Reinvitational 14.-17. July 2022

Hey all or „Grüezi“ as we say in Switzerland

The Reinvitational is coming – Please find all Information below:

Beach Chair:

If you want to rent a Beach-Chair for the Weekend, let me know. Its 20.00 per Person for the whole weekend. 🙂


Flat in Sarnen, Bahnhofstrasse 2, Sarnen, Obwalden 6060, Schweiz





Hotel Krone, Sarnen

Akos Tschiberzkhe

Ferienwohnung Alpenblick, Melchtalerstrasse 40, 6066 St. Niklausen

Mitja Held

Alban Lauder

Michael Mauer

Jason Savage

Björn Iversen

Guesthouse Christian Reindeer, Kirchstrasse 17, 6060 Sarnen


Tim Moran

Scott Bradley

Nicolas Imwinkelried

Flat for two, Badallmend 3, Sarnen, Obwalden 6062, Schweiz

Gordon Anderson


Hotel Obwaldnerhof, 6060 Sarnen

Svante Landgraf

Jason Schwartz

Leo Brotha

Marc Lanigra

Flat in Alpnach, Monopolriedstrasse 8, Alpnach, Obwalden 6053, Schweiz


Jordi Galvez

Juan Lopez

Markus Lunqvist

Thomas Sutherland Borja


Thursday, 14. July, Kirchstrasse 17, 6060 Sarnen

Welcome in Sarnen, get to your flats, Chill in Sarnen

19.00 – Dinner for all (Risotto con Salsiccia)

Friday, 15. July, Kirchstrasse 17, 6060 Sarnen

09.00-13.00 – Breakfast at Lake Sarnen incl. train ride

13.00-open – Reinvitational Special Tournament (Surprise)

19.00 – Dinner for all

Saturday, 16. July, Kirchstrasse 17, 6060 Sarnen

09.00-13.00 – Breakfast at Reindeer’s (Weisswurst and Brezeln)

13.00-22.00 – Reinvitational Main tournament (Play as Swedish as you can, Gentlements rules no Lib no Twist)

19.00 – Dinner for all (Grill and Salad)

Sunday, 17. July,

homecoming 🙂

Travelling from Airport:

Take the




to Sarnen via Luzern (Lucerne). If you take a sightseeing in Luzern, you can either travel by train to Sarnen




to Sarnen or via Boat on Lake Lucerne (Luzern – Alpnachstad)

Important: Its a 1.40 hour Boat Ride

13.38 or 14.38 (Thursday)

What to bring:

  • Good Mood
  • Swimsuit
  • Magic Cards you want to play

We have various Shops and you can buy literally everything 😉 There will be a Trunkload of Beer, Drinks, Food etc. So no worries – you will have a great time!

For questions reach out to

+41 78 661 54 95