Erhnam Aggro

This is one of the reasons, why i play oldschool – aggro control without Counterspell 🙂 Beautiful mana Dorks into aggressive Djinn’s, Efreets or Sword wielding Angels. What else can one hope more for?  If you read my Homelands-Blog here would for sure be a home for Autumn Willow 🙂

This was the first Deck i ever played at an Oldschool Event and therefore it will always be one of my favorites:


It’s quite an uncommon List as it is not clearly an Erhnam-Geddon nor is it a UGW aggro. It’s in between both worlds which makes it very interesting and fun to play. Especially the Leydruid-Tech will give your opponent some Headache as soon he is starting the mischief and you draw 2 Cards with Library, activate Pendelhaven twice or pump a Factory-Worker with his own Factory (no lunch break for you!) 🙂

It is very satisfying to land a second turn Efreet on the table or just to attack with your Elves to lower the opponents life. I am still undecided if it is worth the two Birds – i sacrifice attack power and Pendlhaven targets for Mana Fixing… More Playtesting will tell. Did i mention you can activate Maze of Ith twice? Nice job!

You have also recognized that there are “only” 3 Swords. With two Icy Main this i a fairly good number of Swords. And you have the final one in Sideboard for ultra aggressive opponents.

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