Gathering in Vienna – all hail the emperor

Dear Oldschoolers

Hard times lie in front of us. The Virus is spreading and we are forced to stay at home and wash our hands – which both is very good advise to stop the Virus from spreading. So please do that for all of your fellow neighbors and society. This pandemic is also affecting our beloved game – we cannot travel and meet our friends nor can we flip Orbs in front of a real life person. Viennageddon was maybe the last “real” tournament for a few months – and i can tell you great stories from this gathering.


In 2019 it was one of my first Oldschool Tournaments ever – and already then it was a great experience. So i met fellow Legionnaire Phy from Legion Urborg at the Airport at Saturday morning to fly out to Vienna. It was an 1 hour flight and we played some Magic as the flight was not even half booked due to the upcoming Virus effect… Also, we tried to get two Beers each but we were told that “its a morning flight so we have very few Beers”… So we took a redwine and a Beer instead haha.


After one hour we landed in Vienna and took an Uber to the Location. Centimeter VII was the place to be. Our driver, an Ukrainian nice guy took us there and wished us good luck in drinking and playing Magic. After all it was a warm welcome with old and new friends. Mighty Aland from Norway (or Sweden??) was already in the Pub, drinking a Beer and was surprised that nobody was there at 10.30 (the tournament should start at 11 but we ar not in Switzerland haha) so we started at 12.30. Unfortunately, all the Italian players (Megu and Co.) were not allowed to leave the Country and had to refuse their attendance. So after all there were 24 fellow Oldschoolers which were hungry to grab the Crown of the Emperor of Vienna.

I brought my beloved Trolls to the battlefield:


I changed the setup slightly and added a third Maze of Ith Mainboard. It’s possibly the best setup for Mazes paired with a Disk – so let’s go for that.

We played five Rounds of Swiss followed by top 8. I cannot remember everything properly after this time and some Beers during the Event. So i will give you a short overview of what i can remember:

First Round was against Martin Hatlak – i had bad memories because last year, Martin decked me in the semifinals – after a 90 Minute battle for victory. Great times πŸ™‚ This time, i turned the tide and won 2-0 in a fantastic tournament opener. Second Match was against Jason “the legend” Schwartz. As always, our games are really fun and we open either with a new Beer or a Schnaps to celebrate the match. This time it was both as he grabbed my beercoaster which was unattended – so two Marillenschnaps and a new beer it was. I managed to develop and untap a Disk which is really devastating for his Machamuti-Serra-Aggro-Geddon Deck. And i managed to win also this battle 2-0 and we drank another Beer for this glorious match. Third match was against, hm, i really don’t remember that one… Sorry… I won but i don’t know against whom… So lets move to match 4 against Thomas Sutherland Borja. We had a really nice talk about his articles and the Earthquake league. He was on Erhnamgeddon and managed to took one game with a well timed Geddon. The second and third game i won with Mazes and Counterspells for the Geddons and i move to final match 4-0. Local Hero Fred was also 4-0 and he tried to give me Underworld Dreams (or Nightmares?) with his Black-Blue-Red Deck. It was a really great match and one game, he destroyed me 5 (or was it 6?) lands in a row – i had a excellent land draw each turn which, in a “normal” game would be terrible, but gave me the win. I finished 5-0 in the Swiss and moved to Top 8 as 1st.

In Top8 i faced Jason again – same ritual – new beer and let’s play. I managed to win through his flying army of Angels and Djinns and moved to semifinals against Local Hero Alexander KlΓΆckler. He was also playing a Troll variant with Will-o-the-Wisp (love that card πŸ™‚ ) and Powersink. We played Troll VS Troll and his Trolls were more reluctant and iΒ  dropped more on the table and finally won. In one game i even managed to slam the whole Playset on the table…

Finals again against Trolls – fearsome Aland and his Swamp-Creatures… It was a great match, we fought until he Decked me both times. My strategy was to burn his Ass to the ground VS his strategy of waiting, stalling and let me draw to death with a cruel Braingeysir. In game one, i kept him at 1 life until his final blow. In game two the counterspell-luck was in his hands paired with a really nice Recall which brought him back two additional Counterspells. Again: Braingeysir for the win. Therefore the new Emperor Aland is crowned! Congratulations my friend!!


As always, the even better part then the main tournament is

a) the REAL main tournament and
b) the fun we have with everybody talking, drinking and chatting about i.e. the “moustache man” (not Santa haha)

So we moved to the Real main tournament with two participants. Jason and Reindeer – friend and foes both alike. Ante for the win. What will happen. Jason brought again his nice Robots brew to the table. Reindeer built a Blue Black Aggro with Serendibs and Counterspells. Who will succeed? After 3 games, the winner of Day 1 was Reindeer with a 2-1 record. But there will be blood again next day…

After all Magic activities were done, we chatted, drank beer and Marillenschnaps and had as always a really great and amazing time. As you know, this is the important part of Oldschool. Meeting friends and always have a good time – nevertheless what your result was at the tournament. And the Crown… Never forget the Crown Aland πŸ™‚

At Sunday, the second tournament (Atlantic) was on the agenda. I woke up at 10am and left the Hotel for the Centimeter VII Pub and a nice and healthy (haha) full british breakfast including a pint. Aland reminded me that this would be impossible in Sweden – 10.30 am and a beer on the table πŸ˜‰ Breakfast for Champions. I decided to build something cool, fund and unusual. I cutted blue completely from the list:

With 18 Players we were slightly less than the day before with 25 players. But we agreed to have fun anyways (of course) and therefore the tournament started with a 4 Round target. Also here, my brain is not up to speed and i try to recite about as much i still now. First round was against Jason (again)… Will he be able to break the curse and beat me this time? First game he won with an early mechanical beast which killed me quite hard. Second and third game were really on the Edge but my Sengir Vampire(s) were able to break through the line of robots. Paired with an unfortunate Land draw in game 3, i managed to win this tight game. Second Match was against the Architect (Roman Pulker) with his Sharazad Deck… He even installed a Boombox with some 90ty Pop-Trance-something mix to ensure everybody plays fast haha. In game one we went straight into a Subgame (both on 20) which i won – and i burnt down the rest of the 10 lifepoints. Second game was also quick as his white Knights were no Issue for my Trolls and i won 2-0. Third match was against Evil Rolf – the slayer – destroyer of dreams – slaughterer of hell – bringer of eternal Darkness (just kidding – Rolf is a real nice guy πŸ™‚ ) We battled over the whole 50 minutes and Rukh Eggs were sacrifized to Diamond Valley, Shivan Dragons reanimated, Sengir Vampires changed the Tableside. But finally, i managed to walk away as victorious matchwinner. Final game for the Swiss against Local Hero Wolfgang and his DeadGuy Ale on Stereoids. He started with a first turn Hypnotic which i did not answer and a lost a card… OMG. Luckily i drew a Mox to fireball that evil creature in turn two away. phew. Then it was mostly hymnonhymn VS same creatures. I managed to win the first game. Second game was not really amusing as he did not found a second source for to long resp. i even stripped away a swamp during the game. Therefore i took the victory and went 4-0 and straight to Top8.


I shall burn in Magichell but i cannot remember my first opponent in Top 8… Sorry. What i can remember is the Semi Finals as i took revenge for my lost battle the day before. I fought mighty Aland and his Robot Army. Thank to my Nev Disks in the Sideboard i did remove the Robots from the table and ban them to the Graveyard. We played 3 games which i managed to win 2-1 – revenge!

In the finals i met fellow Magic Friend Mitja – he is also on Robots with the Greedy variant πŸ˜‰ As usual we had really nice games and tried to defeat each other in a friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately for me, the first game started with a Su-Chi and a Hymn against me which robbed me of a Maze and a Land – which i never recovered. Second Game was really interesting and was so tight, that both players had only 3 cards left in the library and i would need to find my last Disenchant to get rid of one flying tetravus. But luck was not on my side and Mitja took away the victory. Congrats my friend πŸ™‚


It was a really nice two-dayer and we exchanged a lot of cards with signatures – i even managed to get the CommuniTour Pendelhaven πŸ™‚


Also on the second day, the REAL tournament started and we need to determine, which player is the winner of the two-day-national-Vienna-Ante-Championship 2020 πŸ˜‰ you can find the result here:

So over all it was an amazing tournament – meeting old and new friends and we had a really fucking decent and fantastic time! Thank you all for being there and thank you for your Oldschool Spirit!


May the Moxen be with you

Reindeer of Legion Urborg





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