About Lions of Austria

Lions of Austria

Headquarter Location: Vienna Austria

Foreign border Guardians: Germany (Alsbach-Haehnlein)

Members: 7

Dear Oldschool players,

 As president, I am proud to introduce you to the Lions of Austria.

My name is Mitja Held and we are the Austrian Oldschool team founded in 2017 in Vienna. We were five friends which are connected through the love of magic – especially we fell in love with Vintage. Because Vintage and Oldschool weren’t that far a way from each other, Roman Pulker showed us the coolest format ever! We directly fell in love. But first, it was hard for us to find a name for the team and get Oldschool started in Vienna.

Nevertheless we made our first tournament in Vienna and more than 15 players from all over Austria attended – also our next team member Rolf. So with 6 proud Lions and a vision in mind, Mitja and Francis played the N00bcon 2018 and we decided to get a logo for the team and organize bigger oldschool tournaments. After the N00bcon Mitja asked Daniel Gelon to draw an artwork with the former emperor Franz Joseph and a Savannah Lion. When we received the artwork we also received our name “The Lions of Austria” because that was the name Daniel Gelon chose for the artwork.

From that point on there was no way back for us and we mainly played Oldschool.