Erhnam Aggro

This is one of the reasons, why i play oldschool – aggro control without Counterspell 🙂 Beautiful mana Dorks into aggressive Djinn’s, Efreets or Sword wielding Angels. What else can one hope more for?  If you read my Homelands-Blog here would for sure be a home for Autumn Willow 🙂

This was the first Deck i ever played at an Oldschool Event and therefore it will always be one of my favorites:


It’s quite an uncommon List as it is not clearly an Erhnam-Geddon nor is it a UGW aggro. It’s in between both worlds which makes it very interesting and fun to play. Especially the Leydruid-Tech will give your opponent some Headache as soon he is starting the mischief and you draw 2 Cards with Library, activate Pendelhaven twice or pump a Factory-Worker with his own Factory (no lunch break for you!) 🙂

It is very satisfying to land a second turn Efreet on the table or just to attack with your Elves to lower the opponents life. I am still undecided if it is worth the two Birds – i sacrifice attack power and Pendlhaven targets for Mana Fixing… More Playtesting will tell. Did i mention you can activate Maze of Ith twice? Nice job!

You have also recognized that there are “only” 3 Swords. With two Icy Main this i a fairly good number of Swords. And you have the final one in Sideboard for ultra aggressive opponents.

One thought on “Erhnam Aggro

  1. Jesper juhl

    Hi Christian. Like to hear that you also dig erhnamgeddon. That my go to deck aswell, and I have played it the last 3 years.

    Why did you only play 2 geddons?

    “SkÃ¥l” from Denmark 🙂


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