Troll Disko

Ah, good, old, nice, beautiful, cool Troll Disko. All i miss here is a card to play the music in the Disko called

Urza’s Transistor Radio

Tap: target creature cannot be the target of a spell this turn
“people of dominaria – be warned, an incoming attack is inevitable”

enough Chitchat, let’s go to content:

Troll D

The nice thing about this Deck is, that there are various flex-spots so one can individualize on cards which represent the own oldschool-way. The core of the Deck should not be changed, and its

4 Sedge Troll
4 Nev Disk
4 Lightning Bolt
1 Fireball
2 Mana Vault
2 Tutor/Mind Twist
Power EX Timetwister (no draw-7 in here)
Chaos Orb, Sol Ring, Braingeyser

The rest of the cards are quite flexible, i did choose to play a lot of cards which warm my heart as i slam them into the battlefield:

Shivan Dragon, Sol’Kanar, Guardian Beast, 2 Rukh Egg, Icy Manipulator, Counterspells/Mana Drain and the famous Hurkyl’s recall.

Possible other choices are:

Twiddle, more Lands (Islands), more Maze of Ith, More Counterspell/Power Sink, City in Bottle Main (then u should cut Guardian Beast for it), Gwendolyn di Corci, 4 Serendib Efreets, 4 Hypnotic Specter, Will’o’the’wisp

This is what i like about this Deck – so much insane play’s 🙂

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