Trolling Vienna – Guestreport

Hey Oldschoolers

I am pleased to give you a Guestreport from mighty Aland – Emperor of Vienna, Slayer of the Trollmaster, Owner of the Shark, Fellow friend and foe of the Legion 🙂


How i got to be the Emperor

If you are interested in learning more about me and want a history of my old school career (probably not) read this blog post at the official old school blog.

This is not going to be an ordinary tournament report, I never take notes and I seldom take pictures. So here it goes. I’ve known Mitja of the Austrian lions for some time and heard great stuff about the old school community in Vienna, so I decided to book Viennageddon as soon as possible. Little did I know that it was going to be the last live tournament for a long time due to the corona virus.

As I am quite the spikey player, I have considered Disco Troll a “bad” deck. The reason for this being two-fold, a lot of the decks I’ve seen have been subpar builds or the players haven’t been the spikiest players. The deck has put up some impressive results in Denmark and in the hands of Reindeer. I surfed Urborg Buffet and some Facebook groups and ended up with this deck list.


With the Giant Shark and Ivory Tower, I basically ended up with a 12-card sideboard (I have no idea why I took those towers from someone’s deck list). I never boarded in the Energy Fluxes, so I ended up with only using nine cards in the sideboard the whole day. Apart from that the deck felt very solid.

I flew to Vienna from Gothenburg via Frankfurt myself on Friday morning as no other Gothenburgians could or wanted to join. The usually busy Frankfurt airport felt really lonely in the beginning of corona times. Interesting also to watch an Italian guy on the plane coughing and licking his fingers. Well in Vienna I took the super easy public transportation to find my hotel. Some guys on were playing on Friday evening but I just bought some weird hipster pizza sitting and went to bed at 22.00. On Saturday I woke up at 05.30 and prepared for some breakfast and “sightseeing”.


The picture above is the only sightseeing picture I managed to take. I found a store, noticed that Corona was 47% off and bought a couple of Radler. The site of todays battle was the Centimeter VII pub. According to legend this was the location that the Vienna players used to play at back in the 90’s. I quickly found myself being first at the site (only 45 minutes to official starting time). The pub is nothing you would call fancy, but it’s my favorite kind of pub. Decent amount of beer, pub food, nice staff and a awesome atmosphere. Soon a lot of famililar (and unfamiliar) faces showed up: Reindeer, Jason, Mitja and Alban. Reindeer ordered in a communion 1 meter of sausages.

We had our own dedicated play area in the cellar for both Saturday and Sunday. Sadly, some people couldn’t make it due to coronavirus and other commitments. We ended up being 25 players in total. As I said in the beginning, I don’t have any notes or don’t even particularly remember the games I played. In the end I finished the swiss with a 4-1 record and Reindeer finished 5-0 with his trolls (I didn’t play him in the swiss). I remember facing among others a UR Control deck with main deck Blood Moons and Aladdin’s Ring (!), and a land destruction deck with Nether Void. Reindeer also gave me a good hint during a smoke break: “Aland, life is a resource in the troll deck”. This was the first time I played this deck and I hadn’t even gold fished it before the tournament.


Above a view of the play area in the cellar and below a picture of my plate of buffet food which was included in the tournament fee.


In the quarter final the guy playing land destruction and Nether Void lost to me again. In the semi finals I played a guy with an Ehrnamgeddon deck. Troll disco is super smooth to play, especially if you are used to playing The Deck to handle the long patient control games. During the tournament I had to switch gears to aggro beatdown facing down a Karma (Mishra’s Factories and Lightning Bolts is a fast clock!). And the best part I have never heard opponents sighing when I play the trolls compared to when I used to play The Deck. The deck can handle pretty much everything permanent-wise (Nevinyrral’s Disk) and it is the best deck I have ever played the card not favored in Gothenburg Maze of Ith.

The final was against the troll master Reindeer. Before the match I knew my game plan was to deck him (or a big Fireball called BIG SPRÄNG in Sweden), I don’t want to play a aggro game against him. His game plan was to burn me out as you can read about in his article for Viennageddon. Game 1 ended with me Braingeysering him to death at 1 life (“Aland, life is a resource”). Game 2 I boarded in all the blasts and did the same as in game one but managed to Recall back two Counterspells. The game ended and I was the new emperor of Vienna!


Above me with the crown, the (misspelled) trophy and an awesome playmat made by Wolfgang. Below the troll king and the troll master hugging it out after the finals.


After the tournament everyone celebrated the good times, Jason and Reindeer had some awesome ante games with more audience than the finals. Also, we had an interesting discussion about the Moustache man (not Santa Claus). Back at the hotel I had a Facebook chat with Svante discussing the Troll Disco deck and I modified it to my liking with great input from Svante. This version is more suitable for my playstyle with the Flash Counters and no “bad” cards like Energy Flux and Ivory Tower. I played the new version to a win in the Norwegian-UK online tournament Worms of the Earth (20 people).


Sunday was set for an Atlantic ruleset tournament (was announced before Scryings was released). I had no imagination for this, I sent a message to Will Magrann on Facebook and he hooked me up with a deck list. I started the day with a Radler and was quick into the local beer after that.


I have never played Atlantic before and I didn’t like the deck at all. I should have made an Atog build (or Reindeers deck) instead. I enjoyed playing the Sages of Lat-Nam. The most fun was local player Rolf enabling his dream turn 1 start.


Somehow, I managed to finish top 8 in the tournament and won my quarter final against a unlucky Rolf. In the semi final Reindeer took revenge from last day and kicked me out of the tournament (well deserved, it was in deed a sweet deck).

Addendum from the Admin(Reindeer): Yeah! Ich kicked your Arsch wif may Schweetpäil haha 🤣


Below a picture of the top 4 + Rolf.


Mitja went on to win the tournament with a deck with one of the worst mana bases in a Magic deck ever. After the tournament Jason and Reindeer did some ante games and we had a long discussion about the German term “fickenschnitzel”, half a fickenschnitzel is pictured below. I also got to talk a German guy into playing Fantasy Zoo which is always nice!


On Monday I flew home trying my best to avoid Corona and get home safely. This trip will forever be remembered for all the nice local Vienna players and people from abroad joining. It was also the last real live tournament before the corona plague and winning that feels special. Stay safe and hope to meet you all again soon.

Åland, over and out.


  • Lions of Austria for arranging a super nice tournament at an awesome location
  • Euro techno music supplied by Roman to get through the hangover Sunday
  • To the ones I have stolen pictures from
  • To all the great old school teams around the world
  • Jason and Reindeer, you are the best!
  • The man in the ice-cream van, respect!


  • Me for missing Mountain Madness 2020
  • Me for not writing down any game notes

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