Spoiler Alert – Scryings

So it was it – we finally reached the Tropical Island the Old Man was talking about. After years of searching through countless scrolls and ancient books within the legendary Library of Alexandria, we managed to locate the final destination! It seems like countless expeditions tried to find the mighty Guardian Beast, which lives in a haunted forest and watches over countless Jade Monoliths, Jayemdae Tomes and colored Gems…

No one had so far survived the encounter and could tell about the whereabouts of this mighty colossus. We heard rumours about a magical Mirror which brings us nearer into another Universe… We feared countless times, that some Cosmic Horror will haunt us after the various Spells we recited out of the Book of Rass. 

We assembled various adventures for this treasure hunt – a Preacher, a Witch Hunter, an Elvish Archer, a Prodigal Sorcerer, a Dwarven Warrior. Headed by me, the wise and strong Lord Magnus, we took the challenge and embark for passage on the Pirate Ship “Tranquility” to set sail in the direction of legendary Island Tolaria. We did not tell Captain Ramirez about our silent disembark 100 miles before we reach Tolaria (we had to follow the Falling Star after the dangerous Mana Vortex at the third day of the second week in fifth month – depending to the Stone Calendar we found on our Expedition to Urborg earlier…) We knew about the Greed of Ramirez as soon as he hears about a Dingus Egg or other valuable goods. 

So we disembarked the Ship silently and tried not to awake the Leviathan. We listened to stories, told by a Brine Hag at the Seafarer’s Quay – and those stories had no happy end for adventurers which invade the hunting grounds of DanDan’s or Elder Spawns. But we did not fear and did overcome those dangers. We lost the With Hunter though to a swarm of Electric Eels – but he fought well, he even Unsummoned some of them back to a place called “Hands”.

Even after this thrilling confrontation and the first daylight after a long night, we weren’t sure if we have reached our destination. It was quite obscure if we reached the Tropical Island or the Volcanic Island – all we saw was a flock of Birds of Paradise in front of the Island and we decided, that this shall not be the correct Image of either of both islands… so the search went on for another two weeks.

Thanks  to a friendly Azure Drake which granted us passage through his lair (thankfully we had some Wild Growth from home to donate) we reached the underground Arena which the Contract from Below pointed us to. But there it happened the first time – overnight, the Elvis Archer was found dead in his straw stock he slept in. No sound or enemy was visible during the night and a strange feeling did overcome the whole party…

We had to cross various water flooded Tunnels and Sinkholes. Also we always felt kind of an evil presence, especially near the beautiful but uncanny Underground Sea we reached at day 3 on the Island. And there it happened again – the Preacher did not survive the night… Again we kept watching our tents but still something managed to sneak in… What evil does this place bear? A frozen Shade? a Bog Wraith? all the Horrors our Grandmothers told us as Children came back…

The Dwarfen Warrior made some jokes about “Black Borders” and talked about Alpha and Beta Legions where some brave Dwarfes meet together with some “special minded lowlanders” at the eight day in the eight month… We did not get anything of that… Nevertheless, the Dwarf did not survive the day. Same story – died during nightfall and did not awake in the morning…

So the only two left where the Prodigal Sorcerer and myself, Lord Magnus. Good thing was that we only had to split the treasure by two now. Bad thing – we did not know about what evil is lurking in the dark… We decided to rest on top of a small Plateau and prepare for the night. As we talked about who is doing the first watch, we managed to Glimpse a Creature in the Dark which attacked out of  nothing. This time it was not silent at all but due to fading light we did not had the chance to determine the nature of this beast. We did sling some Spells and wounded the beast! But before we did deal the final blow, it seemed to regrowth some body parts!! By the Wrath of God – what Abomination is haunting us! The Prodigal Sorcerer did collapse and it seemed, he will not make it. I took my last spell out of my Spellbook and did recite the great ritual of Disintegration targeting that evil in the Dark. An earsplitting noise resounded and all i saw next was a lightning Bolt and some Ashes to Ashes in the Air… It seemed that this Creature did finally found its master! One Healing Salve later, the Sorcerer was back on his feet the next morning and we detected at the horizon the Howling Mine which was our destination…

More of this Adventure will follow next time…

Lord Magnus – “Our Adventure Island”


And of course that creature (and the Spoiler Card today) was:

River Boa



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