Online Adventures Part II

Dear Oldschoolers

Viennageddon was most likely the last “real world” tournament for the next couple of Weeks and maybe months. The Corona pandemic holds the world in tight grab – wash your hands! As (mostly) introverts with a great equippment at home, we can still gather for our beloved game and format. We play online Magic at its best.

Since 2019, the NEOS-League startet over the big pond with Jared Doucette. Jared is a fellow OS-friend of mine and we talk from time to time over Facebook about brewing style and Deck choices, Sideboarding for Troll Disco and other stuff. His NEOS-League is a well attended happenig each month. Various warriors meet there to cross the blades – sometimes there even forms a “group of death” in which the “creme-de-la-creme” of spiking foes meet each other for the Top8 reward. Those groups are always a real pleasure to be in 🙂

I wrote a litte something about Season 1 last year – Season two was – measured at tournament-spike-success – a Season to forget for me haha. But in Season 3 i had a good start followed by a Victorious March – i managed to win the NEOS-Scryings-League with this Pile:


It was an amazing run against great opponents and very cool brews. I saw RG Beats (Tinder Wall/Force of Nature at its  best). I crossed path with very aggressive Scrying-Goblins, fought against Angry Sea Sprites and so on. It was a real pleasure to play within this league and to win this first Scryings-online-tournament also with regards to famous N00bcon (which the was renamed to N00bcoM due the shift to an online Tournament. But more of this later).

It is always a pleasure to be part of this monthly NEOS-happening – so therefore a big thank you to Jared and the NEOS-Gang which supports you in doing what your are doing 🙂

As the Lockdown started mid of March for most countries, also the Online-Tournaments started to grow in Europe. I am taking currently part within the Dutch “Corona Cup”, the UK “Pestillence Cup” and also the one-day Pestilence Cup organized by DFB. They are really great initiatives and i also enjoy to play against various friends and foes online. As we cannot fight our rivlaries in person (i.e. teasing Erwin and Wilfred about “being lame Dutchs” or beat the hell out of Markus or Jason in a proper Ante-Ante-Tournament etc.) we have to take it online. For the US-Pestilence Day tournament i did choose the same pile i used in Vienna and got to the Finals there:


But for the Pestilence-day i finished a more or less solid 3-3. I played a lot of good friends, had nice Chats and drank a lot of beer at home at the Desk 🙂 exactly the same as within a “normal” tournament but i did not have to fly away and book a more or less expensive hotel 😉 of course, it was not exactly the same experience as “the gathering”-part of our game is (at least for me) much more important than the playing part – but we will get there if we stick to the policy and stay at home for some more weeks.

For the Corona Cup and the UK-Pestilence Cup i decided to play something different and built a White-Green-Blue Aggro.dec which brought me to the semi-finals in both Cups. The UK-Pestilence Cup is still ongoing and i hope to reach the finals – maybe against my Nemesis Aland haha. As i understand he is also 4-0 in the current tournament. Lets see…


The Dutchies are really nice hosts and i received very warm welcomes which i of course gave back to the Team 😉

Next Stop was famous N00bcon-Weekend. Normally, we would all gather in Gothenburg at Thursday for a nice pre-N00bcom meet and greed including a lot of beer and fun. But this year, we had to move everything online. Famous Elias Gröndal from Stockholm in a Bottle teamed up with me from Legion Urborg to organize a full swedish pre-tournament. We also took the opportunity to bring this pre-event online and gathered 28 fellow fighters for this full swedish adventure. Most of those brave warriors played also the whole friday online at the N00bcoM and risked their family-happiness for the beloved game haha (including me haha). Some excellent american fellas even had to order some great UL-Rares to make their Deck Swedish legal 😉


At Thursday, i brought my Troll Disco to the Pit. I ended up 3-2 and finished as 9th place…  I had really good games and also the 2 matches i lost were tight ones which could easily be turned with a little more luck in drawing my cards hahah. But this is Magic and its really a good thing that one has to rely also on a little bit of luck in drawing cards in this game. Jordan Boyle took the Crown for this tournament and Edo Hoksberger takes home the Spicy Award for his wonderful Hazezon Tamar Deck 🙂

Overall it was a really great and fun experience – especially to play one whole day of online Magic. I had the experience already in the one-day event from DFB, but this time, Elias and myself where also here to organize all the stuff. Thanks to amazing Slanfan, a microsite dedicated for our tournament has been generated where we can find all results and enter pairings straight linked to an appropriate Whereby-Room. Great Work Slan!

After our “dry run” with 28 Peopole, Flo von Bredow initiated the real thing at good friday. The N00bcoM with 70 Participants in an online Showdown – accompanied by the Wak Wak Crew (Gordon and Ceb) and supported by famous Community pillars Markus, Bonnie and Slanfan. Also MG was part of the Show of course. A big Thank you to all which made this incredible event happen! It was a blast guys!!

I brought this untested and unteched brew to the tables. I was sure, that River Boa will Kick Ass. I included also Deflection (yes, not good…) and Autumn Willow (also not as good as expected…) to the team. Two choices which i would for sure change if the tournament would be today. Also the Sideboard is not very well balanced for Scryings. it lacks Tormod’s Crypts… But for no testing at all and brewing station open, i finished with a respectable 4-3. Which is the best and worst result of all my ever played N00bcoM’s so far haha.

So the tournament started and after a repairing i played famous Svante on his Arabian Aggro Scryings.dec. I was quite afraid of this match because as we know, Svante is a quite often seen Top 8 attendant and knows how to use his tools properly. In Game one it was quite tight and thanks to my Deflection (which was the only time i used it properly) i did Kill his Snake as he did not expect a deflected Bolt End of Turn. So i won game one and we moved to game two. Still in Game two i did not Deploy succesfully a Disk but we fought us down with River Boas, Kird Apes, Bolts and other Skyfire Material. I deployed the Final Blow with a Shivan Dragon and took away the Win 2-0.

Second Match was against fellow Scott Bradley which was on Kjeldoran Outpost Control. Due to very unlucky starting hands, he had to mulligan to 6 resp. 5 in both games… With my Nev Disks paired with the Counter-protected River Boas i managed to take him down 2-0. Its always nice to battle Scott and we had some talk about the format, NEOS etc. Thanks for the Match dude!

The third Match was a Swiss-Derby. I faced Nicolas Imwinkelried, fellow Swiss Player from the Geissgrind-Community Valais. He was on Mask-Nought and slammed the Dreadnought in game one with his full power in my face… Not before he drew the Strip Mine to get rid of my Maze of course 🙂 Game two was a Nailbiter. I had 3 Mazes Active in Play VS a Dreadnought and Lord of Thresserhorn and an always waiting Time Walk which i expected in his hand. So i had to take several Damage from a pumped Mishra (i had River Boa to block the Lord and always held 2 Maze of Ith open). I managed to get the Disk active and we bolted each other down until i gave the final blow with my Boa… Game 3 was kind of the same story. It was really tough, both were on 3 live when he casted Timetwister. I got my bolt, he didn’t. Nice Match my Friend.

As fourth opponent, Tim Moran, also a well known friend and part time foe of mine entered the Thunderdome what we call Magic the Gathering. Game one he casted Serendibs, Lions and Disenchants which gave me the impression of a Lauter.dec. But he was on Mask-Nought too which i painfully got in game two haha. No Shatters nor more Mazes for my Deck and no active Disk against his Dreadnought. Haha. Well played. Third game was a real Nailbiter. We fought each other, including a Shatter of myself, targetting an unrevealed Dreadnought which was then suffled away by Timetwister… bad play. But the Twister gave me enough Ammo to Seal the Deal… 4-0 after really intense matches.

Mark Evaldi was the next opponent at Table 1 – his undead horde completely ripped me of. Without Tormod‘s Crypt in SB, my only semi-effective weapons were Counterspell, Disk and City in a Bottle. Game one i lost due to 4 reanimated Trikes – so not even two Disk‘s did stop that massacre. Game two was hard for Mark. I deployed a turn one CiaB and he ha only Cities and Bazaaren on his hand. So no Mana for Mark… Game 3 was a Nailbiter (until he reanimated the big bad Mr. Crabs…). Also my maze got Chaos orbed to Valhalla. Therefore my first loss on this tournament against mighty Mark which went 7-0 in Swiss 🙂

Olof Robertsson waited in Round 6 with his Lauter.dec. Unfortunately (god kows why?) i did not even talk about playing Gentlements rules and then he Mind Twisted me in both games, paired with an active Library in both games… Not much more to say here isn‘t it haha. But still it was very nice to play Olof and his Cat 😉


Final match and i still can make Top 8 with a decent win. Jeff is the Opponent on his RU Aggro List. As his List is creature heavy, normally an active Disk could save the day. But in Game one give away a victory to his Time Walk fuelled attack and some playing errors i assume (after half a bottle of Rum and some beers this can happen haha). Game two was intense but with no threads on my side for quite some turns it was just a wait and go for his burn spells to knock me down. Therefore no Top 8 for Reindeer this time 😉

Overall it was an amazing tournament – meeting good friends online, have some decent Chats and Talks, got to drink a lot at my office table and also took the opportunity to enter a game of „Reindeer VS the Chat“ in guessing OS-Cards 🙂 Thank you again Flo and Crew for this amazing opportunity to play the N00bcoM 2020! And congratulations of course to Jeff White for his amazing run!

I look really much forward to personal gatherings but for the time being, it does not look promising for travel arrangements 😦 But i hope there will be lots and lots of more Online Tournaments and i hope to meet all of you again soon 🙂

May the Moxen be with you

Moustach’d Reindeer of Legion Urborg


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