About Team Geissgrind (Oberwallis)

Team Geissgrind („Geiss“ = goat, „Grind“ = head) is a community based in Switzerland in the canton called „Wallis“. We are not your typical OldSchool crew, which means that we play all formats (well, not all of us play all formats… 😋), including various unofficial ones. We meet weekly on Tuesdays to play Limited or any of wizard‘s official constructed formats. Furthermore, we organize a big summer and christmas draft events, a Gentlemen’s Event where we play historic Vintage (next year will be 96) and Cube draft.

The beginnings of Team Geissgrind reach back to around 2010 when we started attending Vintage tournaments in Switzerland, Bazaar of Moxen in Annecy and Ovino in Milano. One of the highlights was when 13 of us rented a house in Annecy and spent 5 days there slinging cards of all of Magic‘s history in 2016, the last time BoM was conducted in Annecy. Our team efforts yielded several Top8 qualifications over the years including a first place in the Vintage main event in 2016 in Annecy.

We were desperately looking for an event that we could travel to and have a great time with good friends and we luckily stumbled upon the Fishliver Oil Cup in Genova. In 2017, we were 4 people that participated in the main event. This year, we were 5 friends that greatly enjoyed the Friday and Saturday events in Genova. We met a lot of wonderful people down there: Chrigu, Francois, the Dutch crew and, and, and… It sure is going to be our crew‘s event of the year for the years to come.

We are also interested in helping the Swiss OldSchool community to grow and flourish by hosting an event or two. Stay tuned for more info regarding that topic.


Michael a.k.a. Ruuudy

Edit: Our claim is: „Nimm no bündig“ 🤘

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