About Legion Urborg (central Switzerland)



Legion Urborg

Headquarter Location: Central Switzerland

Swiss Legionnaires: Zurich

Foreign border Guardians: Germany (Hamburg, Duisburg)

Members: 5

Christian Reinhard, 1981

Lord M – captain of the dining hall


in Magic since: 1994
Best Magic Card: Force of Nature (Obviously – it’s an 8/8 for 6…)
Worst trade in the history of trade deals: i traded 1 Badlands and 1 Savannah away and got 1 Carrion Ants (c’mon – carrion Ants can be 100/101 if you have enough Mana)
Contact: chrireinhard(at)gmail.com

My Deck choices are highly driven by creatures i love since i started to play (Sedge Troll, Serra Angel, Llanowar Elves, Shivan Dragon, Serendib Efreet, Armageddon, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Savannah Lions). Therefore i play mostly Troll Disco, Ernham Geddon or Burning Lions (Lauter.dec with red spice). I would also love to play the famous Juzam Dijn, but mono black hates me and my draws are always terrible… pity… 😉

Daniel Imfeld

The count – captain of the castle tower’s

in Magic since: 1994
Best Magic Card: Sengir Vampire – Black, Flying, sucking life out of creatures, SENGIR RULEZ!
Worst trade in the history of trade deals: I gave one Savannah and received an Akron Legionnaire (Thank you Christian Reinhard hahaha)

Since i touched base with Magic, i liked the game. The main target was always to obtain one day at least 4 clone and 4 Mahamoti Djinn – this as we did not know about Lotus, Moxen etc. 🙂 I like to play Bolts, more bolts, white i general and Serendib Efreets.

Leo Bruder
in Magic since:
Best Magic Card:
Worst trade in the history of trade deals:

Mitja Held, 1990

the Deckster – guardian of the eastern border

in Magic since: 2001
Best Magic Card: i like all cards equally – also the crappy ones 😉
Worst trade in the history of trade deals: i gave away a force of will against a bunch of crap
Contact: mitjaheld(at)yahoo.de

As i am not in the age to say “i started together with the game” (i am 28 ;-)), i say it was love at first sight in 2001.

Alexander Pick, 1982

Northern Paladin – guardian of the border

in Magic since: 1995
Best Magic Card: Vesuvan Doppelganger (this can be any creature – how witty 🙂 ) – the best artwork ever made, thanks Quentin!
Worst trade in the history of trade deals: sold everything in 2004 to fund my goodbye party and move down south, moved back home a bit later
Contact: contact(at)alexander-pick.com

My favorite colors are BRU and creature based strategies, but it’s hard for me to focus on a single deck in this color range. I started with oldschool in late 2015 on skype after I came back to magic in 2014. Tried many other formats but I was always in love with old cards so I really cought fire as I read about oldschool the first time. After selling all the new stuff again and trading it for oldschool, my personal journey began and I have to say I regret nothing. Played my first n00bcon in 2018 and I will return now in 2019 to challenge other travelers of Dominaria once again. Oldschool is not just a format, it is a priceless journey between childhood memories and finding new friends all over the world. For me it became an important piece of my personal life. Aside form normal oldschool magic I really early got into Alpha and I love it. If any of you oldest Wizards want to challenge me, feel free to get in touch.

Raphael „Phy“ Ehrensperger, 1983

Flag Bearer of the „initiates of the Ebon Hand“


Raised in a small Argovian village, my first encounter with Magic was in 1995 when i watched two guys playing Magic in the schoolyard. I got „infected“ – as were many of my friends. We lost some players due the cause of „inappropriate artwork“ (Lord of the Pit, Unholy Strength, Earthbind) as some of the parents did not want for their kids to grow up as freaks…

in 1999 i transferred to high school Baden and half of my classmates have been Magic Players. We played for years and every free minute between classes and lunchbreak were Magic games. Since 2003 i play in tournaments on a regular basis and in 2012 i joined a local Magic Club in Burgdorf  Bern.

I got into Oldschool mid of 2018 via watching several youtube videos about the format. I started buying older cards (FBB/FWB) during the course of the earlier years so i own a lot of those Ravenna legal cardframes. It‘s an exciting journey which started and i am happy to play with my beautiful old style cards.

I like to play colorless, monocolored Decks and up to five-colored decks – so literally i like to play all the various playstyles. Since Urza‘s Saga i am a huge fan of Phyrexia – therefore i started to call myself „PHY“. Having said that, my favoured color-combination is black/artifact. Like a true phyrexian warrior. Unfortunately, mono black and/or black/artifact is either very expensive (Juzam‘s ahoi) or not very strong to play… Therefore i play another theme in Oldschool for the moment.



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