Spoiler Alert – Scryings II (on behalf of Lions of Austria)

So here we are – lost on top of a plateau but with high hopes to reach the Howling Mine in a few days. The Prodigal Sorcerer did recover well – i was hoping not to use a resurection spell or – Ali behave – animate the dead to have some company… The first sunrise arrived and we decided beat the untamed wild and, driven by wanderlust and move on. We packed our stuff and started walking down the plateau. After some time we reached a huge Quagmire which we had to cross. This time we wished to know the spell of Transformation so we could transform ourself into a Giant Slug and cross this Quagmire…

It seemed that all hope has gone and we wanted to turn. With the glimpse of an eye we reckognized a small creature which was observing us out of a hiding spot. It looked like a Marsh Goblin. The sorcerer found an Amulet which he bought in Kroog and showed it to the creature. It went very catuious out of his hiding spot and towards the shiny Amulet. It seemed that the Goblin wants to trade passage versus the treausure – and we agreed. The Balance was restored as we got a favour for a treasure and finally we can move on. 

After another day tramping through the Forest, we passed some kind of Singing Trees. We stopped as there were also some chanting voices and a roaring noise – seems like a Savannah Lion is around? We examined this strange voice and forsooth, we enter into a strange ritual… Some Citanul Druids, some Whirling Derwish-like dancers and Sorceress Queen were standing around a Nova Pentacle with a bleeding Savannah Lion in the middle. It looked like a strange Ritual of Sacrifice. We decided to interrupt this scene as nobody wants to see a Lord of the Pit which transform us into some Lost Souls, always haunting this forest. I took out my Rocket Launcher and fired Exactly five times before it Exploded. But it was enough to unleash Hellfire among those evil human beings! After releasing the Lion from his Chains (which seemed to be in the former possession of a Mister Mephistopheles) he divine Transformed and change his form to an Angel. We saw such Angels before within the Legion of Serra. By all means we are Blessed! We helped a trapped Angel into its true form and stopped a Dark Ritual!

The Angel pointed us into the direction of the Howling Mine and grateful we followed that hidden path. After another day of wandering, we reached finally the entrance and hoped to excavate soon the goods which are hidden deep into the Mountain. A Copper Tablet at the entrance was written in a strange language. I had to use my Glasses of Urza to decipher – it warned of Black Vises, Racks and Bog Imps to everybody which enters without permission… Fearless as we were we entered those Caverns of Despair! We needed all our Artifacts to pass this madness – even Aladdins Lamp… all Alabaster Potions were gone, the Bone Flute broke with a shattering cry, we even had to Recall the Ancients to get more powerful Spells. But finally we found the Basalt Monolith which was standing in the inner Circle of some undefined color. The Sorcerer told me once (or was it twice?), that he knows the color but due to his secret tech-oath, he will not share it with me… pity…

We managed to Disenchat the seals and entered the Monolith. Tranquility was our only companion and our hearts were trapped into a Deathgrip. It was strange – we found ourselves trapped into a Maze which Master ITH could not build in a more precious way. Thanks to a well timed Twiddle-Spell, we escaped the Maze and we found ourself in the inner circle – a giant Cyclopean Tomb! There was also an inscription written onto the Tomb:

– i can turn Kings into Minions

– Break me in pieces and I will get harder

– all things are sometimes part of me

– a Mountain can become a Plains in the blink of an eye

We were to scared opening the Tomb and we decided to pack the whole Tomb into a wooden box and bring it somewhere safe 😉


But if you are brave enough to Open the Tomb and solve the Riddle:

Here you go

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