About Legion Urborg (central Switzerland)



Legion Urborg

Headquarter Location: Central Switzerland

Swiss Legionnaires: Zurich

Foreign border Guardians: Germany (Hamburg, Duisburg)

Members: 5

Christian Reinhard, 1981

Lord M – captain of the dining hall


in Magic since: 1994
Best Magic Card: Force of Nature (Obviously – it’s an 8/8 for 6…)
Worst trade in the history of trade deals: i traded 1 Badlands and 1 Savannah away and got 1 Carrion Ants (c’mon – carrion Ants can be 100/101 if you have enough Mana)
Contact: chrireinhard(at)gmail.com

My Deck choices are highly driven by creatures i love since i started to play (Sedge Troll, Serra Angel, Llanowar Elves, Shivan Dragon, Serendib Efreet, Armageddon, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Savannah Lions). Therefore i play mostly Troll Disco, Ernham Geddon or Burning Lions (Lauter.dec with red spice). I would also love to play the famous Juzam Dijn, but mono black hates me and my draws are always terrible… pity… 😉

Daniel Imfeld

The count – captain of the castle tower’s

in Magic since: 1994
Best Magic Card: Sengir Vampire – Black, Flying, sucking life out of creatures, SENGIR RULEZ!
Worst trade in the history of trade deals: I gave one Savannah and received an Akron Legionnaire (Thank you Christian Reinhard hahaha)

Since i touched base with Magic, i liked the game. The main target was always to obtain one day at least 4 clone and 4 Mahamoti Djinn – this as we did not know about Lotus, Moxen etc. 🙂 I like to play Bolts, more bolts, white i general and Serendib Efreets.

Leo Bruder
in Magic since:
Best Magic Card:
Worst trade in the history of trade deals:

Mitja Held, 1990

the Deckster – guardian of the eastern border

in Magic since: 2001
Best Magic Card: i like all cards equally – also the crappy ones 😉
Worst trade in the history of trade deals: i gave away a force of will against a bunch of crap
Contact: mitjaheld(at)yahoo.de

As i am not in the age to say “i started together with the game” (i am 28 ;-)), i say it was love at first sight in 2001.

Alexander Pick, 1982

Northern Paladin – guardian of the border

in Magic since: 1995
Best Magic Card: Vesuvan Doppelganger (this can be any creature – how witty 🙂 ) – the best artwork ever made, thanks Quentin!
Worst trade in the history of trade deals: sold everything in 2004 to fund my goodbye party and move down south, moved back home a bit later
Contact: contact(at)alexander-pick.com

My favorite colors are BRU and creature based strategies, but it’s hard for me to focus on a single deck in this color range. I started with oldschool in late 2015 on skype after I came back to magic in 2014. Tried many other formats but I was always in love with old cards so I really cought fire as I read about oldschool the first time. After selling all the new stuff again and trading it for oldschool, my personal journey began and I have to say I regret nothing. Played my first n00bcon in 2018 and I will return now in 2019 to challenge other travelers of Dominaria once again. Oldschool is not just a format, it is a priceless journey between childhood memories and finding new friends all over the world. For me it became an important piece of my personal life. Aside form normal oldschool magic I really early got into Alpha and I love it. If any of you oldest Wizards want to challenge me, feel free to get in touch.

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