Urborg Mountain Madness 31.1.2020

Hey all or „Grüezi“ as we say in Switzerland

Next week, the Mountain Madness will take place – i am really excited.

Here you find everything you need to know about this amazing event.

Friday, 31.1.2020 until Sunday, 2.2.2020 noon

Swedish B&R with Ravenna Reprint Policy + CE/IE
Gentlemen Rules: No Library of Alexandria and no Mind Twist allowed

Cablecar to the Mountain:

Do not pay for the Ticket please. Announce that you are part of the „Mountain Madmen“ and you can travel up an down. The ride (Arth-Goldau/Rigi/Arth-Goldau) is included in the tournament fee

Arrival via Train:
Travel to Arth-Goldau and then move to the Cablecar (blue trains) which are located directly at the trainstation Arth-Goldau. You need to buy a Ticket at the Airport for the ride Airport => Arth-Goldau

If you travel from the Airport:

take the xy.15 „Luzern“ until you reach „Rotkreuz“. Switch there to the Train S2 to „Flüelen“. Get out at Arth-Goldau

take the xy.46 „Brig“ until you reach „Zurich Main“. Switch there to Rail 6 „Milano Centrale“ and get out at Arth-Goldau

If you travel by Car:

Drive to Arth-Goldau and then lookout for the Parking Sign „A4“. You can park and ride from there. There is always a train up to the mountain at xy.20 (from A4)



We have single or double or triple cabins. At the arrival, i will give you your appropriate room.

What to bring:

– house shoes (slippers)

– shower towel
– Cigarettes if you smoke, no/veeery limited possibility to buy there
– good mood 🙂
– Sleeping Bag (CH Players only)
– Pillowcase (CH Players only)
– „Fixleintuch“ (Ch Players only)
– Snacks and Drinks if you like, but you can buy beer, softdrinks and Snacks from the Kiosk

What we have:
– Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for all three Days (FR Dinner, SAT Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, SU Breakfast)
– Kiosk with Beer, Soft Drinks, Snacks, Chocolate
– There is a bathroom and a shower of course in the Cottage 😉

For questions – contact me at chrireinhard(at)gmail(dot)com

See you there fellas 🙂



Dear Oldschoolers

After the great success with the Lake Cruise, we will present you a second panoramic tournament in Switzerland – the Mountain Madness. We will play at a mountain Cottage on the Rigi. Paired with delicious food (home made swiss speciality) and one or two nights at the cottage we hope to bring everybody a nice and cool swiss experience.

When: FR 31.1.2020 17.00 until SO 2.2.2020 12.00
Where: RIGI, queen of the mountains in a Lodge
What: Oldschool Magic at its best – Swedish B&R, reprints (old framework) allowed, CE/IE allowed
Register: Send a pigeon
Some Details:


Here are some details:
– arrival possible from friday afternoon
– 1.40 hours train drive from Zurich Airport (directly to the front of the Mountain Lodge)
– approx. Fr. 150.00 / EUR 135.00 for two Nights (incl. 1 Lunch, 2 Dinner and 2 Breakfast)
– approx. Fr. 100.00 for one Night, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner, 1 Breakfast)
– Drinks are non-restaurant prices but fair priced (for switzerland haha) => (soft drinks Fr. 2.00 / Beer Fr. 2.00 etc.)
– we have enough space to host also wifes/children, its a beautiful hiking and wintersport destination
– Gentlemen Mountain – no Twist/Library 😉


See you at the mountain madness my friends.