Sweet Real Life Magic

Dear Oldschoolers

I hope you are doing well and you can enjoy the summer. In the past 18 months we have really not been spoiled with “real life gatherings” and in person matches. But there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Beginning of July, our fellow Wallis-Community named “Team Geissgrind” invited brave mages for a dance on the mountains. Concealed deep within the Fieschertal, on top of the highest mountains of Switzerland lies the hidden Magic-Arena for the ancient summoning rites. Legend has it that only the strongest and most powerful mages can gather there to struggle their powers for the domination of the mountain goat tribe.

Mitja and myself decided to be part of this happening and we prepared accordingly. Mitja brought his the Deck – err sorry – his Lands.dec with him where i brought my beloved trolls to the battlefield. All in an new shape – already tested and succeeded in JUNE ODOL online play πŸ™‚

We arrived at friday afternoon and the tournament started at saturday. So not much to do there πŸ˜‰ Thankfully, we stayed at the marvelous Hotel Eggishorn with great hospitality and much beer and drinks πŸ™‚ We were 5 fellow Magic Players and decided to try a new thing called “Modern Horizons”. It looked like our cards but it seemed way more powerful than what we have in our pool. Can you imagine there is a red 2/1 Ape which lets you cast cards from your opponents library? Crazy isn’t it? And it seems that we finally can find all the recipes from great Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar haha. (And Shivan Dragon seems to fit into the “2 Mana Cycle” πŸ˜‰ )

After a decent evening/night we managed to find some sleep and met the next day for breakfast. The sun was shining and we took our cheese, ham and bread outside. We also received a crumbled egg – great service.

10 brave mages gathered to fight for glory and the blessing of the mountain goat. As travelling is still cumbersome, the only forgeigner there was Mitja. All the others are fellow swiss guys from Geneva (Francois), Wallis (Ruuudi and Nicci), Bern (Dani, Dave, Chrigel, Thomas, Phy) and Obwalden (me). We played five rounds of Swiss with no Top’s. Of course we had lots of breaks at the sun and ordered various drinks πŸ™‚

First Round was against Francois and his Lands Edge Burn (the) Deck. It was an incredible tight match which i won 2-1. But both games i was at 2 respectively 1 Life…

Second Game i faced Phy and his Mirrorball. I can easily say that first turn Blood Moon is an incredible start against Mirrorball and with a Black Lotus in starting hand this is an easy-play… Sadly for Phy he had good starts but no white source for his disenchants. Therefore after two short games i was 2-0. At least he got my “Reindeer Coupon” as he really got Reindee’rd πŸ˜‰

Third Match was against Dave and his creatureless Black-Vise-Burn. First game he started with 2 Vises first turn… Luckily for me i had a fast start and emptied my hand down to 5 Cards. But with no further playables and the continous burn i lost the first game. Games 2 + 3 were really tight – his burn VS my burn and my Trolls. Howling Mines fuelled both hands and we slung fireballs, bolts, blasts et al to each other until i came out on the top and won both games for a stunning 3-0.

After more beer i faced my tournament Nemesis and good friend Mitja. I cannot remember any gathering where i was victorious. Even in our testing sessions he is grilling me on a regular basis haha. But not this time. We battled hard but the blood moon paired with disrupting sceptre respectively a first turn Hypontic sealed the deal for a 2-0 victory. Second game his only thougt was “i have a good hand if he does not start with Turn 1 Hypnotic”… But i did with my Lotus… Sorry Mitja.

So 4-0 and the final Boss – organizer Ruuudi! He is playing a reeeeeally greedy “Anything goes” (GURBw) with Counterspells, Ehrnams, Japanese Fingerfood, Balance, whatever. First game goes to me thanks to my Blood Moon and no basics on his side. Second game i lost due to pure brutality of the greedy pile πŸ™‚ Third game was very close – i stick on 2 life, all he needs is a bolt or a Psi Blast. He draws neither in 4 turns and my troll eats his Brain.

So after five rounds i won this glorious price haha. One half bottle of Abricot – a Walliser special Schnaps. Delicious πŸ˜‰

Thank you Ruudi, Nicci and the Gang for organizing and thank you Mitja for the fun ride into Wallis πŸ™‚

So here we are – sitting in the sun, drinking Beer, having fun, talk about various trash and enjoying a real life gathering. I cannot wait until beginning of September when we meet together with the Crazy Dutchcakes in Dusseldorf for slinging spells over the table and getting drunk all together. And Scooter. And Schnaps. And Schnitzel.

See you around – may the Moxen be with you

Reindeer of Legion Urborg

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