Gentlemens Rules

To all the Oldschool Gentlemen around the Globe:

If you are willing to play without Mind Twist and Library of Alexandria, thou shall do it. Every member of this group is also willing to play an Oldschool match without those two staples.

First established in Sweden, the „gentlemen games“ will not be interrupted by first turn LoA‘s or Lotus fuelled Mind Twist which can create „non games“ for one player.

If you face another Gentlemen of this group, you can take out both cards and play the normal game of Magic. Its not meant that we have „another place to chat and write things“ but to identify other players with the same intention. You will not find much content but an overview of names 🙂

As an Oldschool Gentlemen, we want to grant fair, cool, easy and fun games to us and our opponents. We try to fit within the below “code of conduct” – not in a “written in stone”-principle but as guidelines for our behaviour:

– In a Gentlemen‘s game, we exclude or exchange Mind Twist and Library from our Decks. Really true Gentlemen do not even include the card in their tournament Deck 😉

– We as Gentlemen do not judge any non-Gentlemen for „not being a Gentlemen“. We try to explain what we do but if anyone refuses, its fine.

– We like to play more „casual“ than competitive – but always with a kind of competitive edge (it makes most of the time no sense to e.g. exclude Power just for the sake of „more oldschoolness“). Sometimes also a Gentlemen can build a Spicy Tier 1 Deck – its not a crime 😉

– We love the game and also love to actually play Magic – therefore it is absolutely common that a Gentlemen grants any opponent (which shows Gentlemenish attitude 😉 ) multiple mulligans to 6 rather than letting the opponent going down to 5, 4, 3, etc.

– We want to celebrate our matches in a friendly and warm enviroment – it is absolutely common to give the other player hints about possible next actions („please be aware, i have an untapped Mishra‘s factory which i can pump to 3/3“ or „yes you can take that action back“ etc.)

Gentlemen, its an honor.