through means he removed all the threads one by one in his turns ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

So my adventure of the Lanterna ended in a really nice game within Top 16. It was about 1.30 in the morning the time i lost and i decided to walk downstairs for a smoke and a beer and call it a day. But wait – who will you meet normally at the front door of a Hotel? Exactly – the Dutch Crew. So we decided to expand this nice Saturday morning until 5.30 with talks, laughter, Beer, Cigarettes and a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Erwin, Wilfred, Jason and the others for this amazing time.

Oh yes, in between 1.30 and 5.30 we also managed to play 3 matches of Ante40K ๐Ÿ™‚ (the badlands was on stake but i managed to sneak it away with the Bird. I won the game anyway but better to save it early…)

So the next day begun early… I missed the breakfast (as usual) and went straight into a black coffee and some Cigarettes to enjoy the new and sunny day in Genova ๐Ÿ™‚ i knew i want to play my beloved Trolls, but i did not know which variant. I decided to pull this Deck together:


I played 2 Shatter and the Icy main and moved Recall and one CiaB to the Sideboard. I banned Mind Twist completely out of my Decks so i have one additional Slot for the second Shatter. I experienced that in this Deck, the more powerful Artifacts, the better. So this is why i play Icy – mostly to draw the Disenchant/Shatter/Offering attention into something ex Disk. The Recall is very nice for Grindy matchups. I thought that there will be more Aggro Decks around so i moved it straight to SB. The Force of Nature by the way is for the Beer, not to play. And yes, i need obviously two Blackbordered Mana Vaults – this is the Next big thing.

So the tournament started again in time as the Day before (haha, never gets old…) and we found our tables for the first Match.

I faced an unpowered URw Burning Lions Deck with Lions, Black Vise and Burn. My opponent was Christian Lieb from Germany so we did talk in German which was nice ๐Ÿ™‚ The first Game was tight but i lost to many lives after Mulliganing to 6 and Kept a slow Hand with 3 Lands and other Stuff (no Moxen/Vault etc.). The Opponents starts with a Black Vise and a took 6 Damage until i landed a Troll in turn 3 (which got bolted stright away). It was a Gambleย  on my side as the only lands i saw until then where Plains and Mishras on his side. Due the Lack of life and a very aggressive Kittycat on the other side of the table, i lost the first Game. Second Game was more in my favour and i even did Land and activate a Disk – yeah, exactly what my Deck should do. I won and we moved to game 3. We run out of time and ended up with a Draw in first Match. Not a very good starting position but well, let’s see. 0-0-1

Second Match a got paired against a 4 Color midrange Deck with Lions, Serendibs, Bolts, Blasts and black Splash. It was a mixed Match with a lot of flooding around and we played for 3 Games – finally i managed to Tutor for a lethal Fireball in his face. So i was 1-0-1.

Third Game was against Nicolas Imwinkelried, a Swiss guy from the “Team Geissgrind Community” of Valais. He plays a Blue Green Berserk-Aggro Deck and promptly Berserke’d me in game one with a huge and really mean Mishra’s Factory (as a matter of fact, it was even worse as the factory was Double-Berserke’d ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) My Troll blocked bravely but then the Trample Damage killed me off. Also nice: a maindeck Avoid Fate prevented his Serendib from a headache (Psi Blast). Second Game was more in my favour as i drew Bolts and Disks which is pure poison for such a Deck filled with Small Creatures (which outgrow my trolls paired with Unstable Mutations). I won the second one and we moved to Game 3.ย  This was also an intese one which i managed to win finally due to two Maze of Ith on the Board. Its a pain to watch the own creatures die with an active Unstable Mutation ๐Ÿ˜ฆ My Mahamoti gave the final Blow to Nicolas and i moved on with 2-0-1.

Fourth Game was against my Nemesis – Ehrnamgeddon, piloted by Riccardo Bongiovanni. I play this Deck also a lot of times and i know exactly, how devastating a well timed Geddon is. Especially against a Mana hungry Deck as Troll Disko. Therefore all Counters have to be saved exactly for this spell – avoid Armageddon hitting the Table. This is exactly what i did. I did not counter any Swords to Plowshares on my Trolls nor did i counter a Disenchant on the Disk if not absolutely Necessary. This was exactly the proper Strategy which gave me the win in bothย  Games and i took down the Ernies 2-0. Of course there was also luck involved in drawing the counterspells respectively holding them off for the proper moment. Finally i moved away with a 3-0-1.

Next in the Line was Robbert Valkeneers, a really nice Gentlemen with Moustache from Belgium. We talked about a Gentlemen Game in which he stated that he don’t own a Library at all and that he would love to win the Raffle for the Library of Alexandria – now you can guess who won ๐Ÿ˜‰ Exactly. Congrats for this Raffle-Luck Robbert ๐Ÿ™‚

The Match was not so exciting for him as i am a very bad Matchup for a Mono Red Artifacts Deck which includes Juggernauts. Therefore i took away this Match 2-0. 4-0-1

So final Match against another Belgium Gentleman – Antoine Rottiers. Antoine is a very well known player within Europe and has a lot of experience and also has an impressive track record. He took down the “Saturday Smash” tournament in Gothenburg with 48 participants. I did not know what he is bringing to the table and kept a mediocre Hand. He played Mono Blue Monolith (no Fireball but Artifact Creatures) and we fought a nice game one. He managed to Tutor for the Rocket Launcher (with an active Power Monolith) which i did not respond so we moved to game two. I boarded obviously the Fluxen to give him a hard time and this was exactly the best card which brought me the win in Game two and three. The third one was a real nailbiter as we played for about 30 Minutes the final game (no time limits in Round 5+6). My final standing is 5-0-1 which brings me at position 3 at the ranking. Antoine got the “Unlucky 17.” but the team “Stonethrowing Devils” won the Community Brawl – congratulations.

Standings Fisch

A quick one for the Community Brawl: We (Legion Urborg) decided to sponsor a “Community Brawl” price which shall honor the most fearful community among all communities. We decided to hand it over to the community with the highest weightet points over all (Points/Players of the Community = Score). We as Legion Urborg took ourself out of competition this year as we did sponsor the Tablet ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Leo Bruder is also Part of the Legion, you know what i want to say hihi).

There was also a second competition ongoing – who brings the best Chocolate to Genova? Unfortunately, the Belgium’s did “forget” about it (or was it just the fear of loosing ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) therefore the Swiss Chocolate won without any competition.


So back to the topic – Top 16 at Fishliveroil:

I faced Andrรจ Brunet as Opponent for the final round(s). I don’t know what he is playing but after the first turn, i saw a Tundra followed up by an angry Cat – i assume Lauter.dec (and i was right). Without any Bolt in my hand i tried to hold off with Summoned Trolls – but those nice and helpful creatures got sworded away immediately. Also i drew about 8 playables (including the playables of my starting hand) for the whole game… move to second. Second Game was very interesting and intense. Both brought out the best of their Decks and finally i managed to push-through with a Mahamoti Dijnn and deliver the final 5 damage. 1-1- and on to game three. Game 3 is a short story as it was more or less the same as game 1 – 6-7 playables the whole Game outside of Mana Sources. That’s also part of Magic so i took my loss and moved on into some Ante 40k action ๐Ÿ˜‰

So overall it was again an amazing event with lots of fun, laughter and nice Oldschool Magic. I enjoyed every second i was with all the people in Genova. Thank you very much Megu, Lorenzo, Francesco and the whole Team! You pull off an amazing weekend and i cannot wait to join WinC0n in 2020. A big Thank you also to Gordon and Svante for the streaming and commenting at the whole Saturday! Great Job guys!

Here are some other impressions from the weekend. Special Thanks to Erwin and his whole dutch crew for the honor of giving me the limited Edition Dutch Patch! Thank you veeeeery much my friend!

Next stop:

Arvika, 19.10.2019

London, 8.11.2019 => we team up with post tenebras lux as “post tenebras URBORG!”

I wish everbody a nice end-of-the-year Oldschool run and hope to meet all of you soon at a tournament. May the moxen be with you.

Best regards

Christian aka the Reindeer of Legion Urborg

CommuniTour – where communities meet

Hey all Oldschoolers

Summer’s ending and Christmas is waiting – no just kidding, summer is here until 21st of September of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ Time to start the second half of Oldschool Tournament race 2019. There are really great gatherings waiting for everybody around the world. For our US-Friends there is Lobstercon, Eternal Weekend and other Local tournaments. For the European Mob there is Fishliveroilcup (including Community Brawl), Arvika in the North (Scandinavian Championships), the famous team worlds in London and finally theย  Knights of Thorne in beautiful Netherlands in December.ย  So Sleeve up your Decks, exclude Library and Twist, grab your beer and get ready to sling some spells and flip some Orbs. Oldschool is back baby!

Summertime is over – back to Magic ๐Ÿ˜Ž

For me, i enjoyed summertime without playing extensively Magic. I took part of the August Season of Jared’s NEOS league. We had a killer group haha. I won 1 Match with my Erniegeddon. The Deck did not love me at all… But fine, there is always a next league to join. I will be back! I can’t wait until i can embark the train and travel together with the Chaos Horb team to Genova. End of September is the trip. Friday for Columbus Cup at the Lighthouse, Saturday for the Main event in Columbus Hotel. It’s gonna be Legen (wait for it) dary! I can’t wait to unleash my trolls to my foes ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope to see you there.

As the title explains, i would love to talk here about our planned CommuniTour throughout Europe. The main goal of such a tour-calendar is to bring communities closer together. During various trips and tournament visits in Europe i had very nice talks and meet ups with Magic players from all around Europe, even the world. We all agree that it would be very exciting to have a more regular and planned community meet-up during the whole year.ย  Therefore we tried to gather lots of interested community leaders which are willing (or already do) organize cool and fun tournaments. One major point is, that we can agree to schedule our tournament calendar which we can publish.


One may think that those tournaments are for community members only – but this is not what we intend to do. Everybody is welcome at a CommuniTour tournament. But we aim to bring people together so that everybody can plan his or her trip to the favored location early on. Also the plane tickets are much cheaper if one can book early on ๐Ÿ™‚

We had a lot of discussion about the possible priceout during a CommuniTour tournament. We all agreed that we will not do a money priceout of course. What we also agreed is, that within each tournament, a raffle or “most creative Deckbuilding contest” will decide about a travel voucher to the next CommuniTour tournament. Therefore its more about the happening than to bring the spikiest deck you can. But also if you do – feel free and you are welcome.

So far we found the following CommuniTour tournaments for 2020 – so you can plan your trip accordingly (some dates are missing and will be updated accordingly as soon they are out ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

We start the tour in my beautiful home country – Switzerland. At 31.1.2020-2.2.2020 there will be the Urborg Mountain Madness. We meet on the top of the Rigi – the queen of the mountains. We will do an Oldschool Tournament and Drink Beer ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice (PS: Its a gentlemens tournament – no LoA or Twist). Want to attend? Klick me!

Second stop will be in Vienna (7.3.-8.3.2020 – we meet at Viennageddon which is hosted by the Lions of Austria. Mitja and his Gang will welcome you to a two-dayer including (hopefully) Frรผhschoppen, Kรคsekrainer and Vienna in the morning. If we are lucky, stararchitect Roman Pulker will lead the tour.

Our Dutch friends will pick up the torch for the third happening. The Paladins of the North tournament will take place at 4th of April. As we know, Erwin and the beer-legion (harhar) will welcome all players with open arms and pitchers full of beer. This Communitour stop will be awesome!

Mid of the year Tour Stop is dedicated to the Stockholm in a Bottle Crew. Last year we went to the Archipelago together with a bunch of excited and really awesome Magic Players. In June, they will provide the lucky attendants with a new adventure – will it be a Balloon ride? Will it be a Submarine-Cruise? Or something different? Lets wait and see ๐Ÿ™‚ Its in the hometurf of OS (Sweden, Stockholm) so awesome magic action is guaranteed.

September 2020 will be the birthmonth of the first Non-N00bcon Worldcup. WinC0n will take place in Genova and will be a Magicfest par excellence! I will not spoil anything else because this tournament belongs to the famous Fishliver Crew. We will implement the community Brawl (which starts in 2019 for the first time). So stay tuned.

Last known stop (so far) will be the Team Worlds in London. The brothers of fire welcome all interested teams within a unified-magic-action tournament. 3 players each team, unified B&R for all 3 Decks together and fun times. In 2018 there was a special that the โ€žleast swedish Deckโ€œ won a special price – exactly this should be how we do Oldschool ๐Ÿ™‚

So the 2020 travel planning can start – we hope to see you all at one ore more tournaments. And bring your community friends with you! Again – our goal is to bring cool and nice people together which share the same nerdy hobby as others.

CommuniTour – where communities meet

May the Moxen be with you

Best regards

Christian aka Lord M from Legion Urborg


Beating the Atlantic Sea – my adventures

Fellow Oldschoolers

In summer, most of the activites of most people focus on holiday time, family and sunshine. Not the most active time to organize tournaments and/or travel to foreign countries. At least this is true for me and my community. Nevertheless, we have an amazing first half of the Magic year behind us. Various top events went through and we saw that the format is far away from being linear and boring. We saw even a โ€œnewโ€ (resp. Evolving) Archetype with xyxytog (xyxyx may stand for your name or, in the inventors honour Svantog, Mantog or Magrantog ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) They managed, as we know, to bring two out of three into top 8, and 3/3 into Top 16 of N00bcon. Amazing.

For me, the first half of the year was very exciting as i did go to events within 4 of the 6 months. I met amazing people, had an amazing time (at every tournament) and i am sure that this will continue. One of my good Magic friends even will be a father the next time we meet ๐Ÿ™‚ First tournament we met we talked about fathership, second also, third tournament we met he told me that they are pregnant and next time we meet we can talk about being a father ๐Ÿ™‚

Within those amazing personal meetings, there is also the joy of playing online against fellow players which live across the Atlantic and who love to play Atlantic style:

The Atlantic Ruleset was invented by the famous NEOS guys from โ€žTeapartylandโ€œ ๐Ÿ˜‰ Within this Ruleset, most of Swedish was adapted but they allow Fallen Empires and i.e. 4 Workshops. During the first weeks of the new set, there were a lot of doomsayers which prognosted a ultra Shop dominance and various other stories. Jared Doucette took up the torch of trial and started a monthly Atlantic NEOS Leauge in which brewers, spikers, spicers and all other players are warmly welcome to – you know – play magic in a friendly enviroment.

I joined the League in February and played each one until June. I was amazed, how many different Decks there will be. I faced about 3 times a Workshop aggro (out of 25 Matches) and also other โ€ždoomsayingโ€œ archetypes did not take over the league. I did choose to play a different Deck at every league. I went with the following Decks:








No photo (no Top 8 ๐Ÿ˜‰
=> WBU Flyers (Sengir, Serra, Serendib, Hipnotics)



It was a great pleasure to play all of those leagues. I managed to go into Top8 of 4 out of 5 of those – but then everytime lost the first battle in Top 8. Haha – not such good player skills as thought ;-). But the format of playing online against nice and cool people is very fascinating for me. i will join the next League for sure. All of those monthly leagues leaded to a preparation and meta-view for the famous Summer Derby, hosted by NEOSโ€˜ Dave Firth Bard. I wanted to join this marvelous tournament and i built the following Deck to do so:


Normally i play 2-3 Twiddle and one City in a Bottle Main in the Disco.dec. For the Derby i did choose to play 3 Shatter and one Hurkyls Main. Retrospectively i would cut the Hurkyls as it did never any really good and would add that one Twiddle. The Matchup against the Deck or Robots.dec is significantly better with those 3 Shatter Main. But still i am not in a favorite position against either of those two Decks. The best thing about Troll Disco is, you can dodge any Permanent-Based Deck very easily. Especially in this format, where FE is legal and people tend to brew with Orders, Merfolks, Goblins, Thallids etc. – the Disk does its work perfectly there. The Tome in the Sideboard was not the best of ideas, it was more a (failed) experiment. The Terrors did really well, also the Fluxen and CiaBโ€˜s. The third Maze is one of the most important SB-Cards and against creature-heavy builds an absolute blast. Speaking of Blasts – red and blue are standard SB-inclusions in UR builds of course. Overall i liked the build but one Shivan should also be squeezed in haha.

So the Derby started and i got the batches:

Match 1: Tobias Mieth piloting “the Deck” 2-0
I knew Tobias as Top4-Player of the Winter Derby and was afraid of his โ€žthe Deckโ€œ. Unfortunately for him, in Game 1 he flooded incredibly (with 2 Books online he drew about 90% Lands out of it…). So i grabbed the first Game with my Trolls. Second Game i managed to Land a Disk and brought it to untap step. Blowing away all the non-Lands of Tobias brought him so much in an unfavorable spot that he did not recover from that. His draw in Game 2 was also not the best one to be honest. So i took this match also with luck which was not a fortunate one for the Disco.

Match 2: famous John Grudzina piloting “Robots!” 2-0
In knew John as fearsome opponent within the NEOS league. He is one of the Top8 ranked players of Feb to June league. I thought he was playing Robots and i was right – despiting the fact that he easily also could play the Deck or something else. I kept a starting hand with Shatter, Disk and Troll which would give me enough time to keep the Robots at bay and blow everything up if it has to be like that. Its still tight and a lot of games (Disco VS Robots) are decided of who will draw more extra cards. I won Game one with this exact strategy of my starting hand (keeping them at bay and constantly do 3 Troll Damage). Second Game was also tight and was decided by an ancestral on my side and my direct damage (Fireball). So i took away this match 2-0.

Match 3: Lukas Baum piloting GRb Swarm 2-1
Wow, what a match. Actually, Lukas is the only one which grabbed a game in the whole Swiss rounds of Summer Derby ๐Ÿ˜‰ I knew Lukas from european events and its always a pleasure to face him as opponent. His GRb Swarm Deck is very inspiring as it containts Scryb Sprites, Scavenger Folks, Bolts, Pixies etc. One should think that with Disks this is an easy catch – but not as easy as thought… First game we battled and he won through 2 (yes two) blowed up Disks – incredible but incredibly fun it was! But to be fair i did not draw one single bolt nor fireball ๐Ÿ˜‰ Second game i can combine Maze and Disk – a horrible combination for a swarm Deck. Also my Trolls did their job of keeping the Groundworkers at bay and finally i blew the Disk for the win. Third Game was tough – he had to mulligan to 6 and kept a one Lander – not so bad in a Deck with a lot of single drops. He fought hard and finally he tried to Fireball me to death. But a Counter Backup with Blue Blast gave me the win. His Fireball was protected with a Red Blast… O my god what a match ๐Ÿ™‚

Match 4: Matts โ€žSlanfanโ€œ Berggren 2-0
Matts is a well known player within the Swedish area of Oldschool. Its always an honour to meet him in person and we met up for the Archipelago-tour in Stockholm. So we decided to do our game in RL and ordered two big pale ales and started slinging our spells. Unfortunately for him, he played TimeVault Combo – a very unfortunate matchup against this exact Troll build. I have maindeck answers with Shatter, blow away his combo pieces with the Disk and counter relevant pieces away. Also after game two it was not much better and we agreed, that the matchup is pretty bad. Even if there is an early Howling mine – its only better for the Disco because then you draw the Disk earlier. So after the match we changed the Decks to Singleton, drank even more beer and played the ย hell out of our singleton decks. Fun times – thank you Slanfan ๐Ÿ™‚

Match 5: Jared Doucette 2-0
I can meet famous Jared in the Swiss – how gorgeous. We met a few times online at the derbies and talked a lot about strategies etc. We donโ€™t know the exact playstyle of each other but always fight great battles. After i asked him to play Gentlemenish and he declined, i was sure i will face some black discard build ๐Ÿ˜‰ so it was. Fortunately, every Hymn he casted ripped my cards of but he never got two essential together (but always one of them hurted a lot…). As his Deck is mainly permanent damage based, i blown Disk rips his board of and in both matches, he did not recover. Also because i have 2 (3) Mazes ย he has to put down to much pressure just to damage me slowly. With an active troll on my side (and no terror on his) both games ended in my favour. But as always we had great games, fun talks and a nice atmosphere.

Match 6: Akos Czibere 2-0
Akos and myself met online some months ago. He is an exiled german traveller which occupies the US countrie since many years (haha – this one is for you Akos – haha). We had some great Deck talks the last few weeks and we test a lot against each other. We also met in one derby league so +/- we knew on what each other is going to play. As his Deck also is permanent based, i had to land an early disk, blow it and bring a Troll online. With this knowledge i tried my best and i got the chance in both games to have a Disk in my starting 7 (resp. 6 after mulliganing). Also the City in a Bottle will rip his gameplan away as he is (as i know) the biggest Arabian Nights Dijnn fan ever ๐Ÿ™‚ I took both games in my favour but not without doing a third fun one, which he ironically won ๐Ÿ™‚

Match 7: Remi Ouelette 2-0
Remi is a canadian player with his mono Black build. Beautiful Decktech but again (as usual in this report) with a Deck which heavily relies on damage done by permanents its hard to find a proper solution against an early disk/Maze. Especially with monoB – so no Shatter nor Disenchant. Mono Black needs to find fast and early Hymns/Mind Twists to disrupt my hand. Nevertheless we had a great fight and in one Game, a Hypnotic took away two Cards from my hand until i found that bolt… I managed to win both games thanks to the Disk and my lovely Trolls. But again – a great match lies behind us.

Match 8: Cedric Jarkovsky 2-0
The second time i face a Robots.dec in this derby. Cedric is a French player and we met the first time at the Urborg Feast in Gothenburg. As said in this report, those matchups most of the time heavily rely on which player can draw more cards (resp. which one can resolve Antschesteral, Geysir or others). The luck was definately with me as i did counter his Geysir and did resolve my Antschesteral (Megu – do you hear that? โ€œAntschesteralโ€ haha) in both games. Therefore i had more and more potent solutions at hand (Disks and Shatters) and i also had more Mishraโ€™s Factories to fight through his defense. Therefore i took both games in my favor and went 8-0 (16-1) to top 16. Finally i reached the record of 4th after swiss:


Top16: Koos Cramer 0-2
I know Koos from various events – we also drank beer together so it will be a nice and cool Top16 game. I know that he plays an ultra aggressive Robot build – including Clay Statue. Yes – regeneration. Veeery uncool Koos – my disk gets dodged ๐Ÿ˜‰ So we setup for our games and i had to take a mulligan (by the way this happened in both games… sigh…) ย The second hand was a keeper including two land, a strip mine and a shatter. He started with Worshop Mox Icy and i stripped away his Workshop. His turn – second workshop hits the table. Urrrgh… So i fought my way through his hordes but unfortunately never drew the third land and my fight was against shadows… also i missed that darn Orb flip… Lets move to second game. Again: Mulligan but a more or less solid hand with 3 lands, a shatter and a disk plus Energy flux. He started with mox, Workshop, Icy. i drew Lotus and started with Lotus, Land, sac, Flux (i rob him of two permanents but will still lose this game… darn it). Some very interesting interactions later i manage to blow two Disks in this game but never draw a draw spell nor any of my 4 Bolts… I will lose later against 3 Mishraโ€™s factories and die with a fireball and a sol ring in my hand. Bad luck – i think i casted 1 bolt over both games. But thats Magic Folks ๐Ÿ™‚ nevertheless it was a great match and i received the weekend after our game a nice photo of Dusseldorf with Koos and my other homie from Holland (Erwin) which prosted me to a good weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ Cool gesture guys!


So those are my adventures within the Atlantic ruleset – i hope you enjoyed this retrospective and i wish you as always:

May the Moxen be with you

Next stops:
– Fishliveroil including Lanterna (27.-29.9.)
– Arvika Festival at my birthday (19.10.)
– Team Worlds in London where URBORG will grab the horns! (9.11.)

See you guys and stay Oldschool


Christian aka Lord M of Legion Urborg