It’s real life Magic Baby! Rocking Düsseldorf and supporting

Dear Oldschoolers

Its not about the win – its all about the Gathering!”

A great achievment was made this summer – there are real life Magic events possible. 3 Years ago, nobody thought that we would be so excited about this fact. But the world turned and we had to wait for sooooo long to meet again and gather together at the tables. The Urborg Lions Forest Frenzy was planned in January 2021 – then June and it finally took place in September. Mitja and myself decided, to move the whole tournament to a place which is very accessable for a lot of interested players. So Düsseldorf was the choice.

Unfortunately, exactly at this weekend the Deutsche Bahn went into a “Generalstreik” and the trains were not travelling in the normal travelling plan. But this did not disturb us so much as the main trains still were active.

At Friday, 16 fellow Mages arrived to the Brauhaus am Dreieck in Düsseldorf. We wanted to start the ABU Block Party tournament at 5pm but as you can imagine with all the train delays and lots and lots of Beers in the Beergarden, it was 7.15pm when it started. No issues at all because everbody tanked already a well amount of Beers and other drinks 🙂

We decided to open up the full reprints for this ABU Block Party – therefore it was also allowed to play CE/IE and any reprint old framed card which was present in ABU. This is how we roll in general – we allow CE/IE at our tournaments to open them up for decent mages with a good spike to drink level 😉

I built my pile at 7.10pm (start at 7.15pm) and only had one win – the BYE hahaha. But i had great matches against Demmer, Marten, and Martin Purrio 🙂 After four Rounds the Top 4 were ready to battle.

The Spanish Force of Nature “Juan sesese sese sesese Lopez” went 4-0 with his glorious unpowered Red Green White Deck. He even managed to take the whole tournament down and therefore is the ultimate ABU Sorcerer 2021!

The Gathering (PARTY) went on and we had lots and lots of fun and great times! It was amazing to meet everybody in person and it was only Friday so we have the whole Saturday to party even harder 😉 Like last year, the “crazy dutchies DemmerHenkTimmySchnitzeltank” went to hit the city hard – Henk got back at 4 or 5 or 6? We don’t know exactly and we will not ask more details 😉

So at Saturday 12am all the mages gathered again at Brauhaus am Dreieck. We did welcome 42 fellow players for this great tournament. I decided to play and Mitja did all the organizing stuff – Thanks for that bro 🙂 I showed up with my usual colors – Red Blue and Black. But this time not with trolls but with Robots! With 42 Players we play 6 Rounds followed by Top 8. Spoiler Alert: I showed a “full Svante” and went in as 9th haha. But it was amazing to see so many great Decks and Players gathered in Düsseldorf. I will not bother you with detailled Match analysis – the gathering photos etc. are much more valuable in my point of view 🙂 But a small overview about my 6 Rounds:

I battled Francois with his BWRU Burn-the-Deck in Round one. I won with luck as one untap phase later i would be dead. This is part of the game. Second Match was against Mr. Spice from Hell – Edo and his Reanimator transformational Stasis.dec. I had no chance and he crushed me 2-0. Look at this beauty which made it to semi-finals!

Round 3 was against Jorgo and his Geddon-Tog. It was very close and his burn spells gave me some headache. But i managed to win both games. In Round 4 i met good friend Wilfred van der Schnitzeltanken. We met outside at the sun and had quite a fun time with Magic and Beer. Due to bad luck i ripped him apart 2-0. There was also a Mind Twist involved… arrrrgh… Round 5 was against my fellow Swiss Companion Gabriele “hangover” da Pozzo. We had a hard fight and in the end he beated me with his Hyponotic Specter to death. Amazing how he hitted always the one card which could save me hahah. But my Greedy play was immediately punished (i can Psi Blast his Hypontic but choose to Slam a SU-Chi instead. He grabs my Psi Blast in his attack and Shatters the Japanese Dinner… Rookie Mistake…)

Final Match was against Peter Monten and his Green Swarm. Game one was fast – to many beaters on my side paired with Time Walk and Card Draw. Game two was intense – both on low life and i had a Psi Blast to finish it off… But i was on 4 Life and thank god not in Bolt range 😉

Before we went to Top 8 there was the mandatory Urborg/Lions Raffle. We had quite a lot of contributions for this amazing sub-event. An invite to Mari(a)’s Knight of Thorne Tournament, a sealed Kartefakt with mint cards included, a Magic Enzyclopedia, lots of beer from the Hamburg-Crew, a Playmobil Kebab man and so on. The main Trophy was a Magic the Gathering Chalice!

All in all we gathered EUR 550.00 for (children cancer research switzerland)! You are amazing Guys – thanks so much!

So the Top 8 started. Honestly, i never ever was in the room when the Top8 went on for suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a freakin long time haha. We had Psi-Blast Draws, Deck Swaps (Mari(a) and Henk), food for thought (Edo and Nicci) and very well thought play moves (Evert). But finally the Tournament Winner is and was Evert! Congratulations my friend! Evert did beat Nick Cramer in an epic final and took the trophy for the second time in a row. He already took it last year. Well done my friend!

As it was quite late and Mari had to drive home to the Netherlands, we had not the Chance to play for Ante this time. Nevertheless he is most welcome in our community of Madmen and also grabbed his welcome to Hell package from me 🙂 The Kraken Rum is part of the deal to seal this pact of neverending torment. The Raccoon i received from the Scooter-Enthusiasts from the north was eyewhitness for this pact.

We had a great time! It was wonderful to see such a lot of real life Magic in one weekend.

See you all around – stay healthy and may the Moxen be with you.


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