Monocler’s Charity Battle and retrospective

Dear Oldschool Friends

I hope you are all well and you and your families startet very successful into 2021. It was a special year which we all experienced. We did not travel a lot to meet friends and gather – but we played the game at least online. To maybe brighten up your 2021 a little, i will bring you back my Magic moments of 2020 – without any “worst ofs” or feelbads.

I like to start with the most recent event which we held online – the Year End Charity Battle 2020. Mitja and myself decided to organize a year end charity tournament out of which we will support the childrens cancer research Switzerland ( . Best news first: We raised CHF 1’250.00 for this cause and i am very happy to donate this amount in the next days. Thank you all which made a contribution for this amazing number.

The Charity Battle was organized under the new created “Gentlemen’s Monocler’s Ruleset” – a subset of the Gentlemen’s rules. After some input and discussion i added Ancestral Recall to the banlist of this tournament and therefore Mind Twist, Library of Alexandria and Ancestral Recall were absent in all Decks. If you want to be part of this creed, this is the way: Oldschool Gentlemen on Facebook. It is of course quite an incision to remove the “best card in Oldschool” from the whole tournament. But without the “pressure” to add blue in each and every Deck, new opportunities to build different Decks opened and we saw a wonderful variation of pretty spicy decks – even in the finals. By the way: Nicolas Imwinkelried, member of Team Geissgrind Switzerland on Mono Green took down the whole tournament. All the Decks can be found here: Wak-Wak

The Charity Battle attracted 34 Mages – including Grandmaster MG himself which played a decent Craw Wurm/Cockatrice Deck 🙂 Those 34 Mages battled over 5 Rounds + Top8 for the glory of the Charity Cup – an icecold “Snow Mercy”.

It was a great opportunity to end the year with a very positive spirit – the charity, the friendship, the good vibes and the aftershow. Everything was just awesome. Thanks to everybody which played, contributed donations or just watched our stream – and special thanks of course to Gordon for his amazing stream setup and Mitja, Seb, Timmy and MG for commentating/supported commentating the whole event!

With this “last event of the year” i jump directly into my retrospective 2020. I hope you enjoy 🙂

Mountain Madness – playing Magic on 2’300 metres height

The year started well with a real life tournament in Switzerland. Legion Urborg invited onto the Rigi for two days of amazing Magic action. 24 Players gathered from various countries for this happening. We rented out a cottage and had an amazing time. With at least some Snow outside and a warm and cozy lounge the mages joined together at Friday evening. At friday, we did some “free for all” games including a cube draft and other fun games. Saturday was dedicated to the main tournament, which Mitja took down and the REAL Main tournament in which Jason and mysefl battled in some Ante40 matches. It was amazing and also here we gathered CHF 750.00 as donations for The year started out pretty well.

Viennageddon – the Lions of Austria invite for the gathering

In March, the second real life tournament for 2020 was on the list – strange to write “real life tournament” in a report but you all know why… We gathered in Vienna for a two-day event of Magic, fun and beer. Mitja and the Lions of Austria invited to battle for the Crown and the honor to be the “Emperoor of Vienna”. It was an amazing day with 28 players and a Troll Disco Mirror Match final – which Mikael “Aland” Johansson took down. And with this victory he is also the rightful crownbearer.

At Sunday an Atlantic tournament was on the list – 18 players gathered and it was also a pretty fun and entertaing day 🙂

After this tournament we had to switch to online gaming for quite a while. But this community would not be so amazing if there would not be many amazing opportuities to meet each other online. It took not much time until various members of the community started online leagues, tournaments and even the N00bcon was turned into a N00bcom. But more to this here:

Corona Cup (or Online Dutch Oldschool League)

My good friend, Henk from the Dutch Guild, started in March a great tournament series for interested players. I had the honor to be part of it as a few of the “non dutch players” in the beginning and i took this opportunity to play more Magic with friends. Main reason is to sling spells and have a good time with friends rather than play the best what you have. But as you know me, i am more the Spike player than the Spicer so i choose quite strong Decks to compete. I even managed to take down one League with Leo Bruders variant of Robots.

Lockdown Adventures

Thanks to various Tournament Organizers there were daily gatherings on a regular basis. I take the opportunity here to thank all the organizers for their work to make this happen. Even if we did not meet in real life, we had a blast playing and meet up in various rooms together to talk and drink together. It was really amazing what you all did for this community in 2020!

Special Thanks to

Dave Firth Bard – organizer of Havenwood Battle, Pestilence Cup, LobstercoM and Lightning Bolt, Summer and Winter Derby

Bryan Manolakos – organizer of MobstercoM and regular content creator

Florian von Bredow – organizer of N00bcoM, Summer Lockdown tournament, Christmas Lockdown tournament

Jared Doucette – organizer of NEOS monthly

Richard Veenmann – organizer of Raging Bull online Version

Lord Voldermort – organizer

Gordon Andersson and Timmy the Sorcerer – Streamers of Power!

Mattias “Slanfan” Berggren – for bringing to life

Scott Latham – organizer of the Brass Man Cup

Everybody i missed here for bringing Magic joy into the Lockdown

I participated in most of those amazing tournaments and it was always a true blast! Every match was great, fun and entertaining and all players are amazing. For most tournament there is a report available from writers which have quite the better authorative skills than i have so i leave you with some uncommented deck impressions i played.

Scryings NEOS – Win

Pestillence Cup – 3-3

UK Pestillence Cup, ODOL – Semi Finals/quarter Finals


N00bcoM (Scryings) 4-3

Pacific Voldermort – Semi Finals

Brass Man Cup UK – 4-2

Atlantic Voldermort/ ODOL (-3 Shops, +1 Fellwar, +1 Mana Vault +1 Island)- Win (both)

ODOL – Finals

Quarter 4 – Real life Magic again

Unfortunately, the Fishliveroilcup in Italy got cancelled. We had some discussions with Dutch tournament organizers and agreed, that most of the participants already blocked this weekend for the amazing Cup. So we organized “on the fly” a tournament in Dusseldorf, Germany. Thanks to those exact 3 weeks of “no lockdown period” in Europe we were really lucky to gather in real life. An amazing two days meet-up together with German, Swiss and Dutch Friends took place in Düsseldorf. We all had great fun and tanked some energy in this real life gathering.

Torin00b 3.0 – online italian meet up

At 28.12. the obligatory Torin00b tournament took place. This year it was an online gathering. But also with this restriction, we had a great time. Legion Urborg is “special guest” in this italian gathering. Last year we travelled of course in real life to Torino and we wanted to give our friends also this time a proper matchup. Mitja managed to take down the Torin00b 3.0 and now i am really unsure if Ratavoliera Drinking Team is inviting us again in 2021 as 2 out of 3 victories went to the Legion… Thank you very much our italian friends and always remember: Palla di xyxyxyxyx!!!!

Wrap up

It was for me a very interesting year of Magic. Real life gatherings paired with online meet ups and lots of duels and fun. I even decided to start a very special project for 2021 – build a complete Beta Cutsheet on my wall! I hope i can achieve this before 40 🙂 Finally some great news as retrospective:

  • we gathered more than EUR 2’500.00 in 2020 in Charity for
  • >200 Matches played
  • moved into a House with my own “Magic Cave”
  • met lots and lots of cool people online and in real life
  • got the incredible Triskelion Playmat for me
  • had great times with a lot of you – thank you very much for this!

So this was 2020 – i wish you all a great and prosper 2021 and may the moxen be with you

Reindeer from Legion Urborg

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