From Düsseldorf with Love

Hello fellow Oldschoolers

Long time not written – the Lockdown, the Quarantine and all those fancy online tournaments gave not a lot of nice pictures and good stories which Real Life tournaments offer. But fear not – there was a great meetup in Düsseldorf Germany with a lot of stories, photos and cool Decks 🙂

But first some flashback of the last months. I was not very active in writing and blogging recently. Mostly because, as explained in the intro, there are not many “supercool moments” to grab and talk about (despite of course the nice and always excellent online chats with various people). Since March, i play on a regular basis various online Tournaments. There ist the NEOS monthly with Atlantic rules, the Netherlands ODOL (google it – haha) no seriously, it means “Online Dutch Oldschool League), the DFB-challengess (Lobstercom, Havenwood, Summer Derby, others), the UK Leagues and various others. Its always a pleausure to be part of those happenings – but it can never beat Real Life experience of drinking, trashtalking, partying and playin some Magic.

With all this shitty Virus thingy around – there are also good things happening 🙂 We (my wife, my son and I) decided, to buy a house in the countryside of Switzerland. We got the chance of buying out the house where my wife grew up and we took it. We have so much room that i can even have my own “Mancave” and a Lego Room in the screed of the house :-). Here you find some impressions.

So after a heartbreaking summer without any RL-tournaments for me, we (Mitja and myself) tried to gather as many Mages as possible in Düsseldorf. We organized the “Urborg Lions Plains Pillage 2020”. As the Virus is still a thing and Germany closed various borders (i.e. Belgium 😦 ) we had 20 absences shortly before the tournament. But we still gathered 22 Players for the main Event at Saturday 🙂

But – as you can imagine – we met already at Friday to engage in an Atlantic-Battle and for drinks. The Dutchies arrived also Friday and we were 12 players to rumble for the Beta Black Knight – altered from me, Reindeer 🙂 Erwin the slaughterer from Dutchiestan took the tournament down with his unleashed Trolls 🙂 I love to see that Trolls – i really did haha.

But as usual, playing Magic is only the side event as we have fun, drink beer and chitchat as main event. And everythin in Real Life baby! Party Hard with the Dutch Gang, listening to Charly Lownoise and Mental Theo, Scooter and other great songs from the 90ties – thats how it shall be! The madest of the Gang (Henk the Tank and Sorcerer Timmy) even battled the party truck until 6am in the morning – nooooice!!

So at Saturday we gathered at 11am again in the Brauhaus am Dreieck to enjoy life and the 3 B’s – Beer, Booze and Bro’s! We gathered 22 Wizards for this tournament. Its still an amazing number regarding the fact that Germany exactly for this weekend did put lots of countries and regions onto the “red list” for travelling… We started at 12 with the tournament, 5 Rounds followed by Top 8. You find some tournament report(S) here and here. Also mighty Tim the Sorcerer did capture the whole madness here – i was busy to organize, drink, enjoy and have fun so i cannot recap very well what happened haha. So those two Gentlemen below fought the finals which was won by Evert – a fellow Dutchman of the Crew:

So overall it was an amazing Event with lots of fun and good vibes. We did also a raffle in which we gathered EUR 350.00 which goes to Children Cancer Research in Switzerland! Great Stuff guys 🙂

Here you find some more impressions of the tournamen. I thank all the participants for this great event and also a special Thanks to Mitja and Alban for helping organizing, to Wolfgang “Wulfi” Jancar for this amazing Urborg-Lions Art he created and to everybody which brought some light into those dark days of Corona at this event. It was brilliant meeting you all and have lots of drinks (by the way – see this Beercoasters from friday. One Beer is one Tag. The top one belongs to Erwin, the bottom one is mine – muahahahaha 😉 )

So I hope to see you all at the forest frenzy and may the Moxen be with you.

Reindeer from Legion Urborg

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