Urborg Buffet

Hi fellow Oldschoolers around the Globe

This page shall be the first step of a growing Swiss community. This page shall be the meeting and information point for Swiss players and our foreign guests. A platform to announce tournaments, write down tournament reports and chat about more or less relevant facts about our favoured game (e.g. “what music is played at a real well frequented Troll Disko?” 😉

Let me start with an introduction of the Legion Urborg, the central Switzerland Oldschoold community. We (Christian Reinhard and Daniel Imfeld) decided to jump into Oldschool at the beginning of 2018. As a coincidence, a friend of ours wanted to get rid of his Oldscchool collection and i bought a lot of the stuff to complete my collection. Fortunately, i started in at the age of 13 in 1994 with this faboulus game and during my journey i decided, to build an Oldschool Cube. So i owned each card at least once 🙂 in parallel, i bought the famous “dragon altered moxen” (before the great spike) for astetic reasons. Also during the commander-period, we pimped our decks with various old schoold goodies. Long story short – my wallet did scream during the building up period, but it was not a devastating howl from the beyond 🙂 Also i have a very lovely and understanding wife (thank you my love) :-).

My Deck choices are highly driven by creatures i love since i started to play (Sedge Troll, Serra Angel, Llanowar Elves, Shivan Dragon, Serendib Efreet, Armageddon, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Savannah Lions). Therefore i play mostly Troll Disco, Ernham Geddon or Burning Lions (Lauter.dec with red spice). I would also love to play the famous Juzam Dijn, but mono black hates me and my draws are always terrible… pity… 😉

So the adventure began and now we aim to spread the Oldschool-Virus across the country to gather as much interested, nice and cool players as we can.

The page is in “first growing stage” but we try to have at least a weekly update and ongoing content to be added (like swiss meta, less relevant surveys (i.e. why does the Llanowar Elf wear such a terrible eyepatch?) etc.)

We hope to see you often at the buffet and stay oldschool!

Legion Urborg – Christian


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